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7752 example sentences with  preach

7752 example sentences with preach

But God is the true, everlasting Rock, on which all things rest; the Eternal, the Self-existent, the I Am, whom he was sent to preach to men.

On arising to announce the text, the Preacher told the people that he had come prepared to preach his farewell sermon, and he was glad that so many had come out to hear it.

Having been granted license to preach, and sent into the Itinerancy by these brethren, they were disposed to assert a special interest in the Presiding Elder.

The writer had been designated to preach a Centenary sermon during the session of the Conference, but as I was called to Waupun to attend the funeral of my brothers's wife, on the day the services were to have been held, the good Bishop kindly consented to occupy the pulpit for me.

Under the Pastorate of Rev. A.A. Reed in 1870 and 1871, a large brick Church was erected, the writer being invited to lay the corner-stone the first year, and preach the dedicatory sermon the second.

After the play is over, the Right Reverend Dr. WILLARD will preach a sermon to the Cardinal, on his duties generally.

" "Well, well," sez Josiah, "le'ss git along unless you want to stay here and preach all day on the sidewalk.

She told me how much she'd gin to this object and how much ministers had gin and how they wuz all goin' to preach sermons about these poor lost wimmen and try to wake the public up to the fact of the enormity of their sins and the burnin' need of such an institution.

"If the female is dragged off to the Home for Fallen Wimmen let the same team come back and haul the men off to the Home for Fallen Men, tie 'em up with the same rope, preach to 'em from the same text, let 'em out when they've both repented and want to do better.

and I'd have good likely preachers of both sects go and preach to 'em about fallen men and fallen wimmen, and how they could git up agin with God's help if they tried hard enough to.

She had no heart to make fine sentences, to preach a brilliant sermon of commonplaces.

He was to preach his trial sermon; and where?

Several German and English missionaries reside in the neighbourhood of Benares, and go constantly to the town to preach.

Two days for you to preach!

I hear him breathe: And he will preach Thy word to-morrow!save Souls, crowds, for Thee! And they will know his worth Years hencepoor things, they know not what they do!

They preach non-resistance to evil consistently.

The Lord himself hath come to preach to you, as he did in the fiery mount of Sinai, and a terrible exhortation it shall be, and one ye shall not easily forget.

Strengthened and inspired by the scenes of the last three days, Martial Mazurier began to preach with an enthusiasm, bravery, and eloquence unknown before to his hearers.

If he should be silenced, or imprisoned long, or his life should be cut off, he would then be able to preach no more at all in any way.


He journeyed with Jesus in his ministry, and, after his Master went up to heaven, he left his own land to preach the gospel among the Gentiles.

Late in life, when too feeble to preach, he was often carried into the meetings of the disciples, at his own request, and, stretching out his hands, as he sat in his chair, was wont to say, "Little children, love one another."

and how shall they hear without a Preacher? and how shall they preach except they be sent?

When he had laid down his life, and taken it up again, he sent forth his disciples to preach the good tidings to every creature, and to endeavour by all possible methods to bring over a lost world to God.

Our Lord Jesus Christ, a little before his departure, commissioned his apostles to Go, and teach all nations; or, as another evangelist expresses it, Go into all the world, and preach the gospel to every creature.

This commission was as extensive as possible, and laid them under obligation to disperse themselves into every country of the habitable globe, and preach to all the inhabitants, without exception, or limitation.

or if, in any particular instance, we can produce a counter-revelation, of equal authority with the original command, as when Paul and Silas were forbidden of the Holy Ghost to preach the word in Bythinia.

It was not the duty of Paul to preach Christ to the inhabitants of Otaheite, because no such place was then discovered, nor had he any means of coming at them.

Nor can we produce a counter-revelation, concerning any particular nation, like that to Paul and Silas, concerning Bythinia; and, if we could, it would not warrant our sitting still and neglecting all the other parts of the world; for Paul and Silas, when forbidden to preach to those heathens, went elsewhere, and preached to others.

yet if any objection is made from this against preaching to them immediately, it must be founded on one of these things; either that the secret purpose of God is the rule of our duty, and then it must be as bad to pray for them, as to preach to them; or else that none shall be converted in the heathen world till the universal down-pouring of the Spirit in the last days.

It was but a little after this that Peter and John, going up to the temple, healed the lame man; this miracle drew a great multitude together, and Peter took occasion while they stood wondering at the event, to preach Jesus Christ to them.

