1423 examples of preliminary in sentences

Excavations at Chou-k'ou-tien still continue and my account should be taken as very preliminary.

A preliminary review of literature is given by H. Wiens, China's March towards the Tropics, Hamden 1954.

The problem of social mobility is now under study, after preliminary research by K.A. Wittfogel, E. Kracke, myself and others.

Shigeru; a general study of guilds and their function has not yet been made (preliminary work by P. Maybon, H.B. Morse, J. St. Burgess, K.A. Wittfogel and others).

I regard the statement, that it was the gentry which prevented the growth of an industrial societya statement which has often been made beforeas preliminary, and believe that further research, especially in the growth of cities and urban institutions may lead to quite different explanations.

On cotton and its importance see the studies by M. Amano, and some preliminary remarks by P. Pelliot.

My remarks here have to be taken as very preliminary.

My remarks are entirely preliminary.

But as a preliminary he dined that evening with Ormsby at the Camelot Club, and over the coffee had it out with him.

Now you may go and attend to the preliminary details, if you like.

" It was in fulfilment of this promise that Kent bestirred himself after he had sent a wire to Ormsby, and M'Tosh had settled down to the task of smoothing Callahan's way westward over a division already twitching in the preliminary rigor of the strike convulsion.

I had my preliminary interview with the governor at daybreak this morning; and I was with him again between nine and ten.

In 1834 she captured him, and the preliminary formalities of flirtation were hastily overpassed.

Preliminary report on the Minimum Wage.

Preliminary photographs are about to appear in the Society Press.

As to the five free blacks included in this number the magistrates, who had only preliminary jurisdiction in their cases, discharged one and remanded four for trial by a higher court.

I did not learn until afterwards that a preliminary chat with my chauffeur had preceded his hospitable advances.

The task before our community, the task of reorganising labour on a basis broader than that of employment for daily or weekly wages, is one of huge complexity, and it is as entirely reasonable as it is entirely preliminary to clean and modernise to the utmost our representative and legislative machinery.

Few modern socialists present their faith as a complete panacea, and most are now setting to work in earnest upon these long-shirked preliminary problems of human interaction through which the vital problem of a collective head and brain can alone be approached.

But such a prophecy was conditional on the preliminary accumulation of a considerable amount of knowledge, on many experiments and failures.

Indeed the preliminary stage has scarcely been reachedthe stage in which public opinion grants to every one the unrestricted right of shaping his own beliefs, independently of those of the people who surround him.

iv.] [Footnote C: Sale's "Preliminary Discourses on the Koran," sec.

But, as soon as one leaves the single State and deals with the interrelation of several States, one meets with the preliminary question, What is a State?

During the years that have passed since then, I hear that improvement, with its preliminary demolitions, has been doing wonders for the quarter of Westminster in which it stood.

Not the great and terrible Annual Inspection, of course, but a preliminary canter in that direction.

1423 examples of  preliminary  in sentences