778 examples of prevalent in sentences

This opinion was perhaps the most prevalent, as it gained a colour with these simple people, from the chemical and astronomical instruments he possessed.

After a pause, and an adjustment of a curl over her right eye and the scarf at her waist, to make them look innocent, she yields to the meteorological mania so strikingly prevalent amongst all the other characters of this narrative, and says that she will receive the visitor in the yard, near the pump.

It might have been either imagination or the prevalent breeze, but Musgrave certainly thought he heard a door closing.

And this three years' mourning is the customary mourning prevalent all over the empire.

Robert Brown noted the more complex motions of the protoplasm in the cells of Tradescantia in 1831; and now such movements of the living substance of plants are well known to be some of the most widely-prevalent phenomena of vegetable life.

If one asks how it is that Hutton was led to entertain views so far in advance of those prevalent in his time, in some respects; while, in others, they seem almost curiously limited, the answer appears to me to be plain.

The foundations were laid at a time when disorder was rampant and anarchy widely prevalent.

For himself, the young man was a prevalent type among his people.

There is a prevalent notion that it is the thinness of our cheap wooden houses that makes them pervious to heat and cold.

The following case of the late Prince Charles of Augustenburgh, nevertheless, shows that the idea of slow poison is still very prevalent, even among the physicians of continental Europe.

The use of styles, or iron pens, must have been very prevalent in ancient days, as Suetonius tells us that the emperor Caligula incited the people to massacre a Roman senator with their styles; and, previous to that, Caesar had wounded Cassius with his style.

I soon found, however, that these people were going through their share of the prevalent suffering.

Sympathy with the sick poor around her for whom no medical aid was available, early led Mary Whately to dispense simple remedies and especially to distribute medicine to relieve the terribly prevalent ophthalmia.

The following singular, though effectual mode of hatching chickens, prevails in the interior of Sumatra; and is vouched for by Major Clayton of the Bencoolen council: The hens, whether from being frightened off their nests by the rats, which are very numerous and destructive, or from some other cause hitherto prevalent in Sumatra, do not hatch their chickens in the ordinary way, as is seen in almost all other climates.

The steaming swamps, which are almost universal, are full of putrifying substances, occasioning the bilious remittents there so prevalent.

As might be expected, remittent and intermittent fevers are very prevalent in the autumn.

Indeed before this, in the time of Nero, it was so prevalent that it was thought necessary to oppose it by an Imperial Edict, and accordingly the proconsuls, and other governors, were commissioned to destroy it.

TURKEY IN ASIA 1000 800 20,000,000 Mahometanism is most contains Anatolia, prevalent, but there Syria, Palestine, are many Greek, Latin, Diabekr, Tutcomania Eutychian, and and Georgia Armenian Christians.

The other markets began in the early thirties to make up for the tardiness of their rise; and as a feature of the general inflation of property values then prevalent everywhere, slave prices rose to an apex in 1837 of $1,300 in the purchasing markets and $1,100 in Virginia.

The general average then prevalent for prime unskilled slaves, however, was probably not much above two hundred dollars.

These ratios were about six and eleven times those prevalent among the Southern and Northern whites respectively.

It is notable in this connection that the Northern dislike of negro newcomers from the South on the ground of their prevalent ignorance, thriftlessness and instability[90] was more than matched by the Southern dread of free negroes from the North.

"This is an idiom to which our language is strongly inclined, and which was formerly very prevalent.

Now the opinion that a in care has its long, primal sound, and is not properly "a separate element," is maintained also by Murray, Hiley, Bullions, Scott, and Cobb; and is, undoubtedly, much more prevalent than any other.

The adoption of this slightly pedagogic tone was justified by the prevalent ignorance and frivolity of the age.

778 examples of  prevalent  in sentences