62 examples of prepare to be in sentences

In the meantime, I will prepare to be ready when you return," she wrote.

"Well, let's go upstairs and prepare to be inspected.

"Now," said Mr. Wordley, with intense gravity, "prepare to be startled.

Maids, being once made wives, can nothing call Rightly their own; they are their husbands' all: If such a wife you can prepare to be, Clare, I am yours: and you are fit for me.

All Manila prepared to be invited, and never did uneasiness take stronger hold of the mind than in view of the thought of not being among those bidden.

'I am not prepared to be grateful to her at a moment's notice for any crumbs of affection she may throw you.' '

You'd better be prepared to be horribly proud of him.

In Gloucester, however, I found peas, asparagus, olives, and other greens, already prepared to be eaten without base cares: and these, I now see, exist everywhere in stores so vast comparatively to the needs of a single man, that they may be called infinite.

We must therefore be prepared to be cut off for a longer time than I anticipated.

Aunt Polly was almost angry,was prepared to be very angry;but not the less did she go on killing fatted calves.

The Countess, who, in spite of politics, was a secret votary of his, was quite prepared to be enchanted.

This latter Person will be prepared to be a Father, a Friend, an Advocate, a Steward for People yet unborn, and has proper Affections ready for every Incident in the Marriage State.

"I want you to prepare to be very brave, Madge," she said.

Thus treated, less kneading is necessary than when prepared to be baked at once.

"Prepare to be astonished," said Mr. Tiffles, after his third whiff.

Even if you disagree, you both give hints that you are prepared to be converted.

The Pharisee is a tyrant, and hates freedom; but you can often make a friend of him by asking him a favour, if you are also prepared to be subsequently reminded of the trouble he took to serve you.

You mustn't interfere with other people's codes, unless you are prepared to be interfered with.

So I change my dress, bathe my face, make my maid retwist my hair, and prepare to be chastenedly and moderately glad to see them.

I am prepared to be confessed to, however, if you feel it necessary.

He was prepared to be his Majesty's Envoy at Paris but he was also ready at once to enter the Ministry.

Grimly he warned his fellow-guest to take himself home, make ready for war, and prepare to be killedand eaten.

Madame Desjardins, mortally offended with M. Dorinet on the score of Rosalie's legs, also prepared to be gone; while M. Philomène, convicted of hair-dye and brouillé for ever with "the most disagreeable girl in Paris," hastened to make his adieux as brief as possible.

Then the sergeant hurried on Lenoir's coat and waistcoat, clapped a pair of handcuffs on his wrists, thrust his hat on his head, and prepared to be gone; Monsieur, the bald-headed, looking on, meanwhile, with the utmost complacency, as if taking to himself all the merit of discovery and capture.

Her presentation at Court had indeed been by the marchioness; she had been staying with an old friend of Mrs. Poynsett's, quite prepared to be intimate with Raymond Poynsett's wife, if only Cecil would have taken to her.

62 examples of  prepare to be  in sentences