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76 example sentences with  pressmen

76 example sentences with pressmen

have you plenty of competent printers and pressmen at Millville?" "There are none at all," was the reply.

By Wednesday night the equipment was fully installed and the workmen departed, leaving only Jim McGaffey, an experienced pressman, and Lawrence Doanefamiliarly called Larrywho was to attend to the electrotyping and "make-up."

Finally, at exactly two o'clock, the forms were locked, placed upon the bed of the press, and McGaffey, a sour-faced individual whose chief recommendation was his ability as a pressman, began to make ready for the "run."

They said the machine was so complicated it required an expert, and unless an experienced pressman could be secured the paper must suspend publication.

"Can't you telegraph to New York for another pressman?"

"I'm something of a mechanic myself, or was in my young days, and I may be able to work this thing until we can get a new pressman."

"Our pressman has deserted us without warning," explained Mr. Merrick.

"Are you sure he's a good pressman, Uncle?" "No; but he is sure.

The girls went home at dinner time, but they sent Arthur to the office at midnight to see if the new pressman was proving capable.

Uncle John said nothing to the girls concerning this correspondence, nor did he mention it to the new pressman.

"Then we'll lose our pressman," declared Beth; "for I'm positive that Thursday Smith was a person of some importance in his past life.

But a certain spirit of comradeship grew up between these two, and it was not unusual for the pressmen, after his work was finished and the papers were neatly piled for distribution to the carriers at daybreak, to walk with Hetty to the hotel before proceeding to his own lodgings in the little wing of Nick Thorne's house, which stood quite at the end of the street.

"Thursday," said Hetty, as she watched the pressman that night, "there's a New York detective heretwo of them, I think.

"A cut wire may be repaired," suggested the pressman, and even as he spoke Joe Wegg came in, accompanied by the two detectives and the major.

The defenders of the press and pressman were only girls, but they were girls evidently not afraid to shoot.

The "pressman" was now the man-of-all-work about the modest but trim little publishing plant.

You uncover a rogue or a man of affairs, and in either case you will lose your pressman.

Presently Fogerty strolled over, smoking his eternal cigarette, and stood watching the pressman, as if interested in the oiling of the complicated machine.

CHAPTER XXIII THE JOURNALISTS ABDICATE Mr. Merrick told Thursday Smith, in an apologetic way, how he had hired Fogerty to unravel the mystery of his former life, and how the great detective had gone to work so intelligently and skillfully that, with the aid of a sketch Hetty had once made of the pressman, and which Mr. Merrick sent on, he had been able to identify the man and unearth the disagreeable details of his history.

Scotland Yard and Riversbrook were visited by a succession of pressmen representing the London dailies, the provincial press, and the news agencies.

It means education, alertness to guard against the insidious schemes of wire-pullers and pressmen, as well as of militarists and commercials.

It would take 600 hand presses, 600 hand pressmen and 600 boys three hours to print the edition, and as there were no means of stereotyping in those days the forms would have to be set up 600 times, requiring the services of 5,000 compositors.

The first daily papers printed in St. Paul were not conducted or a very gigantic scale, as the entire force of one office generally consisted of one pressman, five or six compositors, two editors and a business manager.

The late John O. Terry was the first hand pressman in St. Paul.

Let the merchant cease to sell, let the consumer cease from buying, let the workman cease from working, let the butcher cease from killing, let the baker cease from baking, let everything keep holiday, even to the National Printing Office, so that Louis Bonaparte may not find a compositor to compose the Moniteur, not a pressman to machine it, not a bill-sticker to placard it!

"We shall be to these Pressmen as a pot of honey to flies," he observed.

"Never," said the young pressman, who was conscious of a curious feeling of nervous elation.

The law-abiding Briton is so imbued with the idea of the sanctity of human life that it was hard for the young pressman to realise that these men had every intention of killing him, and that he was at perfect liberty to do as much for them.

But the camel was on its legs now, and the young pressman was safely seated upon one of the fliers of the desert.

No crowd of Pressmen and sightseers is present; there are no delegates and address, and flowers, and cheers as of yore.

And only a few years previously he had been seen by a thousand English pressmen and others.

As regards more particularly the Dreyfus business, the French, with a sensitiveness that can be understood, have all along deprecated anything in the way of foreign interference, and the English Pressman of inquiring mind on the subject has more than once met with a rebuff from those in a position to give information.

"Blow me if it ain't the bally pressman!"

The champagne, the dinner that followed, the interviews with pressmen, the excitement and obsequiousness of everybody, conveyed to Kimberley's mind, in a dizzy sort of a way, that he was somebody in the world, and ought to be proud of it.

The word had been passed around by Ellis, and the whole office force, including reporters, compositors, and pressmen, came in to congratulate the major and smoke at his expense.

Yet while I sit as a prophetic amateur weighing these impalpable forces of will and imagination and habit and interest in lawyer, pressman, maker and administrator, and feeling by no means over-confident of the issue, it dawns upon me suddenly that there is another figure present, who has never been present before in the reckoning up of British affairs.

This figure stands among the pressmen and among the lawyers and among the workers; for a couple of decades at least he will be everywhere in the British system; he is young and he is uniformed in khaki, and he brings with him a new spirit into British life, the spirit of the new soldier, the spirit of subordination to a common purpose.... France, which has lived so much farther and deeper and more bitterly than Britain, knows....

