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81 example sentences with  preen

81 example sentences with preen

For three days he was satisfied to cuddle close against his mother, feeding when he was hungry, sleeping a great deal and preened and laundered almost constantly by Gray Wolf's affectionate tongue.

The fool actually believed he had made a conquest and preened himself like a turkey cock.

She did, however, yield herself luxuriously to the springtime, the romance of the hour, the appeal of her latest cavalier, and preen herself like a mating bird.

They splatter into the shallows, drink daintily, shake out small showers over their perfect coats, and melt away again into the scrub, preening and pranking, with soft contented noises.

"It is his Chinese wife," declared Chantel, preening his moustache.

he chuckled, preening his moustache.

She preened herself before the looking-glass of life, developed a capacity for living and enjoying herself which, under the circumstances, was nothing less than remarkable.

The vines drooped for his tending, they said; and the pet stork who wandered in the close languished for his hand to feed the dainty morsel, and for his voice in that indulgent teasing which had provoked its proudest preening.

The Beautiful Wicked Witch went on posing and preening before the mirrors, and seemed to have forgotten all about her new little prisoner.

He had preened his feathers and done her bidding.

A number of other buggies were already there, several women were standing in groups, preening their feathers, a neighbour of ours who has a tremendous bass voice was talking to a friend: "Yas, oats is showing up well, but wheat is backward.

Not a Hen in the world but preens her feathers in the hopethe very touching hope, certainlyof offering us a moment's distraction, some day, between two songs.

There for some time it sat preening its feathers, with monstrous twistings and untwistings of its snaky neck.

A rooster one morning was preening his feathers That glistened so bright in the sun; He admired the tints of the various colors As he laid them in place one by one.

Sometimes, lying on my divan, and looking out through the vermilion doors, I used to surprise a pair of swallows dropping down from their nest in the cedar-beams to preen themselves on the fountain's edge or in the channels of the pavement, for the roof was full of birds who came and went through the broken panes of the clerestory.

" "The bird had finished his little feast and stood nonchalantly preening his feathers.

And at first they preen themselves and do not give battle, but when they are fully rested after their great journey they attack the pigmies with indescribably fury so that many are slain, but the pigmies... Queen: [taking her by the wrist] Ackazรกrpses!

Wishing to look their best on the occasion they repaired to the banks of a stream, where they busied themselves in washing and preening their feathers.

It knew itself supreme; it spread and preened itself without concealment.

Jo, when he should have been preening his feathers for conquest, was saying: "Well, my God, I am hurrying!

She picked up a buffer from the litter of ivory and silver on the dresser and began to polish her already glittering nails, turning her head this way and that, preening her neck, biting her scarlet lips to deepen their crimson, opening her eyes wide and half closing them languorously.

She stopped her idle polishing and preening to study the glowing and lovely little face that looked up at her.

She answered the call, turned, nodded, smoothed her gloves and preened her laces.

I saw the house with the green door some way up the street but thinking that the near end of the street was closer to the Embankment where I had left my boat I tried the first door I came to, a cottage thatched like the rest, with little golden spires along the roof-ridge, and strange birds sitting there and preening marvellous feathers.

The birds silently preened their wet plumage on the fences or sought the shelter of the hedges.

" The whole lofty and beautiful structure of self-complacence upon which he had lounged, preening his feathers and receiving social triumphs and the adulation of his "less fortunate fellows" as the due of his own personal superiority, suddenly slipped from under him.

But Dave Cowan merely preened his beautiful yellow moustache at her and said, "How's business, Mother?"

He was preening his yellow moustache and flashing a challenge to her from half-shut eyes.

He lavished one look upon the still frozen Juliana, replaced the cap upon his yellow hair, once more preened his moustache at her, and turned away to meet the oncoming children.

He preened his moustache, smoothed his hair, waited.

And he sat and preened his gay little body in the sun.

And he preened his little dazzling body in the sun.

The kingfisher was preening his small many-hued body in the sun.

The flock, that heretofore like a group of barnyard fowls in the dust and the sun had remained indolently resting and preening their plumage, grew alert.

Occasionally he preened his feathers; but he did it in a bored, awkward way, as if forced on account of his valet's absence into unfamiliar details of toilet quite beneath his dignity.

Mister Preen's salon.

Mister Preen's salon.

Stalking glasses and binoculars were levelled at the unconcerned fowl, who sat by the "cathead" with perfect composure, and preened himself after his long flight.

He reappeared upon the port stay, and proceeded to preen himself and observe the ship's course.

Mrs. Robson sat down with preening self-satisfaction.

He consented indeed to partake of our hospitality for over a year, won many hearts, but kept his own intact, until the following spring, when a young man's fancy lightly turns to thoughts of love; then be preened his white waistcoat and sallied forth.

