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134 examples of  preservative  in sentences

134 examples of preservative in sentences

In an old Irish glossary, it is mentioned that the Druids of Ireland used to light two solemn fires every year, through which all four-footed beasts were driven, as a preservative against contagious distempers.

They looked upon it likewise as a preservative against all poisons.

The Druids were also extremely superstitious in relation to the herb selago, which they reckoned a preservative against sore eyes, and almost all misfortunes.

" Clognini, an Italian physician, ordered two or three drachms of crude mercury to be worn as a defensive against the jaundice; and also as a preservative against the noxious vapours of inclement seasons: "It breaks," he observes, "and conquers the different figured seeds of pestilential distempers floating in the air; or else, mixing with the air, kills them where hatched."

The virtues attributed by the Maltese to those eyes and tongues, and to the white earth which is found in the island, particularly in St. Paul's cave, and which is kept for use by the apothecaries, as the American bole, are very singular; for they reckon them not only a preservative against all sorts of poison, and an efficacious remedy for those who have taken poison, but also good in a number of diseases.

"The art preservative of all other arts" has also preserved the records of its own beginnings and development, although of its earlier sources our knowledge is very obscure, and even the modern achievement, which antiquity in various ways foreshadowed, is itself a subject of uncertainty and dispute.

" In the same way the mothers in Esthonia put some red thread in their babies' cradles as a preservative against danger, and in China something red is tied round children's wrists as a safeguard against evil spirits.

In early times the ringwort was recommended by Apuleius, and later on the fern was regarded as a preservative against this baneful influence.

Thus, among the Romans, the first anemone of the year, when gathered with this form of incantation, "I gather thee for a remedy against disease," was regarded as a preservative from fever; a survival of which belief still prevails in our own country: "The first spring-blown anemone

As disinfectants, wormwood and rue were much in demand; and hence Tusser says: "What savour is better, if physicke be true, For places infected, than wormwood and rue?" For depression, thyme was recommended, and a Manx preservative against all kinds of infectious diseases is ragwort.

Worn as an amulet, the peony was a popular preservative against enchantment.

Although it acts without corrugating or contracting the fibres of meat, as is the case in the action of salt, and, therefore, does not impair its mellowness, yet its use in sufficient quantities for preservative effect, without the addition of other antiseptics, would impart a flavour not agreeable to the taste of many persons.

A very impure variety of pyroligneous acid, or vinegar made from the destructive distillation of wood, is sometimes used, on account of the highly preservative power of the creosote which it contains, and also to impart the smoke-flavour; in which latter object, however, the coarse flavour of tar is given, rather than that derived from the smoke from combustion of wood.

COW-POX, OR VARIOLA.It is to Dr. Jenner, of Berkeley, Gloucestershire, who died in 1823, that we owe the practice of vaccination, as a preservative from the attack of that destructive scourge of the human race, the small-pox.

They should be looked too, and shaken and beaten, from time to time, in case some of the eggs should have been lodged in them, in spite of every precaution; laying them up again, or rather folding them up as before, wrapping them in brown paper, which is itself a preservative.

We may add, that there is no greater preservative of beauty than washing the face every night in hot water.

In the car with the representatives of the art preservative was Miss Azelene Allen, a beautiful and popular young actress connected with the People's theater, bearing in her hand a cap of liberty on a spear.

Mr. Carver was one of the first presidents of the International Typographical union, and died in Cincinnati many years ago, leaving a memory that will ever be cherished by all members of the art preservative.

When a mere lad he removed to Philadelphia, where he was instructed in the art preservative, and, on the breaking out of the Mexican war, he laid aside the stick and rule and placed his name on the roster of a company that was forming to take part in the campaign against the Mexicans.

That with his constitution and habits of life he should have lived seventy-five years, is a proof that an inherent vivida vis is a powerful preservative of the human frame.

"Captain Jarvis, it seems, liked it as a preservative against danger," continued Mr. Haughton; "to avoid ridicule in his new neighborhood, he has consented to his father's wishes, and turned merchant in the city again.

As the child grows older, the system of cleanliness must in no particular be relaxed, and it will be found the best preservative against those eruptive disorders which are so frequent and troublesome during the period of infancy.

The best preservative, then, against the formation of tartar, is to see that the child cleans his teeth thoroughly night and morning with the brush, powder, and water, and also (if possible) that he rinses out the mouth after each meal.

If our preservative measures are not prompt, there will be no animals to legislate for.

Also, a Preservative against several of the Errors of the Roman Church, in six small Treatises.

" Harts-horn shavings were also considered a preservative against poison.

I have often thought that, if some lethal vapour of highly preservative propertiessuch as formaldehyde, for instancecould be shed into the atmosphere of this apartment, the entire and complete collection of books and bookworms would be well worth preserving, for the enlightenment of posterity, as a sort of anthropological appendix to the main collection of the Museum.

The cow worshippers carry with them to battle some of the hairs of an ox, as a preservative against dangers.

