167 examples of premeditating in sentences

That process, whenever she began to gather the shreds, had led her mind straight to the conviction that Jack's shot had been premeditated, that the chance had been prearranged with the enemies of her brother.

In 1503, an act was passed prohibiting the king from pardoning those convicted of wilful and premeditated murder; but this appears to have been done at the monarch's own request, and was liable to be rescinded at pleasure.

All at once, opposite the Foreign Office, there was heard, about nine o'clock in the evening, one of those fatal explosions, whether accidental or premeditated, which history often records as the origin of great popular risings.

And by her obstinacy and apathy she was driving the best man on God's earth to premeditated murder.

As to a conspiracy against the Republic and against the People, how could any one premeditate such a plot?

This Association had always supported the policy of the Elysée, but without believing that a coup d'état was premeditated.

A man who shuts himself up meditates, and for such men to meditate is to premeditate.

During these three terrible hours, Louis Bonaparte carried out what he had been premeditating, and completed his work.

" "Oh! jokes may be premeditated as well as murder; and many a one is murdered, you know.


A Poem, being a premeditated Form of thoughts, upon designed occasions: ought not to be unfurnished of any Harmony in Words or Sound.

V. predestine, preordain, predetermine, premeditate, resolve, concert; resolve beforehand, predesignate.

But if he cannot so ease himself, yet let him wisely premeditate of both their estates; if they be unequal in years, she young and he old, what an unfit match must it needs be, an uneven yoke, how absurd and indecent a thing is it!

I was so filled with indignation at the sight, that I now began to premeditate the destruction of the next that I saw there, let them be whom or how many soever.

If, on the other hand, it were a case of premeditated murder, the city authorities were bound to hand over the fugitive to justice.

Furious alike at her want of success and at the affront which had been put upon her, the Marquise drove from the Arsenal to the hotel of M. de Soissons; where, still smarting under the rebuff of the uncompromising Duke, she did not scruple sufficiently to garble his words to give them all the appearance of a premeditated and wilful insult to the Prince personally.

On this occasion he seemed to incline to the view that it might have been a premeditated expedition against Ker Karraje.

Caught up now in the real torrent of his premeditated verbosity, he continued to relieve himself of all that he had learned by cramming during the past few days.

With no intent of discourtesy, no premeditated malice was it given; and therein lay the fine sting, the venom.

hadst thou the heart, my father, Hadst thou the heart to drive it to such lengths, With cold premeditated purpose?

The premeditated virgin.

The idea which was invariably conspicuous and constantly maintained during his reign was not that of a premeditated and ambitious policy, ever tending towards an interested object which is pursued with more or less reasonableness and success, and always with a large amount of trickery and violence on the part of the prince, of unrighteousness in his deeds, and of suffering on the part of the people.

In spite, then, of frequent interruptions, the reign of Edward I. was on the whole a period of peace between England and France, being exempt, at any rate, from premeditated and obstinate hostilities.

and the Elector Palatine Frederic III., called the Pious, showed it openly; when the Duke of Anjou, elected King of Poland, went through Germany to go and take possession of his kingdom, he was received at Heidelberg with premeditated coolness.

Medley, and laugh at that premeditating Murderer her Sister.

167 examples of  premeditating  in sentences
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