53 examples of prefigures in sentences

This should have served to prefigure to me that my soul, once free and sovereign of itself, was on that day to lay aside its sovereignty and become a slave, as it betided.

"The connection between the Christian and the Jewish feasts is both historical and idealhistorical because our Lord's death happened on the 15th Nisan, the first day of the Jewish feast; ideal, because what took place had been prefigured in the Old Testament by types, of which itself was the antitype.

It is hard to discern the oak in the acorn, or a temple like St. Paul's in the first stone which is laid; nor can I quite prefigure what destination the genius of William Minor hath to take.

This movement, under the guise of Christian Science, and ingenuously calling out a closer inquiry into oriental philosophy, prefigures itself to us as one of the most potent factors in the social evolution of the last quarter of the nineteenth century.

His wide interest in human beings and his knowledge of the new Italian literature prefigure the coming to England of the Revival of Learning in the next age.

In its use of a love story, Euphues prefigures the modern novel.

They are prefigures, or prototypes of the influence that aims to sway mankind at the present day in government, politics, literature, and the fine arts.

V. predict, prognosticate, prophesy, vaticinate, divine, foretell, soothsay, augurate^, tell fortunes; cast a horoscope, cast a nativity; advise; forewarn &c 668. presage, augur, bode; abode, forebode; foretoken, betoken; prefigure, preshow^; portend; foreshow^, foreshadow; shadow forth, typify, pretypify^, ominate^, signify, point to.

V. indicate; be the sign &c n.. of; denote, betoken; argue, testify &c (evidence) 467; bear the impress &c n.. of; connote, connotate^. represent, stand for; typify &c (prefigure) 511; symbolize. put an indication, put a mark &c n.; note, mark, stamp, earmark; blaze; label, ticket, docket; dot, spot, score, dash, trace, chalk; print; imprint, impress; engrave, stereotype.

If his action prefigure passion, he raves, rages, and protests much by his painted heavens, and seems in the height of this fit ready to pull Jove out of the garret where perchance he lies leaning on his elbows, or is employed to make squibs and crackers to grace the play.

Thus, in the same book, we may have two scenes, each capital in its order: in the one, human passion, deep calling unto deep, shall utter its genuine voice; in the second, according circumstances, like instruments in tune, shall build up a trivial but desirable incident, such as we love to prefigure for ourselves; and in the end, in spite of the critics, we may hesitate to give the preference to either.

Some have published, That there is a proper sacrifice in the Lord's Supper, to exhibit Christ's death in the 'post-fact', as there was a sacrifice to prefigure it in the Old Law in the 'ante-fact', and therefore that we have a true altar, and not only metaphorically so called.

Tell what the following words mean: prefix, predict, prepare, prejudge, prescribe, predestine, precaution, precursor, prefigure, prearrange.

And here, if for the moment I may prefigure the Eagle as a sentient being, I can imagine his chuckle.

In the macrocosm of the universe things go on as in the microcosm of the monad; every later state of the world is prefigured in the earlier, etc.

The intellect should not be compared to a blank tablet, but to a block of marble in whose veins the outlines of the statue are prefigured.

And did they prefigure an atonement and a jubilee to Jews only?

And did they prefigure an atonement and a jubilee to Jews only?

And did they prefigure an atonement and a jubilee to Jews only?

And did they prefigure an atonement and a jubilee to Jews only?

And did they prefigure an atonement and a jubilee to Jews only?

And did they prefigure an atonement and a jubilee to Jews only?

The latest newspapers Redwood had did but vaguely prefigure these imminent things.

The great Tyrone dying in exile at Rome, Red Hugh O'Donnell perishing in Spain in the early days of the seventeenth century, were to prefigure the fighting and dying of half a million Irish warriors on continental soil for a hundred years after the fall of Limerick as the seventeenth century neared its close.

His quartette describes a day in one of those Attic souls who prefigure on earth the serenity of Elysium.

53 examples of  prefigures  in sentences