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1924 examples of precaution in sentences

If a mould is used, this precaution is not necessary; but care must be taken to keep the pudding well covered with water.

The government seems to have taken no measure of precaution in view of the impending trouble, and contented itself with despatching telegraphic messages to the more distant stations, where the new rifle-practice was being introduced, ordering that the native troops were "to have no practice ammunition served out to them, but only to watch the firing of the Europeans."

" Such was Saucy Nick's description of the celebrated, and, in some particulars, unrivalled combat of Bunker Hill, of which he had actually been an eye-witness, on the ground, though using the precaution to keep his body well covered.

The sentinels were directed to take their posts so near the palisades as to command views of the open lawn without, a precaution that would effectually prevent the usual stealthy approach of an enemy without discovery.

Precaution was taken that it should not be known.

I returned thither every afternoon, to indulge in my favorite occupation; and, with the precaution of a cap to keep the smoke from remaining in my hair, I contrived to deceive you.

It is remarkable that the Parisians were able to hold out so long,thanks to the genius and precaution of Thiers, who had erected the formidable forts outside the walls of Paris in the reign of Louis Philippe; and still more remarkable was the rapid recovery of the French nation after such immense losses of men and treasure, after one of the most signal and humiliating overthrows which history records.

General McClellan, nevertheless, moved with very great precaution, feeling his way, step by step, like a man in the dark, when on reaching Frederick City, which the Confederates had just evacuated, good fortune suddenly came to his assistance.

Every precaution is taken to prevent anything leaking out," Krail responded.

All scrambled out of the wreck without order or precaution.

A second sowing takes place on the 15th of October, as much as a precaution against possible failure, as for obtaining plants for the lowlands.

As yet it is but a small stream, but it will by-and-by pour over all the tropical countries of the East in one mighty torrent, completely destroying all such minor obstacles as jealous interference and impotent precaution might interpose.

Mr. Sturges, however, saw no difficulty in dividing the party after they had passed beyond the precincts of the city, taking the precaution, at the same time, not to appear together beyond the number designated on the paper.

Such outrages proved the existence of a new danger, against which no previous government had ever been called on to provide, and such as, in the opinion of the cabinet, could only be met by novel measures of precaution.

And in their measures of precaution they are farther bound to depart from or overstep the ordinary law as little as is compatible with the attainment of their object.

The hunter urged in vain that Jowler had virtually violated the contract; for although it was stipulated that he should not be compelled to the chase to his personal detriment, yet it was implied, of course, that he should use the same precaution to be in hunting trim on the sixth day, as he did to be so on the other five.

With an automatic appreciation of your condition you may have taken that old precaution of convivial men returning home, and removed your shoes.

The success of her precaution is evident in the scantiness of our information about her.

If you feel that there is anything amiss with you, or that your strength is failing, consult Mr. Hortonneglect no precaution.

He ought, first, to have taken the elementary precaution of being born in the United States.

The stations were watched with the most astounding precaution.

A business-like elastic band encircled its covers, as a precaution against pages becoming loose with much turning; and inside you would have found scarcely a chapter unpencilled,texts underlined, and sermons of special helpfulness noted by date and preacher on the margin,the itinerary of a devout human soul on its way through this world to the next.

They crawled noiselessly on board, and a few minutes later, with a soft whirring of the propellers, the Butterfly shut down for precaution's sake to half speed, sped almost noiselessly upward.

La Croix is dead; but before his death he took the precaution to have Louis emancipated, and then made him a joint heir with his daughter.

" However, as a measure of precaution, he ordered that the man who was acting as sentry over the boys should always keep his rifle in hand.

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