2587 examples of prey in sentences

Hence they see nothing but what is connected with their friend's interest; and whatever is contrary thereto, they set aside; or if they pay any attention to it, they involve it in intricate reasonings, as a spider wraps up its prey in a web, and make an end of it; hence, unless they follow the web of their prejudice, they see nothing of what is right.

I have been told, that the worst of this sort of women, who are altogether a prey to the desire of dominion, can remain firm in their positive humors even to the last struggle for life.

One great cause of this deterioration is the insatiable thirst for novelty, which, becoming weary even of excellence, will "sate itself in a celestial bed, and prey on garbage."

The wildness of deer is in their course, the strength of eagles descending on the prey.

For revelation fades and fades away, Dream-like becomes, and dim, and far-withdrawn; And evening comes to find the soul a prey, That was caught up to visions at the dawn; Sword of the spirit,still it sheathes in rust, And lips of prophecy are sealed with dust.

As a matter of fact, I have no hesitation in saying, that there are many millions in India who do not get even half this pittance from year's end to year's end, and yet toil on with scarcely a murmur, sharing their scanty morsel with those even poorer than themselves, until disease finds their weakened bodies an easy prey, and death gives them their release from a poverty-stricken existence; which scarcely deserves the name of "life.

Whereas in other regions he usually concentrates his attention upon the rich and well-to-do classes, here he specially marks out for his prey those who if not absolutely destitute live upon the border-land of that desolate desert, and makes up by their numbers for what they may lack in quality.

From your brave train each singles out a prey, And longs to date a conquest from your day.

Meantime the Belgians tack upon our rear, And raking chase-guns through our sterns they send: Close by their fire ships, like jackals appear Who on their lions for the prey attend.

And now no longer letted of his prey, He leaps up at it with enraged desire: O'erlooks the neighbours with a wide survey, And nods at every house his threatening fire.

The fugitive flames chastised went forth to prey On pious structures, by our fathers rear'd; By which to heaven they did affect the way, Ere faith in churchmen without works was heard.

For what could come of those two brother-nations fighting against each other, but that both should grow weaker and weaker, and so fall a prey to some third nation stronger than them both?

He lived but within himself, so to speak, a prey to a fixed idea which had brought him to the condition in which we find him.

Meanwhile Martin Cortright had discovered a man, a financier and also a book collector of prominence, who was reputed to have a complete set of some early records that he had long wished to consult; he had never found a suitable time for meeting him, as the man, owing to having been oftentime the prey of both unscrupulous dealers and parasitic friends, was esteemed difficult.

Elevate women to perfect equality with man, and fewer wicked ones will prey upon society.

Thenceforth she was marked as his prey.

So living mars and defaces and maims, and living appears wantonly to soil and to degrade its prey before destroying it.

And I would that Jahveh had created me an eagle or a vulture or some other hateful bird of prey that furthers a less grievous slaying and a more intelligible wasting than I further.

Don Ramón, that somber libertine of insatiable appetites, prey to a sinister, mysterious inebriation, was tossing in a last whirlwind of tempestuous desire, as though the blaze of sunset had set fire to what remained of his vitality.

When the storm Is once entangled in this strait of ours, It rages like some savage beast of prey, Struggling against its cage's iron bars!

Yet wherefore talk we, while our native land Is still to alien tyranny a prey?

[Rises.] WellI am watching for a noble prey!

Many islands are here scarcely above the water's edge, having little houses built on stilts occupied by the salmon fishers who are seen pulling their nets, and around whose heads whirl and scream flocks of fish hawks, ravenous for their prey.

All the emotions of this extraordinary and fertile day had so over-excited my imagination that I had great difficulty in calming my poor brain, and far from being able to enjoy the rest which I so much needed, I was a prey to wakefulness in which the turmoil of my ideas at one time made me fear that I was going mad.

Wherever he might be, on the street, at the homes of his friends, at church, or at the theatre, he was ever a prey to this demon of observation.

2587 examples of  prey  in sentences
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