12975 examples of presences in sentences

The two at his side were no companionsnot even presences.

Prison was purified by all these gentle presences, and women criminals profited by the removal of the abuses they challenged.

Two young girls, nameless, but real presences to my imagination, as much as when they came fluttering down on the tiles with a cry that outscreamed the sharpest treble in the Te Deum!

On every side he was haunted and begirt by presences.

I grant, however, the speech may be taken as a soliloquy audible to the spectators only, who to the persons of a play are but the spiritual presences.]

"Iss; you put your head inside my presences, and I'll split mun open, if I be hanged for it.

Some day he might have grown rich enough to buy it, and set it apart for ever, as a little house sacred to love and youth; but, meanwhile, with what ugly and noisome presences would it have been defiled!

Two presences possessed her imagination: that of Ralph Marvell, small, unattainable, remote, and that of Mabel Lipscomb, near-by, immense and irrepressible.

There they renewed the long rambles of their youth, and once more the summer fields and woods seemed full of magic presences.

" The word woke a train of dormant associations, and Paul saw himself seated on a dingy carpet, between two familiar taciturn old presences, while he rummaged in the depths of a bag stuffed with strips of newspaper.

But these Two Presences have their highest interest and significance as foci of the religious development of the race: and inasmuch as all growth is ultimately a religious one, it is in this phase that their organic connections with life are widest and most profound.

Moreover, the various divinities of any one mythologyfor example, the Greekwere at first only representatives of partial attributes or incidental functions of these Two Presences.

I could imagine their indignant presences in the Albert Hall at Gray's big League of Nations meeting in May, listening to Clynes's reasons why they died.

Since therefore spaces are appearances, distances also and presences are appearances.

That the appearances of distances and presences in the spiritual world are according to proximities, relationships, and affinities of love, has been frequently pointed out and confirmed in small treatises respecting that world.

And my love shone fiercely in my heart, like a southern star; it held me, hypnotized, in a thrilling and exquisite entrancement, so that if my secret, silent lover was away from me, as on that fatal night in my drawing-room, my friends were but phantom presences in a shadowy world.

The winds were about and walking, I remember saying to myself, for the winds often move like great presences under the trees.

They may not be happy, but they will feel a stronger yearning to go out alone and find 'the white presences among the hills.'

To one observer at least the most wonderful thing throughout that period of accumulating stress is the invincible inertia of the great mass of people, their quiet persistence in all that ignored the enormous presences, the promise of still more enormous things, that grew among them.

He is troubled because there are strange presences in the woods, presences that he dreads.

He is troubled because there are strange presences in the woods, presences that he dreads.

Is our whole instinctive belief in higher presences, our persistent inner turning towards divine companionship, to count for nothing?

On every side he was haunted and begirt by presences.

nay, to them whose eyes were opened, the room of sickness and pain was thronged and beautiful with angelic presences.

Semyonov had brought the old life back to me and I had shrunk from the impact of it; but he had brought back to me, too, the presences of my absent friends who, during these weary months, had been lost to me.

12975 examples of  presences  in sentences