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67188 example sentences with  presented

67188 example sentences with presented

His account has a permanent value from being the earliest known, and as proving that within fifty years after the Spanish Conquest they presented very nearly the same appearance as at present.

But we can give unqualified praise to the scene between Miss Gilbert and the little crippled boy, which is one of the most beautiful and touching pictures ever yet presented.

This opened a new field of inquiry, and, while it opposed no bar to the pursuits of natural science, it presented a broad area of historical and ethnological research.

The children of Israel could scarcely have presented a more motley array of men and women, with their "kneading troughs" on their backs, and their "little ones," than were there assembled, on their way to the new land of promise.

Mr. Monroe presented it to the consideration of Congress in the fall, and a superintendent was subsequently appointed.]

"A gentleman presented specimens to the Troy Lyceum, from Illinois, of gypsum and secondary sandstone, and informed me that the latter overlaid the former in regular structure.

A large specimen of native copper from Lake Superior, procured by me, forwarded to Mr. Calhoun, by General Stephen Van Rensselaer, representative in Congress, was cut up by his directions, and presented to the foreign ministers and gentlemen from abroad; and thus the resources of the country made known.

Thus, while an envious little clique here has, in my absence, clandestinely thrown most uncandid censure upon me and my labors, a vista of honor is presented to my hopes from a higher source.

This individual was among the earlier visitors who presented himself at my office.

Besides his military coat, sword, and epaulets, and sash, which were presented to him, he had some ruffled linen shirts, gloves, shoes and stockings, and an umbrella, all of which were kept, however, in the spirit of a virtuoso, and he took a pride in displaying these articles to visitors.

Hermann, with hurried words, presented her thus to his parents: "Here is a maiden," he said; "such a one as ye wish in the household.

"Such are the claims which, in a civil point of view, are presented in behalf of the preservation of this harbor.

Seeing the servant standing by the door, M-y, for it was he, walked toward it and presented himself bodily before me.

He had silver disks presented to him by at least two of Thackeray's Georges, a couple from William IV., and I think one from her present Majesty, Queen Victoria.

After we had duly admired these decorations, and listened with patience to the old man's garrulous talk about them, he told us that he had yet another to show,one presented to him many years ago by a great man of that day,a man embalmed for all posterity on account of his unrivalled performances upon the tight-rope,a man of whom he reduced all description to mendicancy in designating him as un danseur trรจs-renommรฉ sur la corde tendue.

Her husband had been presented with many medals, she said;would I like to see them?

James also presented his sister Catherine as a spouse to the giddy young scion of the Flemish calico counter.

He ostensibly presented a humble demeanor, but in his innermost soul he was the haughtiest human being that ever concealed beneath the cloak of humility an inflexible, tough, and durable heart.

Their flesh had been either wasted by famine or evaporated by exposure to dry atmosphere, and presented the appearance of mummies.

The citizens of that place purchased and presented to her the one hundred vara lot Number 38, and the lot adjoining to her brother George.

Entered the cabins, and a horrible scene presented itself.

But her life, warmed even as it was by their love, presented itself to her somehow as something that it was not possible to go on with.

When she came down a while later in street things and a hat she presented him with a new perplexity.

In due course "Skilly" presented an absentee and unidentifiable spouse with five bouncing baby kittens.

This was rather embarrassing to visitors to whom it had never occurred to talk for any other purpose than to say what presented itself at the moment; but it is a privilege to have known those faithful sisters, and to have seen in them a good specimen of the literary society of the last century.

About the year 1700, Illinois was included in Louisiana, and came under the sway of Louis XIV., who, in 1712, presented to Anthony Crozat the whole territory of Louisiana, Illinois, and Wisconsin,a truly royal gift!

The mind almost refuses to accept the figures that are presented; it does not seem possible in the present age, with all our methods for alleviating suffering, that millions of people can actually die of hunger in a land of railroads and steamships and other facilities for the transportation of food.

Demons have to be propitiated, the caste rules are strictly kept and the priests presented with gifts.

The Grand Lama afterward sent an embassy to return the visit at St. Petersburg, which was received with great honors and presented with rich gifts.

From these books the invitation lists are made out by the proper officials, but in order to secure an invitation to Lady Curzon's "drawing-room" a stranger must be presented by some person of importance who is well known at court.

They leave their wraps in cloakrooms in the basement, where the ladies are separated from the gentlemen who escort them, because the latter are not formally presented to the vice-queen, but they meet again an hour or so later in the banquet hall after the ceremony is over.

When the last lady has been presented, the viceroy and Lady Curzon lead the way to the banquet hall, where a sumptuous supper is spread, and the gentlemen are allowed to share the festivities.

Invitations are limited to persons of certain rank who have been formally presented at Government House, but Lady Curzon is always on the lookout for her fellow countrymen, and if she learns of their presence in Calcutta invitations are sure to reach them one way or another.

