119 examples of presentable in sentences

All his rough work should be done before breakfast is ready, when he must appear clean, and in a presentable state.

Fourth classmen Flint and Austin were not long in making themselves presentable.

It was the foreman's business to see that each one was presentable.

I stopped at Selfridge's and laid in a small but nicely chosen supply of shirts, socks, collars, and other undergarments, and then, drifting slowly on, picked up at intervals some cigars, a couple of pairs of boots, and a presentable Homburg hat.

My man, who, by the way, was a very presentable person, and could be distinctly sociable when he pleased, endeavoured to make himself agreeable to the passengers on board.

"It appears to me that any presentable young man with a pen behind his ear would have answered nearly enough to the vision.

We shall be able to make our uniforms presentable.

We'll go to work on them and when we've got them presentable, I'll let you know and sing them to you.

My brain is a little muddled now, and I've got to clear it, and make myself presentable before supper.

The present building only dates from 1820 and for the period is a presentable enough copy of the Perpendicular style.

The secret is well kept, doubtless by a kind of freemasonry amongst bearded men, but there can be little doubt that somewhere there are nurseries where a bonâ-fide beard-grower who is in the secret can retire until he is presentable.

the wife and children, the mother and sisters, or the aged father, if presentable, would be introduced in open court to create a sensation at the right moment.

"Quite a presentable cavalier, ma Juliette!

When fairly presentable again, we went up on the upper deck to find a cool place under the awning.

We should premise, that, the details of it are a little altered, with the view of adapting it to "ears polite;" for without some process of this kind, it would not have been presentable.

It is admitted, we believe, on all hands, that a less skilful workman will execute as presentable a piece of work with a wheel-plough, as a more skilful ploughman with a Scotch swing-plough.

Crofton Crilly has a presentable appearance.

The captive ate a littlehe had no appetite for moreand then tried to smooth out his hair and his clothing and to make himself more presentable.

Many a bright production dies discarded which might have been made thoroughly presentable by a single day's labor of a competent scholar, in shaping, smoothing, dovetailing, and retrenching.

*** "Steps should be taken to make the clergy presentable and attractive," says the Vicar of St. Jude's, Hampstead.

If it hadn't been for Bob and his pipe-clay they would never have been presentable again.

But he found himself delivering his views to Mrs. Burnside alone, for the rest had trooped in to make themselves presentable.

The day which succeeded our arrival we spent in resting and making ourselves as presentable as possible with the limited resources afforded by our sealskin trunks.

He would never have been so famous as he is now, and he really knows so much more than Maestro De Pretisin other ways than musicthat he is very presentable indeed.

He was not, to be sure, a presentable member of any bar, for a smudge detracted considerably from the appearance of one side of his face, his clothes were rumpled and covered with black dust, and his hands were black.

119 examples of  presentable  in sentences