7254 examples of preach in sentences

It is a tradition that a minister must, in general, preach two set sermons every week, give one informal week-day lecture, and be prepared to deliver, at any moment, funeral addresses, anniversary speeches, "remarks," or to perform other utterly impossible intellectual feats.

He can preach; that is, he can prepare interesting essays, chiefly of a literary sort, which are pleasant to listen to, though, in the nature of things, they can have scarcely a word in them of that deep, life-giving experience and counsel which come from the hearts of men and women who have lived, and know the truth of life.

No one says to him, "When you know more, you will preach better," and his standard of excellence does not advance.

The unmannerly people who are just coming into the theatre make such a noise that I couldn't be heard if I took the trouble to preach to you for an hour, so I won't attempt to make my meaning any clearer.

We'd heard about your camp, and the General felt a call to preach the Gospel accordin' to Minóok down this way.

The next Sunday I was fool enough to go to church, for Doctor Blair was announced to preach the sermon.

They want to shave you, dress you, doctor you into your coffins, preach a funeral discourse over your remains, and then take your will into the Surrogate's Court and fight over the little property they have left you.

whar they give little suppers for us with not much to eat; and thar's a place where they sorter preach to yelecture she calls it.

He even goes to Brooklyn to hear Torchlight preach."

To preach Christ and His blessing upon repentance over the earth is the commissionthe event must be with Himall else is from man and of man.

Prior to 1744, the date of Whitefield's first voyage to the American colonies, the Countess had made his acquaintance, and had often heard him preach.

referring to a request that had been sent to the Rev. Thomas Charles of Bala, asking him to come and preach at Spa Fields.

The prelate was probably as much astonished as shortly afterwards a lady was, who, in the King's presence, said Lady Huntingdon must surely be insane since she had ventured to "preach to His Grace."

That afternoon the friends drove over to Valencia, where at night Marty would preach again this his one sermon of the week; and J.W. left him there, turning his car homeward for the fifty-two miles to Delafield.

A few of First Church's younger people often went to sing at Saint Marks on special occasions, and went all the more cheerfully because of the chance it afforded to hear Brother King Officer preach.

Because of your great numbers, and because of your ever intenser racial self-respect, the Negro must educate the Negro, be physician for the Negro, preach to the Negro, nurse the Negro, lead the Negro in all his upward effort.

It found the gospel hard to preach to the nativesthe real gospel, I mean.

"Don't you think that's almost as good as the gospel of better bodiesJoe's gospel?" "Surely, I do," said the pastor, "if you and Joe preach in the same spirit, knowing that China won't be saved even by hospitals and modern hardware.

I swear I thing you can make money to preach thad sermon many time ad the theatre St. Philippe.

They may embody it in burning words and eloquent speeches; they may write it out in books; they may preach it in sermons.

The doctrine I hold to, and which I desired to preach in a practical way, is the doctrine of Jefferson and Madison, that there cannot be property in man,no, not even in black men.

On the other hand, the book will not be wholly without value even to some of my brother-ministers if it serve to convince them that a man may preach freely on the greatest themes of the gospel, and yet be sure that the common people will hear him gladly, if only he will state his message at once seriously and simply, and with the glow that comes of personal conviction.

He had just read the great passage from the Book of the prophet Isaiah: "The Spirit of the Lord is upon Me, Because He anointed Me to preach good tidings to the poor.

Christ took the birds and the flowers for His text, and preached of the love of God for man, but is that the only sermon the birds and flowers preach to us?

When entertainment was offered them, they expressed a wish to hear Dr. Croly preach.

7254 examples of  preach  in sentences