The great sporting event of the year in India is a race for a big silver cup presented by the viceroy and a purse of 20,000 rupees to the winner.

After the chicken-salad and coffee had been successfully served and eaten, one of the Seniors stepped forward with an awkward crudeness and presented Professor Marshall with a silver-mounted blotting-pad.

The new fiancรฉe herself talked rather more than usual, though this meant by no means loquacity, and presented more the appearance of composure than any one else there; although this was amusingly broken by a sudden shortness of breath whenever she met Arnold's eyes.

She was shown up stairs, and presented to Mr. Brownlow, an elderly gentleman of benevolent appearance, in a bottle-green coat, and with him was his friend, Mr. Grimwig.

She unfolded from a scrap of newspaper the envelope presented her by the lodger and carefully studied the address.

Then she went to the stage entrance of the Imperial Theatre, presented the card Mr. Meier had given her, and entered.

But she presented the singular anomaly of a strong-minded woman, already successful in taking care of herself, advocating woman's subordination to man, and prescribing for her efforts at self-help limits so narrow that only the few favored as she was could venture within them.

To the westward of the barrier of black rocks, that presented themselves to our view, were several sandbanks, the highest of which, on the east end, appeared to have some vegetation: the rocks in general were six or eight feet above the water and the surf broke violently on the North-East and South-East points in view.

I am also indebted to Mr. Cunningham for his remarks upon the botany of the country; to Mr. Brown, for his description of a new tree from King George the Third's Sound; and lastly to Dr. Fitton, for his kindness in drawing up for me a very interesting geological notice from the specimens that have been presented to the Geological Society of London, of which he is one of the most active and scientific members.

Captain King presented a living specimen to Sir Everard Home, Bart., who sent it to Exeter Change.


It was taken and preserved by Mr. James Hunter, R.N., who accompanied Captain King as surgeon during the Mermaid's third voyage, and has been presented by him to the British Museum. 7.

The figure by M. Lacepede seems to be too short, but his description agrees admirably with our specimen, which has been presented to the British Museum. 8.

The specimen above described was taken by Mr. James Hunter, at Careening Bay, on the north coast, and presented by him to the British Museum.

Captain King has presented to the Museum seven or eight other sorts of fish, in spirits, and several interesting drawings, which I have not hitherto been enabled to find in any of the works on Ichthyology, but so little is known of the genera and species of this department of Natural History, that I am not inclined to describe them as new, for fear of increasing the confusion at present existing.

Having yet credit with a jeweller, I afterwards procured a ring of thirty guineas, which I humbly presented, and was soon admitted to a treaty with Mr. Squeeze.

A traveller at last suggested to him the convenience of a grotto: Bob immediately ordered the mount of his garden to be excavated: and having laid out a large sum in shells and minerals, was busy in regulating the disposition of the colours and lustres, when two gentlemen, who had asked permission to see his gardens, presented him a writ, and led him off to less elegant apartments.

Euripides, having presented Socrates with the writings of Heraclitus, a philosopher famed for involution and obscurity, inquired afterwards his opinion of their merit.

He still made fire engines, and a brook in a meadow presented irresistible temptation to water-wheels and machinery.

There was no need of this caution, for he presented a man whose presence made me feel that I was a very little girl and should have been at home.

Where my record of the wrongs and outrages of my age; of the sorrows and joys; the trials and triumphs, that should have been written amid autumn and sunset glories in the eloquent faces and speaking forms which have everywhere presented themselves, begging to be interpreted?

Petitions were presented in the Pennsylvania Legislature for the abolition of capital punishment.

I was elected a Fellow of the Royal Society, and they presented me with the gold medal of Sir Godfrey Copley, for 1753.

I received in my mind impressions of an animated, charming, hundredfold kind, just as a lively imagination presented them; and as a poet I had nothing more to do than artistically to elaborate these impressions, and so to present them that others might receive like impressions.

"The woman sliced off a thin corner, and presented it to him on the knife.

One difficulty of the new system presented itself.

One Saturday night, a negro whom we had suspected of thievish propensities, presented eight full-day tickets as the representative of his week's work.

"One.'Lines written on a late Auspicious Occasion' (I do so like that word auspicious), 'and presented to my new step-uncle-in-law, with a smile and a tear.'

Even to please such an old and trusted friend he could not sacrifice such an opportunity for pleasure and a new lease of life as now presented itself!

And when the great minister presented himself by her bedside, in fear and trembling, to express his profound penitence and to beg her to return to Court, all she answered was, "Give me the King's letters and go!"

Secrets, as choicest jewels, are Presented to oblige the fair; No wonder, then, that a lost thought Should there be found, where souls are caught.