He looked now and then at the bird which still preened itself on a little bough.

Their rainbow hues gleam brightly in the sun as they preen their feathers or gently "coo-oo, I love oo," on the ridge pole.

Very careful was he of his personal appearance, pruning and preening his pretty feathers many times each day, paying special attention to his tailnot more than an inch longbut what a prophecy of the future!

Down-adown-derry, Her cheeks were like wine, Her eyes in her wee face Like water-sparks shine, Her niminy fingers Her sleep tresses preen, The which in the combing She peeps out between; Singing down-adown-derry.

March had brought them, and then had gone away and left them for the April showers to pelt and play with; and now, when the redwoods on the mountainsides were singing that May was almost here, a whole slope of poppies lingered rebelliously to nod and peer and preen over the delights of the valley just below.

Then on the highest pinnacle of all, a cock comes out, preens himself, flaps his wings, and gives such an exultant crow that Peter pauses in his walk, then drops his head forward on his breast, and so passes out of sight.

Jenieve had no suspicion while the little figure preened and burnished itself, making up for the lack of a mirror by curves of the neck to look itself well over.

I will look about and find some seclusion that thou mayest look and sate thine eyes upon Royalty; and thou wilt gaze and gaze and make mental annotations, and to-morrow thou wilt begin to preen thy feathers preparatory to flying forth; but first thou must lie down and sleep three full hours, 'tis then the ball will be at its height, and thou wilt feel refreshed and ready to amuse me with thy observations. '

"Thou art commencing early, Lady Judas; I have not preened my eyes for nothing, and this I well know, thou art hot in pursuit of my Lord Cedric, and thou shalt not have him.

Yonder maid thou shalt have, so sure as thou dost do my bidding; and she will sigh and draw quick breath and preen herself to gain from thee one amorous glance; and will do penance for her untowardness and offer hecatombs as high as zenith will allow.

The birds twittered ceaselessly, and some young thing preening upon a light blossomy twig scattered down, anon, perfume upon some shy young fawn, and he leapt away frightened by so dainty a bath and plunged knee-deep in crystal pools and sent the stately swans skimming hurriedly to a quiet and sheltered cove.

Go strut, and preen, but don't forget

In some species, birds may preen each other as either a friendship behavior or courting behavior.

Beaks are used for preening (

Emilia Wickstead and Preen win praise for casting models in their 50s and 60s in their.

All the while, Ms. Dohertyโ€™s body turned into a wave as she rocked from side to side with her expressions both pained and preening.

I hate all the preening and posing and lying, which neither side has a monopoly on.

Rest In Peace, Magnificent One, Creator of the Preen and the Rock and Roll Scream.

Answer: Because heโ€™s a preening crapweasel who never gets called to account for anything he says.

โ€œSome even stop to rest and preen right there next to me.

That he did not preen his hair.

โ€œThat senator shall go unnamed on this show on the grounds that silly moral preening should not be rewarded with the publicity it is designed to garner.โ€

"The most important thing about the pool is that it encourages the penguins to preen themselves," she said.

This also prompted the governmentโ€™s resorts manager, Namibia Wildlife Resorts, to preen its ruffled feathers in preparation for a gradual resumption of international tourism.

This concern was dismissed by most Republicans as moral preening or a Pollyannaish unwillingness to recognize the distinction between private morality and realpolitik.

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Both were actively preening.

Chessie, the resident adult female, was in the eastern hydro tower preening away while her daughter just screamed away!

Click on photo above or this link to video showing the Harlequin diving and preening with Common Goldeneyes.

Connor is on the top NE rail of the Constitution Square Building this morning (8:00 a.m.). His mate Horizon is on a lower perch and feathers are seen twirling upward in the wind as she preens her glorious feathers.

Also noticed more - 10's of ducks sitting on the banks of the creek - not moving much but for preening.

It was a hot and sunny day and as I watched from Richmond St. and Bruce watched from Lombard St., she trotted along the building ledge, napped, preened and of course pooped quite a bit.

Right now I can see her preening (her perch is about 12 feet from me), and I can clearly see the small metal anklet on her foot.

She could often be found in his tent, and being the sweetheart that he was, would be preening her.

She is preening herself and keeping a steady eye towards the north, west and south of her nest area.

At that time Angel was perched on the side of the nest tray preening.

They are both preening this morning and looking towards the west and Lebreton Flats.

Yesterdayโ€™s posting asked whether a loon rising out of the water and flapping its spread wings represented preening or aggression.

You may also notice the juvenile feathers (brown, worn) on the mantle (especially on the photo with the bird preening) and the upperwing (long, narrow, frayed at tip, especially median and lesser coverts).