In the spring of 1626, while driving in a snowstorm, it occurred to him that snow might be used as a preservative instead of salt.

He was riding in a snowstorm when it occurred to him to test snow as a preservative agent.

The best advice I can give her is to break off her relations with you, for whatever confidence she may have in her pride, her only preservative against you is flight.

Paradoxical as it may appear, too much prosperity is often dangerous, and some national misfortune is now and then a good preservative of prosperity.

I conjecture notthe effect was immediate and preservative.

Heere's a preservative to save your hand: When Rodoricke fayles your Lordship, heaven shall fayle To illuminate the world with cheereful light.

Father Camel states that the Catbalogan or Bisayan-bean, which the Indians call Igasur or Mananaog (the victorious), was generally worn as an amulet round the neck, being a preservative against poison, contagion, magic, and philtres, so potent, indeed, that the Devil in propia persona could not harm the wearer.

Labor and privations are not preservative of beauty.

He regarded his favourite iced-water as a preservative to his stomach, which, he said, would last longer than his bones.

Is not homespun cloth as great a preservative against cold, as a coat of Tartar lamb's-wool, died in grain, or a gown of giant's beards?

Wonderful, that so good and wise a man as Baxter should not have seen that in this the Church would have given up the best, perhaps the only efficient, preservative of her Faith.

A good preservative is to wash or paint them with a very strong solution of fine lime and water.

I am the more alarmed by this violent seizure, as I can impute it to no wrong practices, or intemperance of any kind, and, therefore, know not how any defence or preservative can be obtained.

The name of Mr. Goadby is embalmed in a preservative solution invented by him and known as Goadby's Fluid.

That is the best and cheapest preservative of the feet that you can use.

The greater its extent, the more are the preservative influences it possesses; also, to guard anything is a long way easier than to acquire it.

The most celebrated and precious charm, however, (for the above are mostly against every-day occurrences) was the Agnus Dei, which was a "preservative against all manner of evil, a perfect catholicon; and blessed indeed was the individual who possessed a treasure so valuable."

Most makers keep a special preservative in stock.

He is so much older, and it is so much more difficult for him to portion out his employments with any regularity, which is his best preservative against fuss.

This is the surest provision for the national welfare, and it is at the same time the best preservative of the principles on which our institutions rest.

There's wormwood, woodsorrel, masterwort, zedoary, and angelica; and lastly, there is a little bottle of the sovereign preservative against the plague, as prepared by the great Lord Bacon, and approved by Queen Elizabeth.

"I will answer for its virtue," he said: "it is a sure preservative against the plague.

Wear it round your neck, and you will find it a certain preservative against the pestilence.

To the sound it is a preservative from sickness, to the sick, a restorative to health.

Connected with and supported by such an establishment a well-regulated militia, constituting the natural defense of the country, would prove the most effectual as well as economical preservative of peace.

" "Can you believe then that ignorance is the only, or the safest, preservative of integrity?" "Sir, I told you at first, and I repeat to you again, that all your declamation is in vain.

They are not to be imitated, but he would be much less than he is without them, and they act by their very strength and pungency as a preservative of his work.

When so little is actually required, it does not seem of very serious importance whether the adulterant or preservative be flour, chalk, or water, but it is exasperating in a very high degree to have such compounds as Nos. 3 and 6 palmed off as decent things when even Nos. 1, 2, and 5 have been rejected by dairymen as useless for the purpose.

Fear is implanted in us as a preservative from evil; but its duty, like that of other passions, is not to overbear reason, but to assist it; nor should it be suffered to tyrannize in the imagination, to raise phantoms of horrour, or beset life with supernumerary distresses.

With the foregoing examples as illustration, the matter of embalmment may be for the present dismissed, with the advice to observers that particular care should be taken, in case mummies are discovered, to ascertain whether the bodies have been submitted to a regular preservative process, or owe their protection to ingredients in the soil of their graves or to desiccation in arid districts.

" Ormsby did not say whether he would or would not, and the talk went aside to less summary ways and means preservative of the Brentwood fortunes.

Aladdin's Ring, given him by the African magician, "a preservative against every evil.


M. Chevalier proved, from documents, that the assertion made on a former evening, that tobacco was a preservative against cholera, was erroneous.

The alcoholic tincture of eucalyptus is useful in malarious regions (as are all the alcoholics, beginning with wine) in quickening the circulation of the blood; may it, perhaps, also act as a preservative against light attacks of malaria? Possibly.

An ever-ready romantic attitude toward life is the best preservative against the ennui of the years.

She adopted this rule, she tells one correspondent, "as a necessary preservative against influences that would have ended by nullifying her power of writing."

This admixed acid confers upon crude honey its preservative power.

And this excellent preservative medium is thus sooner or later contributed to the stored honey.

But now it is demonstrated that here also it is only the formic acid, whose preservative influence goes so far that it can make seed incapable of germination for a determinate time or continuously.

