778 examples of prevalent in sentences

This opinion was perhaps the most prevalent, as it gained a colour with these simple people, from the chemical and astronomical instruments he possessed.

And this three years' mourning is the customary mourning prevalent all over the empire.

I soon found, however, that these people were going through their share of the prevalent suffering.

There is, moreover, a practice very prevalent among the poor, which does greater mischief than the people are generally aware of, and that is, sending their children to the pawnbrokers.

It is of no use to tell a child, in the first place, what it should think,this is at once inducing mental indolence, which is but too generally prevalent among adults; owing to this erroneous method having been adopted by those who had the charge of their early years.

Written in that bad style he found prevalent in his early daysthe style of the metaphysical poets, Cowley, Donne, and Draytonthe author ever and anon soars out of his trammels into strong and simple poetry, fervid description, and in one passagethat about the future fortunes of Londoninto eloquent prophecy.

Men learn their own language by habit, and not by rules: and this is just what we might expect; for the grammar of a language is itself formed from the prevalent habits of speech and writing.

Tutoyant, to what extent prevalent among the French.

Several days were needed to apportion the loads and arrange for the several divisions in which it was necessary that so large a party should attempt the long wilderness march, through a country where there was not much food for man or beast, and where it was always possible to run into a district in which fatal cattle or horse diseases were prevalent.

Our societies for social purity are designed to help in the cure of a terrible and terribly prevalent vice.

The general impression of the English public, after the lapse of some years, was, that Herbert was an abandoned being, of profligate habits, opposed to all the institutions of society that kept his infamy in check, and an avowed atheist; and as scarcely any one but a sympathetic spirit ever read a line he wrote, for indeed the very sight of his works was pollution, it is not very wonderful that this opinion was so generally prevalent.

There is a confused tale prevalent that the bear, taking a mean advantage of my absence, has been down to the village and eaten a few ponies, or frightened themI can't make out which.

To do so will certainly require no little moral courage, for a prevalent social custom, like that of living fully up to the income (not solely characteristic of farmers), is with difficulty faced and overcome.

" A sceptical reader might retort that the love of romantic scenery is so subtle a sentiment, and so far from being universal even now, that it would be rash to argue from its absence among savages, Greeks, and Romans, that love, a sentiment so much stronger and more prevalent, could have been in the same predicament.

Trial marriages are therefore widely prevalent.

Wives of four to six years we found occasionally (in China, Guzuate, Ceylon, and Brazil); from seven to nine years on they are no longer rare, and the years from ten to twelve are a widely prevalent marriage age.

Widely prevalent also was the custom of allowing a man who had married a girl to claim all her sisters as soon as they reached a marriageable age.

He was simply doing that very unromantic thing, paying for his wife by working a stipulated time for her father, in accordance with a custom prevalent among primitive peoples the world over.

The state of mind prevalent among the Miris is indicated by Dalton's observation (33) that "two brothers will unite and from the proceeds of their joint labor buy a wife between them."

Among the eastern nations of India the same symbol was prevalent, under the name of "Lingam."

At Paris curiosity was the prevalent feeling; but the jokes were bitter.

" This opinion became prevalent in the neighborhood.

These poor creatures seemed to be in a manner out of their wits, on being brought on board as prisoners among a people so strange and fierce as our men seemed to them; but so prevalent is avarice in man, that we ought not to wonder that it should so prevail over the apprehensions of these Indians, as to make them so anxious about their cacao-nut money, even in their present situation.

VOODOO, name given to a system of magic and superstitious rites prevalent among certain negro races.

In direct contravention of what is commanded in holy Scripture as the highest dutythat we should not merely love, but know Godthe prevalent dogma involves the denial of what is there saidnamely, that it is the Spirit, der Geist, that leads into truth, knows all things, penetrates even into the deep things of the Godhead.

778 examples of  prevalent  in sentences