704 examples of prelude in sentences

Immortal patrons of succeeding days, Attend this prelude of perpetual praise; Let Wit, condemn'd the feeble war to wage With close Malevolence, or Public Rage; Let Study, worn with virtue's fruitless lore, Behold this theatre, and grieve no more.

And then, due prelude made, Damoetas sang.

If any member had thought that the sad performance of the fatal Saturday night and the winged words of General Murger were to be the prelude to period of fierce activity and frantic preparation, he was mistaken.

" Ferragut began to wonder if all this preamble was merely a prelude to this final request.

Many earnest Republicans were moved to strong sympathy for Douglas in this attitude, partly for his help in defeating the Lecompton iniquity, partly because they believed his action in this particular a prelude to further political repentance, partly out of that chivalric generosity of human nature which sides with the weak against the strong.


Prelude to love.

Two studies from Op.37: Prelude in C, op.37, no.35; The silver flute, op.37, no.6; piano.


'The Prelude' was begun as Wordsworth left the imperial city of Goslar, in Lower Saxony, where he spent part of the last winter of last century, and which he left on the 10th of February 1799.

So far Wordsworth's own allusions to the date of 'The Prelude.'

It is certain that the remaining books of 'The Prelude' were all written in the spring and early summer of 1805; the seventh, eighth, ninth, tenth, eleventh, and part of the twelfth being finished about the middle of April; the last 300 lines of book twelfth in the last week of April; and the two remaining booksthe thirteenth and fourteenthbefore the 20th of May.

" These letters explain the delay in the publication of 'The Prelude'.

It is clear that throughout the composition of 'The Prelude', he felt that he was experimenting with his powers.

From the letter to Sir George Beaumont, December 25, 1804, it is evident that he regarded the autobiographical poem as a mere prologue to this larger work, to which he hoped to turn "with all his might" after 'The Prelude' was finished, and of which he had already written about a fifth or a sixth (see 'Memoirs', vol.

He did not devote himself, however, to the completion of his wider purpose, immediately after 'The Prelude' was finished.

He wrote one book of 'The Recluse' which he called "Home at Grasmere"; and, though detached from 'The Prelude', it is a continuation of the narrative of his own life at the point where it is left off in the latter poem.

It was at Coleorton, in Leicestershire,where the Wordsworths lived during the winter of 1806-7, in a farm-house belonging to Sir George Beaumont, and where Coleridge visited them,that 'The Prelude' was read aloud by its author, on the occasion which gave birth to these lines.

"So far as I can learn Wordsworth had not read any critical work on Don Quixote before he wrote the fifth book of 'The Prelude', [a] nor for that matter had any criticism of the master-piece of Cervantes then appeared.

as from Calais southward you and I, and compare the human nature seeming born again' of 'The Prelude', book vi.

[Footnote z: Compare Coleridge's 'Hymn before sun-rise in the Vale of Chamouni', and Shelley's 'Mont Blanc', with Wordsworth's description of the Alps, here in 'The Prelude', in 'Descriptive Sketches', and in the 'Memorials of a Tour on the Continent'.

Compare Mr. Carter's note to 'The Prelude', book vii.

[Y] So mightand with that prelude did begin The record; and, in faithful verse, was given The doleful sequel.

Its direction is nearly due east and west; and looking eastward from it, there is a hill which bounds the view in that direction, and which fully corresponds to the description in 'The Prelude'.

The following additional extract from a letter of Mr. Rawnsley's (Christmas, 1882) casts light, both on the Hawkshead beck and fountain, and on the stone seat in the market square, referred to in the fourth book of 'The Prelude'.

704 examples of  prelude  in sentences
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