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41 examples of  prep.  in sentences

41 examples of prep. in sentences

"I say," remarked the latter, in rather a knowing manner, "if you want to see a lark, come to the reading-room before 'prep.'

junco, m., reed, rush. juntar, to join, clasp, unite. junto, -a, united, together, joined, (pl.) side by side; prep., á, near, near to, close, at the side of, beside.

κατέλαβενverb, from καταλαμβάνω; comp. of κατά, down, and λαμβάνω, I receive; the root of the simple verb is λαβ, here appearing in the 2d Aor., § 57; aug., § 60, excluding final α of prep., § 61; last ε likewise shows indic., § 42; no tense-ending in 3d pers.

of prep, ἀπό, off, and στέλλω, I send; root στελ, vowel changed, § 63; aug. cuts off final ο of prep., § 61; no reduplication, § 60; perf.

A school just assembled for Prep. Were warned of an imminent Zepp,

number, it implies but oneand in the obj. case, it is the object of the relation expressed by the prep.

"DEHORS, prep.

ERE, before, prep.

verb, with prep.

can assume the character of Adjectives that cannot be compared that are compared by means of adverbs (See Comparison, Comparative Deg., and Superlative Deg.) Adjectives requiring the article the denoting place or situation, comparison of become adverbs use of, for adv., improper with prep., ellipt., equivalent to adv. poet., for nouns do., for adverbs Adjectives, Synt.

Whether adverb or adjective required, how determined Adverbs, Synt. of in what do. consists to what relate Adverb before a prep.

made object of a prep.

case ("A WIT'S a feather," &c., POPE) Become, &c., whether they demand the auxiliary am or have Besides, prep., in what cases proper to be used after else or other, in lieu of than Between, cannot refer to more than two things Between or betwixt, how differs in use from among or amongst Between, betwixt, derivation of, from Sax.

governed by prep., whether undetermined; err. of SANB.

by Despauter, and by others Enallixis, see Enallage Ending of a sentence with an adv., a prep., or any inconsid.

pron., by misplacement of prep.

to the other moods usually distinguished by the prep.

and Gr. appar., sometimes connected to other words by a prep., or by that place of punct.

, prepositions; why not placed by BROWN with the prep.

allowed by some what verbs not to be employed without Obj. case as governed by prep.

the obj. case," why the brief assertion is exceptionable, as the sole RULE, in parsing prep.

how classed by some; may be preceded by the articles requires than before the latter term of an exclusive comparison; yet sometimes perhaps better takes the prep.

Parsing, of a prep., how performed, of a phrase, implies its separation, the RULES OF GOVERNM., how to be applied in, of words, is not varied by mere transposition.

verb followed by a prep.

always implies a governing word, how taken by compounds liable to be added to adjunct of the former noun whether it can be rightly added to separate adjectives, ("The GUILTY'S prayer,") which noun of connected possessives takes Poss. case, place and order of generally equivalent to prep.

to the assertion that "Every prep. requires an obj. case after it" LENN.

of, where ineleg. insertion of, when do. Prep.

of Prep., ellips.

relations there are in Eng. Relation, with respect to a prep., anteced.

Relation, do., terms of, to be named in parsing a prep.

; how the terms may be ascertained by a learner terms of, to a prep., may be transposed; are very various; both usually expressed Relative pronouns, defined Relative pronouns, and their compounds, named; declined chief constructional peculiarities of two faulty special rules given by the grammarians, for construc.

Relative and prep.

Tense, &c. Terminating a sentence with a prep.

as gov. by the prep.

do., how considered by most Eng. grammarians do., how proved to be a prep.

Garry Grayson at Stanley Prep.

SMITH, WILLIAM J. The spirit of Jogues prep.

Garry Grayson at Stanley Prep.

SMITH, WILLIAM J. The spirit of Jogues prep.

For, since, because; prep.

used with prep.