142 examples of pregnancy in sentences

During pregnancy, the tutelar powers were the god Pelumnus, and the goddesses Intercedonia,[40] and Deverra.

It is a complete treatise on | | Motherhood, treating of Pregnancy, Labor, the Nursing | | and Rearing of Infants, the Diseases of Children, the | | Care and Education of Youth, Reflections on Marriage.

How alive that function still is, is grossly shown by the swelling of the gland with sexual excitement, menstruation and pregnancy.

Experiments have also been reported in which a uterus was also placed in such an animal, with a means of entry, and pregnancy followed.

More recently, a British student of the subject, Blair Bell, was given the direction of the treatment, at long range, of a number of cases in India, the land of chronic pregnancy with insufficient food, and consequent oversecretion of the ovaries, with the typical softening of the bones.

The critical periods of life, when a profound revolution is overturning the endocrine equilibrium, puberty, pregnancy, and the menopause, are the periods of most frequent occurrence of insanity, when mental instability reveals endocrine instability (Dementia praecox, pregnancy psychosis, menopause neurosis).

But the accidents and vicissitudes of life (pregnancy for example) will upset the balance.

To Cissie her theft, her jail sentence, her pregnancy, were nothing more than if she had taken a sip of water.

He afterwards suggested her appointment for a year after the King's death on account of the probability of her pregnancy.

He is much in favour of making the Queen Regent for a year after the King's death, to provide for the possible pregnancy.

Lord Harrowby wished a short Regency Bill to be passed, giving the regency to the Queen for six weeks, to provide for the case of pregnancy.

Lord Cromarty was pardoned, solely, it was said, from pity for his poor wife, who was at the time of the trial far advanced in pregnancy.

The Court physician hinted at pregnancy, but the Duke knew that was impossible, so far as he was personally concerned, nevertheless it served its purpose.

She was a natural mothernot at all bothered by pregnancy.

But necessity drives me to speak; for here, on the straw, lies Newly delivered of child, a rich land-owner's wife, whom I scarcely Have in her pregnancy, safe brought off with the oxen and wagon.

This effect is accounted for by the child's mother earnestly looking at a franc-piece of Napoleon's, which was given to her by her brother previous to a long absence; and this operating during her pregnancy, has produced the appearance in question.

Sarah, being in a state of pregnancy, failed of executing her daily allotted task of hoeing cotton.

Women in a far advanced state of pregnancy were driven out to the cotton field.

"The women are subjected to these punishments as rigorously as the mennot even pregnancy exempts them; in that case, before binding them to the stakes, a hole is made in the ground to accommodate the enlarged form of the victim.

In a late period of pregnancy he scourged her so that the lives of herself and her unborn child were considered in jeopardy.

The tumefaction was considered as a case of pregnancy; and she having considerably passed her time, the child was thought to be dead within her.

A young slave woman, Becky by name, had given pregnancy as the reason for a continued slackness in her work.

Their rising all at once was as the Sound Of Thunder heard remote The Diversions of the fallen Angels, with the particular Account of their Place of Habitation, are described with great Pregnancy of Thought, and Copiousness of Invention.

The Expences she has put me to in procuring what she has longed for during her Pregnancy with them, would not only have handsomely defray'd the Charges of the Month, but of their Education too; her Fancy being so exorbitant for the first Year or two, as not to confine it self to the usual Objects of Eatables and Drinkables, but running out after Equipage and Furniture, and the like Extravagancies.

By this is meant the building up of the future mother's health by improved hygiene and careful, wise dieting and exercising and bathing during the last three months of pregnancy, which enables many a stumbling-block to be removed out of the way.

142 examples of  pregnancy  in sentences