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119 examples of  presentable  in sentences

119 examples of presentable in sentences

Sometimes I think there is no spot on the globe where I would be welcomed; and I feel inclined to commit some desperate deed, that I may be arrested and confined out of the sight of man and woman-kind, until I am aged and bent enough to be presentable.

He was a blind man himself, and a blind carpenter was engaged to assist in making the storehouse presentable.

All his rough work should be done before breakfast is ready, when he must appear clean, and in a presentable state.

Whether this isolation arose from an effort to make herself more presentable, or a desire to avoid further contact with the Spaniard, was a question.

Fourth classmen Flint and Austin were not long in making themselves presentable.

Going back to the clown's tent he washed up, and made himself generally tidy and presentable for the coming interview at the Empire Hotel.

" He did, brushed up and with shoes shined, as presentable as possible.

A chain of reasoning is a chain of inferences: IDEAL presentations of objects and relations not apparent to Sense, or not presentable to Sense.

It was the foreman's business to see that each one was presentable.

His coat and hat made the young lawyer quite presentable and without another word he followed Mr. Merrick down the stairs and took his seat in the motorcar.

I must run up and make myself presentable.

Upon the appearance of this officer the plan was gone over anew, and he was asked whence and within what time he could produce two presentable dummies to do duty in the Sound for the entertainment of the population of Plymouth, Devonport, and Stonehouse.

Do you know that she has been working her fingers to the bone making an old dress of mine presentable because she is so anxious that I shall look nice at your little supper-party.

I stopped at Selfridge's and laid in a small but nicely chosen supply of shirts, socks, collars, and other undergarments, and then, drifting slowly on, picked up at intervals some cigars, a couple of pairs of boots, and a presentable Homburg hat.

So that many characters which passed as heroic, or at least presentable, in the kindly remoteness of legend, reveal some strange weakness when brought suddenly into the light.

My man, who, by the way, was a very presentable person, and could be distinctly sociable when he pleased, endeavoured to make himself agreeable to the passengers on board.

Think how easy it is to find a poet who will turn you a presentable sonnet, and how very difficult it is to find a cook who will turn you an edible beefsteak" I said a good deal more on this subject which I shall not attempt to repeat.

Not even yet had he proof positive, absolute, conclusive: the king might well take offence at the play, even were he innocent; and in any case Hamlet would desire presentable proof: he had positively none to show the people in justification of vengeance.

All his delay after this is plainly compelled, although I grant he was not sorry to have to await such more presentable evidence as at last he procured, so long as he did not lose the final possibility of vengeance.]

He writes in unusual spirits; for he has now gained full, presentable, and indisputable proof of the treachery which before he scarcely doubted, but could not demonstrate.

A wig of false leaves is indispensable to make it presentable.

This consists of a hood-like covering for the head, and a loose flowing robe, all in one piece; having neither shoes nor the other garments to make themselves presentable in any decent or refined society.

There was nothing lacking in his mental attainments, for he was a poet of very high order, inimitable in his style; moreover, he was presentable in his person.

Therewith Dawson gets him some seaman's old clothes at a Jew's, and I a very neat, presentable suit of cloth, etc., and the rest of the money we take back to Don Sanchez without taking so much as a penny for our other uses; but he, doing all things very magnificent, would have none of it, but bade us keep it against our other necessities.

From all this it is a simple deduction that where legend (historic or otherwise) associates a particular character with a particular scene that is by any means presentable on the stage, that scene becomes obligatory in a drama of which he is the leading figure.

It would not be difficult to prolong this catalogue of themes and motives that have come down in the world, and are no longer presentable in any society that pretends to intelligence.

He called back: "I must make myself a trifle more presentable for dinner.

"Four o'clock," murmured the senior partner; "hadn't you better see about making yourself presentable, Hardy?"

[Illustration: "Hadn't you better see about making yourself presentable, Hardy?"] "Thanks," said the other, with alacrity, as he took off his coat and crossed over to the little washstand.

Mind 'im." "Hadn't You Better See About Making Yourself Presentable, Hardy?"

'We have three-quarters of an hour to the good.' 'Half an hour for a stroll, and a quarter to make myself presentable after my long walk,' said Hammond, who did not wish to face the dowager and Lady Lesbia in disordered apparel.

"It appears to me that any presentable young man with a pen behind his ear would have answered nearly enough to the vision.

He tried to make his father understand that, when he had a fine horse to drive, he should look presentable himself.

It is therefore usual, when the Sovereign wishes to introduce a person of merit among the Bourgeoisie into the upper circles, that he gives him the title of Rath or Counsellor; but this priviledge of being presentable at Court does not extend to their wives and daughters.