Thus the wardens of Childwall, having been presented at the visitation of the bishop of Chester, 9th October, 1592, because their church "wanteth reparac[i]on," are excommunicated for not appearing.

At the same visitation the wardens of Aughton are presented because "there bible is not sufficient, they want the first tome of the homilies, Mr. Juells Replie and Apologie [etc.]...." The two wardens are enjoined by the judge to buy a sufficient bible and to certify to him that they have done so.

A petition must have been presented to be allowed to procure a cheaper surplice, for on the 6th October following the wardens were permitted to prepare a surplice containing six ells only at the reduced price of 2s.

The curate of Theydon Gernon (Essex) is presented by wardens and sidemen "quia non fecit suam diligentiam in dicendo preces, viz.

So, again, when rector and wardens of Sutton were presented in the same court for letting their church go to ruin, they protested that the reason was that ยฃ40 "will skant repayre it, and that so mutch cannot be levied of all the land in the p[ar]ishe."

The curate of East Hanningfield, Essex, is presented in 1587 for "that he hathe not geven warninge to the church-wardens to looke to there dutie in service tyme, for such as are absent from service.

For this he was presented by the vicar before the consistory court at Stratford Bow Chapel.

John Baldwin presented for that "the fame and report goeth" that he keeps back ยฃ10, a legacy given seven years previously for church repairs and the poor-box, "and the Church and the poor have wanted the same, having no benefit thereof, as we know."

Two lessees of the parish are presented "for withholding the farm of two acres and a half of church land one year and a half unpaid."

John Smithe presented for felling and selling a great oak which stood upon church land, "whereas now we stand in lack of the same to repair our Church."

So men are presented for not paying the parish fees due for the burial of members of their family, or for the ringing of knells; for suffering a church tenement or a part of the church fence, which they are bound to repair, to fall into decay,[150] and so forth.

in 1847), 190 (Schoolmaster of Stock presented in court for defacing the church "in makinge a fire for his schollers," 1587).

E.g., Canterbury Visit., xxv, 12 (Birchington wardens arraigned in court "for that they have not presented divers faults Committed within the parish." 1591).

For refusing to keep her seat in church according to this order Elizabeth Harris was presented the next year, Hale, loc.

Com., 275 (A vicar presented by churchwardens in the commissary's court at Poddington-apud-Ampthill for not catechising the youth, etc., though required to do so by one of the wardens. 1616).

Canterbury Visit., xxv, 15, where three parishioners are presented for covering up a parish procession linch (1617).

Ibid., 222 (Several parishioners presented for "not receiving" a warden's account.

Canterbury Visit., xxvii, 219 (Rector of Swalecliffe presented for keeping back and not announcing excommunications "sent out of this court."

Proc., 114 (Parishioner in a Durham parish presented for absenting himself "twice at morning prayer, and verrey often at eveninge prayer." 1579).

Ibid., xxv, 21 (Two men presented for not attending their parish church "being two miles off, but go to the next Parish Church." 1569).

[supra] in order that they may be presented as recusants to the justices at quarter sessions).

Canterbury Visit., xxvi, 18 (One Deal presented for keeping a schoolmaster, "and also being a victualler, suffereth him to remain in his house and not frequent Divine Service on the Sabbath Day."

Warrington Deanery Visit., 192 (Four persons presented from Wigan for marrying without banns); 189, et passim.

See Canons of 1571 (Parents and masters to be presented for not regularly sending children or apprentices to learn the catechism), Cardwell, Syn.

Prec., 226 (One Robinson presented for not going to his minister to be examined in the principles of religion of which he was ignorant).

E.g., at Goathland 20 persons are presented by name.

Dasent), xxii, 482-3 (A tenant refusing a customary payment for church repair, presented by "the generall consent" of the parishioners of Lewesham to the commissary's court.

Also ibid., xxvi, 18 (Three persons presented who will not "pay to the poor mens' box."

After dinner, he presented to the admiral a girdle of gold, somewhat like those used in Spain, but quite differently wrought, and some small plates of gold, which the natives use as ornaments.

Whether the offering, thus presented, would have been accepted may be questioned; but it was never destined to reach her for whom it was intended.

Then, without relinquishing his grasp, he presented the young man to his daughter, saying "This is Jocelyn, the son of my dear departed friend, Sir Ferdinando Mounchensey.

Escambia Academyโ€™s homecoming court will be presented and the homecoming queen crowned at Senior Night, November 6, during the game against Springwood Academy.

When Poe Dameron was presented to fans in Star Wars: The Force Awakens, he was as brash and charismatic as Han Solo, as well as capable of compassion, as evidenced by his cooperation with ex-stormtrooper Finn.

When presented with the evidence, the woman admitted to the offence.

When projects are presented to the House, money is appropriated but sometimes, the money appropriated may not be able to equate the actual capital needed to execute such project.