From this it appears that the preservative effect of the formic acid is destroyed by great moisture, and hence this drying process.

But the doctrine she means to inculcate is, that those who possess talents are bound to employ them; and that study is always good as a preservative from vice and from affliction.

In Patagonia "both sexes smear their faces, and occasionally their bodies with paint, the Indians alleging as the reasons for using this cosmetic that it is a protection against the effects of the wind; and I found from personal experience that it proved a complete preservative from excoriation or chapped skin.

In the Brahminic Mysteries of Hindostan the ceremony of initiation was terminated by intrusting the aspirant with the sacred, triliteral name, which was AUM, the three letters of which were symbolic of the creative, preservative, and destructive principles of the Supreme Deity, personified in the three manifestations of Bramah, Siva, and Vishnu.

All the causes of decay were at this time spreading throughout Roman society; not a single preservative or regenerative principle of national life was in any force or any esteem.

As in the Kwรขbgรขh, the fragments which remain have been covered with varnish as a preservative, which has had the effect of destroying all the charm of colour they once possessed; and will eventually, when the varnish turns brown with age, obliterate them altogether.

I might observe farther, that as Cleanliness renders us agreeable to others, so it makes us easie to our selves; that it is an excellent Preservative of Health; and that several Vices, destructive both to Mind and Body, are inconsistent with the Habit of it.

The Trinity is the express refutation of all these stupidities; it is their remedy, corrective and preservative.

Pint self-sealing fruit cans are excellent for storing jelly, and if it is sealed in them in the same manner as canned fruit, will keep perfectly, and obviate any supposed necessity for the use of brandied paper as a preservative measure.

The contents of the intestines of all creatures are always in a more or less advanced state of putrescence, ready to undergo rapid decomposition as soon as the preservative action of the intestinal fluids ceases.

The good Protestant conviction that the Pope is both Antichrist and the Whore of Babylon is a more effectual preservative against Popery than all the solid and unanswerable arguments of Chillingworth.'

People bring sticks, especially oaken sticks, char them in the fire, and then carry them home and keep them in the house as a preservative against lightning.

They esteemed it a preservative against witchcraft, and a sovereign remedy against malignant diseases, both in the human species and in cattle; and by it the strongest poisons were supposed to have their nature changed.

It was, likewise, their usage to light two fires to Bรจl, in every district of Ireland, at this season, and to drive a pair of each kind of cattle that the district contained, between those two fires, as a preservative to guard them against all the diseases of that year.

And for the same reason they stick burs and mugwort on the gate or the hedge through which the cows go to pasture, because that is supposed to be a preservative against witchcraft.

There, another woman is busy plucking the roots of the herbs which have been burned on the surface of the ground; she intends to eat them, imagining that they are an infallible preservative against cancer.

When the fire died down people took some of the ashes home with them, either to keep them in the house as a preservative against thunder or to scatter them on the fields for the purpose of destroying corn-cockles and darnel.

A brand from the midsummer bonfire is supposed to be a preservative against thunder.[480]

A similar custom prevailed in the neighbouring department of Deux-Sรจvres; but here it was the priest who kindled the bonfire, and old men used to put embers of the fire in their wooden shoes as a preservative against many evils.

On the coast, people at this season plunge into the sea; in the inland districts the villagers go and roll naked in the dew of the meadows, which is supposed to be a sovereign preservative against diseases of the skin.

KUMMER, FREDERICK A.: The effects of preservative treatment on the strength of timber.

God may think good to let much of this abide, to the end he may be kept watchful, tender, and diligent; for fear maketh the soul circumspect and watchful; and this is a good preservative from defection.

This is to hold the foundation fast; and then let the tempest of error blow as it will, they will ride at a sure anchor, and be safe, because fixed upon the Rock of Ages; and further, living near Christ in such a dangerous day, would be a noble preservative from the infection of error.

The suffrage also has this invaluable advantage, that it brings about a substitution of the principle of persuasion for that of force, as the normal mode of dealing with important differences of view in State affairs; it is, in this respect, the corollary of free speech and the preservative of that great element of liberty, and progress under liberty, which is not otherwise well safe-guarded.

The fresh root candied after the manner directed in our Dispensatory for candying eryngo root, is said to be employed at Constantinople as a preservative against epidemic diseases.

The strong and disagreeable scent and bitter nauseous taste will most likely always operate as a preservative to its being used for food; and as a medicine, it is hoped its use will be confined to the judicious hand of a medical botanist.

The outer layer consisted of eighteen steel wires wound spirally, each being covered with a wrapping of hemp impregnated with a preservative solution.

By virtue of the miraculous preservative influence of the Holy Grail, Titurel seemed but forty when he was in reality more than four hundred years old.

Desire of shielding that bloom from the slightest breath of contamination is no small motive for self-restraint, and therefore a great preservative to most men.

Preservative media.

Preservative media.

When the section is mounted in Canada or Dammar balsam, no cement is required, but for all other preservative media the margin of the cover must be covered with cement.