225 examples of prather in sentences

If the history of Little Rivers were to be written in chapter headings the first would be, "Jasper Ewold Founded the Town"; the second, "Jack Wingfield Arrived"; and the third, "John Prather Arrived.

" While Jack came in chaps and spurs, bearing an argosy of fancy, Prather came by rail, carrying a suitcase in a conventional and businesslike fashion.

My name is Prather, and yours?" As he surveyed the man before him, Bill was as fussed as the giant of the fairy story had been by a display of yellow.

"Well, he has done me the favor of introducing me to you, anyway," said Prather, who had a remarkably ingratiating smile.

and then uttered an exclamation of disillusion when Prather turned his head.

Yes, everybody in town seems to think so at first glance, so I am quite used to the comparison by this time," Prather put in, easily.

" Prather did not appear as if he had ever done manual labor.

The man who called out to me saw his mistake, just as you did, when he saw my full face;" and again Prather made a gesture of understanding amusement to the mole.

Prather suggested.

And Prather was very frank about his past.

" Prather had a complexion of that velvety whiteness that never tans.

For she did not like Prather.

Prather wants to learn, and he's got good, clean ideas, with a trained and accurate mindthe best possible combination.

In two or three days the new-comer knew everyone in town; but though he addressed the men by their first names they always addressed him as "Mr. Prather."

The favor that Prather found in the eyes of Jasper Ewold partly accounted for what favor he found in Little Rivers' eyes.

"Prather has certainly made a hit with the Doge!" quoth Bob Worther.

" It was Bob, as inspector of ditches and dams, who provided a horse for Prather to inspect the source of the water supply.

In keeping with a characteristic thoroughness, Prather wanted to go up the river into the canyon.

"Yes, a dam might be practical," Prather answered.

whispered Prather to Bob, as he smiled at the prospect.

" "That will be all the more fun for me," rejoined Prather.

I've got some things to look after before nightfall," said Bob, while Prather, in a humor proof against any hermit cantankerousness, rode into the yard.

He went by the noon train," he said, and proceeded with the story of Prather.

"I was so interested in telling you about Prather that I near forgot it.

KNAPP, CORINNE PRATHER, executor of the Estate of Lucille Papin Borden.

225 examples of  prather  in sentences
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