134 examples of preservative in sentences

A very impure variety of pyroligneous acid, or vinegar made from the destructive distillation of wood, is sometimes used, on account of the highly preservative power of the creosote which it contains, and also to impart the smoke-flavour; in which latter object, however, the coarse flavour of tar is given, rather than that derived from the smoke from combustion of wood.

When a mere lad he removed to Philadelphia, where he was instructed in the art preservative, and, on the breaking out of the Mexican war, he laid aside the stick and rule and placed his name on the roster of a company that was forming to take part in the campaign against the Mexicans.

In the spring of 1626, while driving in a snowstorm, it occurred to him that snow might be used as a preservative instead of salt.

He was riding in a snowstorm when it occurred to him to test snow as a preservative agent.

Paradoxical as it may appear, too much prosperity is often dangerous, and some national misfortune is now and then a good preservative of prosperity.

Heere's a preservative to save your hand: When Rodoricke fayles your Lordship, heaven shall fayle To illuminate the world with cheereful light.

Labor and privations are not preservative of beauty.

This is the surest provision for the national welfare, and it is at the same time the best preservative of the principles on which our institutions rest.

"I will answer for its virtue," he said: "it is a sure preservative against the plague.

" "Can you believe then that ignorance is the only, or the safest, preservative of integrity?" "Sir, I told you at first, and I repeat to you again, that all your declamation is in vain.

They are not to be imitated, but he would be much less than he is without them, and they act by their very strength and pungency as a preservative of his work.

Fear is implanted in us as a preservative from evil; but its duty, like that of other passions, is not to overbear reason, but to assist it; nor should it be suffered to tyrannize in the imagination, to raise phantoms of horrour, or beset life with supernumerary distresses.

" Ormsby did not say whether he would or would not, and the talk went aside to less summary ways and means preservative of the Brentwood fortunes.

Aladdin's Ring, given him by the African magician, "a preservative against every evil.

An ever-ready romantic attitude toward life is the best preservative against the ennui of the years.

She adopted this rule, she tells one correspondent, "as a necessary preservative against influences that would have ended by nullifying her power of writing."

In the Brahminic Mysteries of Hindostan the ceremony of initiation was terminated by intrusting the aspirant with the sacred, triliteral name, which was AUM, the three letters of which were symbolic of the creative, preservative, and destructive principles of the Supreme Deity, personified in the three manifestations of Bramah, Siva, and Vishnu.

As in the Kwâbgâh, the fragments which remain have been covered with varnish as a preservative, which has had the effect of destroying all the charm of colour they once possessed; and will eventually, when the varnish turns brown with age, obliterate them altogether.

The Trinity is the express refutation of all these stupidities; it is their remedy, corrective and preservative.

Pint self-sealing fruit cans are excellent for storing jelly, and if it is sealed in them in the same manner as canned fruit, will keep perfectly, and obviate any supposed necessity for the use of brandied paper as a preservative measure.

The good Protestant conviction that the Pope is both Antichrist and the Whore of Babylon is a more effectual preservative against Popery than all the solid and unanswerable arguments of Chillingworth.'

KUMMER, FREDERICK A.: The effects of preservative treatment on the strength of timber.

The fresh root candied after the manner directed in our Dispensatory for candying eryngo root, is said to be employed at Constantinople as a preservative against epidemic diseases.

The outer layer consisted of eighteen steel wires wound spirally, each being covered with a wrapping of hemp impregnated with a preservative solution.

By virtue of the miraculous preservative influence of the Holy Grail, Titurel seemed but forty when he was in reality more than four hundred years old.

134 examples of  preservative  in sentences