But they were small, were worked by hand, and were so slow that the most expert pressman using one of them could not have printed so much in three working days as a modern steam press can run off in five minutes.

It would create a sensation in that unserene assembly which would almost be enough to make a seasoned pressman swoon, and before the incident had been completely realised the unexpected and startling fact would probably be known at the Antipodes.

They frisked hilariously before the wind, with flying hair and sparkling eyes, and crowded into the narrow entrance with the grimy pressmen of the eighth floor.

At the eighth floor the pressmen got off, still smoking, for "Mr. Joe" was still out.

This heap had been passed by the factory inspector unnoticed, the pressmen took it for granted, and Joe, in his slipshod manner, gave it no thought.

He stepped gently through the crowd, searching, and found John Rann, the pressman.

Now it happens that I'm going to put a press in my new business and I'm looking for a first-class crackerjack of a pressman.

A pressman spied Joe and loosed a yell: "It's the old man!"

Take some other occupations which employ women in great numbers: textile mill operatives, saleswomen, tobacco-workers, cigar-workers, boot-and shoe-workers, printers, lithographers, and pressmen, and book-binders.

Textile mill operatives 330,766 Saleswomen 250,438 Tobacco-workers and cigar-makers 71,334 Boot- and shoe-makers and repairers 61,084 Printers, lithographers and pressmen 27,845 Book-binders 22,012 Just here we can see a rock ahead.

For instance, this very report, comments those international unions which have already established supplemental trade courses, such as the Typographical Union, the Printing Pressmen's Union, and the Photo Engravers' Union, and other local efforts, such as the School for Carpenters and Bricklayers in Chicago and the School for Carriage, Wagon, and Automobile Workers of New York City.

As instances of this attitude on the part of trade-union men who ought to know better, and its results, the pressmen in the printing shops of our great cities are well organized, and the girls who feed the presses, and stand beside the men and work with them, are mostly outside the protection of the union.

It was on this rock that the printing pressmen struck during the huge newspaper fight in Chicago which lasted the whole summer of 1912, ending in a defeat costly to the conqueror, as well as to the conquered and whose echoes are still to be heard in discussions between representatives of the organizations and the sub-organizations involved.

Though the fight was lost by the pressmen, the dispute between the unions involved is not settled yet, and the two principles at stake, loyalty to the interest of their fellow-workers and the duty of keeping a pledge made to employers, are as far as ever from being reconciled.

Vignette Croome Anderson Henry J. Crate, Pressman.

Richard does the type-setting, which is altogether too slow work for Ian, who, as pressman, does the inking and printing, and in the process has actually learned his tardy letters.

Ministers have confided to Pressmen information denied to M.P.'s.

The Wayward pressman.

Mink and red herring: the wayward pressman's casebook.

The Wayward pressman.

Mink and red herring: the wayward pressman's casebook.

Instantly he sprang to his feet and clutched his pantaloons, shouted to the assistant editor, when he, too, read and grasped frantically at his cassimeres, called to the reporters and pressmen and typos and devils, who all rushed in, heard the news, seized their nether garments and joined the general chorus, "My breeches!

The book had no great sale, but copies evidently fell into the hands of the more judicious of the pressmen, who kept it by their sides, and every now and again 'Waled a portion with judicious care' for quotation in their columns.

Of her first appearance as a danseuse, before a private gathering of Pressmen, we have the following account by one who was there: "Her figure was even more attractive than her face, lovely as the latter was.

Lawrence Pressman (born David M. Pressman; July 10, 1939) is an American actor.

Lawrence Pressman (born David M. Pressman; July 10, 1939) is an American actor.

Four months after her divorce, on 24 December 1935, Colbert married Dr. Joel J. Pressman, a throat specialist, who died in 1968; her former husband went on to marry the actress Sally Blane, a sister of Loretta Young.

Briefing pressmen on Tuesday, June 30, Sani Aliyu, the coordinator of the presidential task force on Covid-19, made this known as Nigeria begins another phase in relaxation of lockdown.

Brown-Fleming appeared in Pressman’s film, the release of which unintentionally coincided with the Vatican’s March 2 opening to scholars of a vast archival collection on Pope Pius XII.

LTC Vindman’s patriotism has cost him his career, Pressman wrote.

Mr Pressman added that he had "put the interests of his country ahead of his own.

Only a dozen person were present, and besides Mr. Scullin and Mr. Lyons these included the Attorney-General, the Treasurer, a few pressmen and a group of talkie photographers.

Pressman was a guest on the first season of Face to Face with David, an online talk show that finds Oulton engaging in low-key, impromptu chats with various entertainers and key figures in the fashion and business worlds.

The newspaper office was pretty active at the time, Pressman said.

The State Commissioner of Police, CP Philip Maku disclosed this to pressmen while parading 23 suspects arrested for different crimes at the Command Headquarters in Abakaliki, the state capital.

This was made known by Ibrahim Musa, President Media Forum of the Movement to pressmen in a press statement released today marking the fifth anniversary of the Zaria Massacre.

While in Winona, Swede held several different jobs, including owning and operating a bait and tackle shop for three years and Hal Leonard Publishing in Winona, working as a pressman.

Wifey chronicles one life-changing summer of Sandy Pressman, a 1970s suburban housewife whose predictable existence compels her to make her rich sexual fantasies a reality.

Pressman with the set-up and production of printed paper which meets Bulldog Bag has over five decades of industry-leading experience to back