But on his way, as he was almost ready to enter into the city, the Lord changed his heart in a very wonderful manner; so that instead of entering the town to persecute, he began to preach the gospel as soon as he was able.

Now another circumstance also tended to the further propogation of Christianity, for a Roman military officer who had some acquaintance with the Old Testament Scriptures, but was not circumcised, was one day engaged in prayer in his house at Cesarea, when an angel appeared to him, and bid him send for Peter from Joppa to preach in his house.

Some of the dispersed ministers having fled to Antioch in Syria, began to preach to the greeks in that city about the same time, and had good success; upon which the apostles sent Paul and Barnabas, who instructed and strengthened them, and a church was formed in that city also, which in a little time sent out several eminent preachers.

In the time of Constantine, one Frumentius was sent to preach to the Indians, and met with great success.

A young woman who was a Christian, being taken captive by the Iberians, or Georgians, near the Caspian Sea, informed them of the truths of Christianity, and was so much regarded that they sent to Constantine for ministers to come and preach the word to them.

About this time also James of Nisbia, went into Persia to strengthen the Christians, and preach to the heathens; and his success was so great that Adiabene was almost entirely Christian.

About the year 372, one Moses, a Monk, went to preach to the Saracens, who then lived in Arabia, where he had great success; and at this time the Goths, and other northern nations, had the kingdom of Christ further extended amongst them, but which was very soon corrupted with Arianism.

Four years after, that Palladius was sent to preach in Scotland, and the next year Patrick was sent from Scotland to preach to the Irish who before his time were totally uncivilized, and, some say, cannibals; he however, was useful, and laid the foundations of several churches in Ireland.

Four years after, that Palladius was sent to preach in Scotland, and the next year Patrick was sent from Scotland to preach to the Irish who before his time were totally uncivilized, and, some say, cannibals; he however, was useful, and laid the foundations of several churches in Ireland.

Wickliffe began to preach the faith in England, and his preaching and writings were the means of the conversion of great numbers, many of whom became excellent preachers; and a work was begun which afterwards spread in England, Hungary, Bohemia, Germany, Switzerland, and many other places.

In 1632, Mr. Elliot, of New-England, a very pious and zealous minister, began to preach to the Indians, among whom he had great success; several churches of Indians were planted, and some preachers and school-masters raised up amongst them; since which time others have laboured amongst them with some good encouragement.

After complaints on this score had failed for several years to bring remedy, a crisis came in Bethel Church on a Sunday in 1833 when Dr. Capers was to preach.

The palpable improvement in the morals of his followers led erelong to his being invited to preach within the town again, where the white people began to be numerous among his hearers.

The whites are kind to me and come to hear me preach,' he would say, 'but I belong to my own sort and must not spoil them.'

Let the missionary, instead of preaching to the Indian, preach to the trader who ruins him, of the dreadful account which will be demanded of the followers of Cain, in a sphere where the accents of purity and love come on the ear more decisively than in ours.

For mark it well, unless you forsake that heathen God of Battles and preach the divine Christ of the New Testament, you shall come to hold only the ignorant, and them only by keeping them ignorant.

Slave Time Preaching "One time when an old white man come along who wanted to preach, the white people gave him a chance to preach to the niggers.

Slave Time Preaching "One time when an old white man come along who wanted to preach, the white people gave him a chance to preach to the niggers.

Colored folks would meet and sing and pray and preach at the cabins.

Got a license to preach.

You go down and try to preach without a license and they put you up.

I only preach occasionally now, here and there.

Every one who has ever heard him preach or lecture remembers the rare quality of Professor Phelps's voice.

He was licensed to preach in May, 1807, and a few months later received a unanimous call to Portland, where he was ordained in December of the same year.

He was not confined to his bed, or to his room, but he was forbidden, indeed unable, to preach, unable to write or study; he could only read and think.

Her little girl, whom she taught to pray in faith, (but it is more difficult to practice than to preach,) came up to her, and said, 'What makes you cry, mamma, I will pray to God to give us a little home, and won't He?'

It was his little Jane, and he heard her say, "Do, God Almighty, please lead daddy to hear Mr. Stowell preach."

Please to send wicked men with another big ship, and let them catch my father and my mother, and bring them to this country, that they may hear the missionaries preach and love Thee."