Therefore Peter debated whether it would be wiser to skirt around the mansion and gain entrance by the area steps, where no doubt he would encounter Dinah, the cook (who objected to invasions of unclean shoes), or boldly ascend the front steps, struggle with that balefully glittering knocker, and trust to Pompey's somewhat dim eyes to escape remonstrance before he could gain his own room and make himself presentable.

The advocate for the Crown was a presentable man to look at, and doubtless also a man of heart, but something appeared to have annoyed him recently or possibly he had suddenly remembered that he held a certain office in the State and was bound to act from that point of view.

A man appeared in shirt-sleeves of grey flannel and wheeled my boxes away on a little truck, and after a while a master came down and showed us, in a perfunctory manner, over the more presentable quarters of the school.

Society, with a larger S than that which he had hitherto adorned, was delighted to find after two notable failures that genius could still be presentable, and the author was rather more than that.

In a word, he was an author of whom any countryeven France, that prolific parent of presentable authorswould have been proud.

We shall be able to make our uniforms presentable.

The difficulties of toilet had, too, been great, and white shirts were things absolutely unknown; so that Jack had never felt really presentable from the time when he landed.

"The carriage": it is said advisedly; for there is but one street on the island passable to such an equipage, and but one such equipage to enjoy its privileges,only one, that is, drawn by horses, and presentable in Broadway.

The prisoner was marched into the house, and the Doctor, who had bewitched his clothes upon him in a way that would have been miraculous in anybody but a physician, was down in presentable form as soon as if it had been a child in a fit that he was sent for.

But we must not sit over the table chattering like this; it has gone half-past seven, and Polton will be wanting to make this room presentable.

Alas for that poor soul whose dignity must be "preserved,"preserved in the right culinary sense, as fruits which are growing dubious in their natural state are sealed up in jars to make their acidity presentable!

We'll go to work on them and when we've got them presentable, I'll let you know and sing them to you.

'At the end of eight or ten weeks a fairly presentable appearance existed.

This period of my trench life marked the start of Fragments from France, though it was not till the end of February that a complete and presentable effort, suitable for publication in a paper, emerged.

It is enough that one of the husband's witnesses should be presentable; the other, Caterna, will be sure to be magnificent!

My brain is a little muddled now, and I've got to clear it, and make myself presentable before supper.

The Bishop at once sent in haste to Grenoble with orders to his own tailor to bring velvet, satin, and all things needful to make a noble page presentable.

The present building only dates from 1820 and for the period is a presentable enough copy of the Perpendicular style.

The secret is well kept, doubtless by a kind of freemasonry amongst bearded men, but there can be little doubt that somewhere there are nurseries where a bonรข-fide beard-grower who is in the secret can retire until he is presentable.

the wife and children, the mother and sisters, or the aged father, if presentable, would be introduced in open court to create a sensation at the right moment.

"Quite a presentable cavalier, ma Juliette!

Sir Henry immediately sent for a clothier, and Harry was again made presentable; while a suit of serviceable clothes adapted to the position of a young gentleman of moderate means was obtained for Jacob.

Charming people, whom Chase had never seen before, seemed to spring into existence suddenly; the streets took on a new air; the bands played with a keener zest and the army prinked itself into a most amazingly presentable shape.

Properly dressed and valeted this queer creature might have been made presentable.

"My other suit is, if anything, less presentable than this; and they're all I've got, except the frockand I'm miserable in that.

Aunt Helen's treatment for making me presentable was the wearing of gloves and a shady hat every time I went outside; and she insisted upon me spending a proper time over my toilet, and would not allow me to encroach upon it with the contents of my bookshelf.

When the news was brought to Dom Manuel that his redemption of Poictesme was completed, then Dom Manuel unarmed, and made himself presentable in a tunic of white damask and a girdle adorned with garnets and sapphires.

Perhaps the most industriously pursued of all her goodnesses was her unflagging zealous labour in Saving the Souls of Others as well as her own Soulthe "Others" being the young, presentable, gay, and well-placed men of Gungapur Society.

She has divorced her body from her soul for a little finer living, for a polished, a scrupulously clean, perfectly presentable husband.

When you are presentable, come over here again, and we'll stroll out in search of adventure.

When fairly presentable again, we went up on the upper deck to find a cool place under the awning.

We should premise, that, the details of it are a little altered, with the view of adapting it to "ears polite;" for without some process of this kind, it would not have been presentable.

It is admitted, we believe, on all hands, that a less skilful workman will execute as presentable a piece of work with a wheel-plough, as a more skilful ploughman with a Scotch swing-plough.

The women settle it mostly; and they know wonderfully well what is presentable, and what can't stand the blaze of the chandeliers and the critical eye and ear of people trained to know a staring shade in a ribbon, a false light in a jewel, an ill-bred tone, an angular movement, everything that betrays a coarse fibre and cheap training.

