1524 examples of pretension in sentences

I have in mind also a bookshop of small pretension in a town in Wales.

Until the dispersion of the Eastern colleges in the eleventh century, no great rabbis came into Spain with pretension of authority to enforce Talmudical traditions.

" The Bagdad Railway is thus acknowledged to be an instrument of strategy for the Germans and for the Turks of dominationfor "vice versâ" means that Turkish troops can be transported at a moment's notice through the tunnels from Anatolia to enforce the Ottoman pretension over the Arab lands.

If the Ottoman pretension survives, the menace from Turkish Nationalism and German resentment is grave.

Only anarchy has banished cultivation; for, since the Ottoman pretension was established over the land, it has been the battleground of brigand tribesKurds from the hills and Arabs from the desert, skirmishing or herding their flocks, making or breaking alliance, but always robbing any tiller of the land of the fruits of his labour.

" This is the Ottoman pretension.

All the means are at hand for bringing the land to lifethe water, the engineer, the capital, the labour; only the Ottoman pretension stands in the way, and condemns the Sawâd to lie dead and unharvested so long as it endures.

Whatever may be the pretension of a state, in its acknowledged theories, an unerring clue to its true character is ever to be found in the machinery of its practice.

Some of his popular biographers had claimed for him a professorship at that celebrated university, or at least brought him into connection with it,a pretension which the actual professors of that learned institution thought rather prejudicial to their honor, and which they were desirous of seeing refuted.

What had been originally an honest thirst for knowledge, a deep interest in the supernatural, became gradually a morbid craving after the miraculous, the pretension of having attained the unattainable, and the attempt to represent it by means of vulgar jugglery.

The very Sophists, whose ignorance and pretension he exposed, looked upon him as a quibbler; although there were someso severely trained was the Grecian mindwho saw the drift of his questions, and admired his skill.

It has just been re-painted internally, and necessarily looks somewhat smart on that account; but there is no pretension to architecture in the general building.

But I need not repeat what I have already said of the Manicheans,those arrogant and shallow philosophers who made such high pretension to superior wisdom; men who adored the divinity of mind, and the inherent evil of matter; men who sought to emancipate the soul, which in their view needed no regeneration from all the influences of the body.

He made the dullest subjects interesting; he clothed the dry bones of metaphysics with flesh and blood; he invested the most abstruse speculations with life and charm; he filled the minds of old men with envy, and of young men with admiration; he thrilled admirers with his wit, sarcasm, and ridicule,a sort of Galileo, mocking yet amusing, with a superlative contempt of dulness and pretension.

Having made a mess of things with these methods the lumber barons threw all scruples to the windsif they ever had anythrew aside all pretension of living within the law.

There were some honest brigands (par pari refertur) in the Roman States who were perhaps no better than you are, but at least they made no pretension of being otherwise than lawless, and followed their calling of brigands without hypocrisy.

The recovery of a child under such circumstances was a blow severer than his loss, and it will readily be supposed that the truth of the pretension of Maso, who then went by the name of Bartolomeo Contini, was admitted with the greatest caution.

It may, probably, be considered presumption in me, to speak of the diseases of children, as this more properly belongs to the faculty; but let it be observed, that my pretension is not to cure the diseases that children are subject to, but only to prevent those which are infectious from spreading.

He claims me as his pupil, and told me a day or two since, in a jocose manner, that he should have a battle with Mr. West unless he gave up all pretension to me.

The liberal mind of Steuben, however, made every allowance; and Washington soon found in him a consummate soldier, free from pedantry or pretension.

In losing Waally, the strangers lost the only person among them who had any pretension to be thought a pilot.

But in general we may say, with truth, that it always discovered the meanness of its original, like a false pretension to nobility, in which the cheat is always discovered, through the concealment of fictitious splendour.

Puffing and pretension may win the ear of the outside public, and extort praise from the press, but inside the rooms of a Sotheby, a Puttick, or a Hodgson, these foolish persons count for nothing, and their names are seldom heard.

Gainsborough was the only painter of his day that could, with any pretension, vie with Sir Joshua Reynolds in portrait.

At all events, there are strong reasons for believing that all their dates have been industriously falsified, on purpose to ground a pretension for having discovered the continent or main-land of Paria, prior to the third voyage of Columbus, in 1498, when that country and the islands of Trinidada and Margarita certainly were discovered by Columbus.

1524 examples of  pretension  in sentences