The shadowy proposals of those who preach humanity while they practise unrestricted frightfulness have not deceived the Allies.

On the other hand, the book will not be wholly without value even to some of my brother-ministers if it serve to convince them that a man may preach freely on the greatest themes of the gospel, and yet be sure that the common people will hear him gladly, if only he will state his message at once seriously and simply, and with the glow that comes of personal conviction.

He had just read the great passage from the Book of the prophet Isaiah: "The Spirit of the Lord is upon Me, Because He anointed Me to preach good tidings to the poor.

Christ took the birds and the flowers for His text, and preached of the love of God for man, but is that the only sermon the birds and flowers preach to us?

Christthis was Dr. Dale's way of putting itdid not come to preach the gospel; He came that there might be a gospel to preach.

Christthis was Dr. Dale's way of putting itdid not come to preach the gospel; He came that there might be a gospel to preach.

We who teach and preach to-day, do we think of these things as we ought?

When Christ sent forth the Twelve, this was His command, "Go ... and as ye go, preach, saying, The kingdom of heaven is at hand."

As Spurgeon used to say, they are so taken up with the second coming of our Lord that they forget to preach the first So that one hardly knows which to regret more, the neglect and indifference of the one class, or the unhealthy, feverish absorption of the other.

I should preach this night at Gloucester, and again at five to-morrow morning.

After that I should ride to Tewkesbury, preach in the afternoon, and meet the societies in the evening.

"Don't preach, John.

"Would you preach to the stars, John Markham?

Thence he was removed to Rome, where he remained twelve months engaged in the same pursuit; and finally he proceeded to Lyons, where he completed his education, and began to preach.

Only accidentally can it be described as his mission to preach 'the desolation of modern life,' or in the gracious phrase of De Goncourt, fouiller les entrailles de la vie.

E.g., "That preach ye upon the housetops.

If some fine day I should suddenly take it into my head to fly away, that bath will remain here, for my poor aunt to preach about and show how her madcap niece squandered a mint of money on sinful folly, as she calls it."

"We do not preach at all," replied Miss Shippen; "we let our deeds speak for us."

I am not going to preach to you any artificial stoicism.

I am not going to preach to you any indifference to money, or to the pleasures of social intercourse, or to the esteem and good-will of our neighbours, or to any other of the consolations and necessities of life.

"Yes," said Krause, raising himself quickly by the arm of his younger friend, "let us go to Gotzkowsky with Pfannenstiel, and preach mildness and submission to him and his workmen."

But the man sang; did not preach, except musically.

If you can not counsel, if you can not preach, if you can not get your timid lips to speak one word that will rebuke a man's sin, you can at least show the fellowship of your heart with his.

Good orthodox Isa wants to preach to me.

The bishop promised to say a mass and preach a sermon every day, and placed a priest at every post to give spiritual aid where necessary.

He had several times heard one preach from a funny hanging box in Great Church, and he thought of him as a man who was always dressed in black and who was even more serious than the father.

In 1892 he was ordained to preach and has preached and pastored regularly from that time up to two years ago.

He was freed by them to go and preach to his own people.

The slaves on the Randolph plantation would congregate in one of the cabins to receive him where he would read the Bible and preach and sing.

An old and crafty terrapin, Who lately found his speech, Like many another simple lout, Concluded he could preach.

And soon his hearers all grew tired, And mortified and vex'd, Because he chose to play the fool, And preach without a text.

If you successfully would preach, Be sure a text to take, And stick unto it like a leech

If God should order me again to earth, to preach as before amongst brutes and animals, I would preach in your convents."

If God should order me again to earth, to preach as before amongst brutes and animals, I would preach in your convents."

Why, instead of wasting your time in affirming the existence of that which you never saw, do you not preach and practice love and charity amongst yourselves?

Why not preach words of comfort and hope, to somewhat soothe the miseries of life, instead of frightening your brothers by tales of future punishment?

"Preach then, the religion of Hope and Promises, as you, above all, are in need of pardon and forgiveness.

The Saint Thomas Christians of Kerala, India believe that Thomas came to India to preach in 52 A.D. citation.

Again, as said many times on this site, do not lecture; do not nag; do not preach.

St. Francis as Assisi put it this way, "Preach the gospel at all times; if necessary, use words."

The missions would carry on the work they were set up to do - preach the Gospel.