"I do declare you're the only woman in the room that looks presentable.

Crofton Crilly has a presentable appearance.

She as wholly preoccupied about her new possessions, and the place she is going to take in the county; she cares for her husband, because he represents her social success, and because he is a creditable and presentable man.

They certainly look quite as presentable and pretty in their "plain clothes" as do any other class of society.

The captive ate a littlehe had no appetite for moreand then tried to smooth out his hair and his clothing and to make himself more presentable.

Clothes, as is known, have a sobering and civilizing effect, and from the very moment I was again provided with presentable outer garments my conduct rapidly improved.

A presentable draft of my story being finally prepared, I began to submit it to all sorts and conditions of minds (in accordance with Mill's dictum that only in that way can the truth be obtained).

It was some time before he freed his mouth and nose of the crimson result of colliding with the glove; but, aided by the clerks, he donned his coat and vest, and assumed something like a presentable condition.

"Can you stay and have some dinner with me?" he asked, adding, "I am quite presentable at table, still, though I don't swallow very comfortably.

But, no doubt, he would regard the presentable person as possessing virtues of equal importance.

Thus, hiring negroes and buying mules, I gradually put the plantation in a presentable condition.

Many a bright production dies discarded which might have been made thoroughly presentable by a single day's labor of a competent scholar, in shaping, smoothing, dovetailing, and retrenching.

Mrs. Markham's bed had been removed from the sitting room, and the carpet taken from the floor, for they were going to dance, and Eunice's mother had been working hard all day to keep her liege lord away from the Cross Roads tavern so that he might be presentable at night, and capable of performing his part, together with his eldest son, who played the flute.

*** "Steps should be taken to make the clergy presentable and attractive," says the Vicar of St. Jude's, Hampstead.

The prince put on his dressing gown and went into the drawing-room, where the tolerably presentable but strangely dressed person of Mr. Escrocevitch presented itself to him.

There was Tom with his ill-fastened shoelaces trailing, his smart bandsman's coat buttoned awry over a pair of trousers which were neither his Sunday best, nor the white-piped blue ones which formed part of his uniform as musicianthese were a shabby, shiny, pair of worn broad-cloth usually kept for wet Sundays and Saturday expeditions to town; a suit, in fact, which had long been considered by no means presentable.

If it hadn't been for Bob and his pipe-clay they would never have been presentable again.

But he found himself delivering his views to Mrs. Burnside alone, for the rest had trooped in to make themselves presentable.

Thanks to a small pocket glass and a fresh white blouse, I made myself quite presentable and as I approached our camp, the appetizing odor of fresh fried country sausage tickled my nostrils and made me glad to be alive.

"No, no; nothing of that kind," I answered with a smile as I interpreted the euphemism; for "something unpleasant," in the case of a young and reasonably presentable medical man is ordinarily the equivalent of trouble with the female of his species.

The rough boy was coming to be a presentable youth.

All that he heard related to external circumstances that were, or were not, judged respectable and presentable.

Having received an offer from a gentleman of presentable looks and immense possessions, she promptly accepts it, and gains to her own surprise a considerable reputation for judgment and discretion.

if Sir RobertSir RobinSir Rogerwhat is he?does not see the rest of us, he may perhaps imagine that we are all equally presentable, which would be more to your credit, mother, than if Bobby and Tou Tou and I were to be submitted to the poor old thing's notice.

And now, pardon me while I take a plunge and get into something presentable.

Oh, order some of the soap, and wash your hands of him, I supposenot that he isn't a good deal more presentable than some of your lions, after all's said and done!

There, too, his marriage banns had to be publishedand it was a presentable offence to marry without banns; there he had to have his children christened and his wife churched; there he was compelled to send sons, daughters or apprentices to be catechized,[120] and there himself learn the principles of religion (if he were ignorant of them), for without a knowledge of the Catechism and the Ten Commandments he could not receive communion.

The day which succeeded our arrival we spent in resting and making ourselves as presentable as possible with the limited resources afforded by our sealskin trunks.

He would never have been so famous as he is now, and he really knows so much more than Maestro De Pretisin other ways than musicthat he is very presentable indeed.

" It was considerably past midnight when the two men finally reached the University Club; they had lunched at an all-night restaurant, washed and made themselves as presentable as possible, yet were hardly recognizable as they entered the Club lobby.

He was not, to be sure, a presentable member of any bar, for a smudge detracted considerably from the appearance of one side of his face, his clothes were rumpled and covered with black dust, and his hands were black.

You have every social advantage to offer a woman, and a presentable person; and my niece has youth, and some looks, and a large fortune.