628 examples of prestige in sentences

Bing, instantly, would go my prestige.

If I go to the North I shall lose prestige, and perhaps also time; it is even possible that I may force the Emperor to declare himself against us, and to direct hostilities against us at the northern ports, where hitherto we have been trading in peace.

It will devolve on me, I apprehend, to administer the return, which is not, I think, a bad arrangement for British prestige in the East.

Thus the greatest statesman that this country has produced since Alexander Hamilton, lost his prestige when his conciliating policy became offensive to a rising party whose watchword was "the higher law," although, by his various conflicts with Southern leaders and his loyalty to the Constitution, he educated the people to sustain the very war which he foresaw and dreaded.

And did I not leave such an immortal prestige, even when I was disarmed and overthrown by the armies of combined Christendom, that my illustrious name, indelibly engraved in the hearts of my countrymen, was enough to seat my nephew on the throne from which I was torn, and give to his reign a glory scarcely inferior to my own?

It was not popular with the generals, of course, to have a young man of twenty-six, without military prestige, put over their heads.

But he had lost no prestige, since he performed prodigies of valor, and covered up his disasters by lying bulletins.

They had all become Mussulmans, and were superb fighters; but their insults and insolence, engendered by their traditional pride in the prestige of the corps and the favor shown them by successive Sultans, filled Mahmoud with wrath.

This successful siege vastly increased the military prestige of France, and brought Belgium completely under French influence.

The storming of Constantine was a notable military exploit, and gave great prestige to the government.

His successful conduct of the great Reform Bill gave him considerable prestige.

The old Federalists had lost their prestige and power.

Moreover he had the prestige of a great name.

Crawford, of Georgia, Secretary of the Treasury, with great Southern prestige, and an adroit politician, was also a candidate.

In political wisdom and experience he had no contemporaneous superior; there was no public man from 1820 to 1850 who had so great a prestige, and whose name and labors are so well remembered.

The author has taken the greatest care, employed all the prestige of his style in painting the portrait of this woman.

That prestige of style, those literary qualities pointed to with éclat in this debate, are there, but after no fashion can they be brought up for indictment.

The man you have dreamed of will have lost all his prestige; you will have found again in love the platitudes of marriage, and this time with scorn, disdain, disgust and poignant remorse.

2] esprit de corps, party spirit, partisanship, clannishness, prestige.

We were, in fact, drawing too largely on the prestige acquired during the Seven Years' war; and we were governed by men who did not understand the first principles of naval warfare, and would not listen to those who did.

And of what value was hereditary prestige, when he who now chopped the most wood, or best conned a stern-wheeler through the island mazes, attained the chiefest consideration of his fellows?

Francisco Pizarro himself now hastily set out with a body of soldiers determined to punish this young Inca who had inflicted such a blow on the prestige of Spanish arms, "but this attempt also failed," for the Inca had withdrawn across the rivers and mountains of Uilcapampa to Uiticos, where, according to Cieza de Leon, he cheered his followers with the sight of the heads of his enemies.

he forgot how long it is before penury, even ennobled by genius, can make itself seen, heard, approved, repaid: how vast is the influence of prestige!

And Shakespeare so glorified this metrical medium as to give it an overwhelming prestige.

The pirates were looking for power and prestige, not a suicide mission.

628 examples of  prestige  in sentences