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3231 example sentences with  preying

3231 example sentences with preying

The ocean swarmed with Mollusca, and particularly entomostracous Crustacea, small whales, and porpoises; the sea abounded with penguins and seals, and the air with birds; the animal kingdom was ever present, the larger creatures preying on the smaller, and these again on smaller still; all seemed carnivorous.

I can't leave mamma alone in Washington with such grief preying upon her."

She inherited her father's delicate and unreliable constitution, and a nervous organization, whose worst disease is ever the preying of doubt, anxiety, or regret.

One of its wings dragged, probably broken in a struggle with some one of the smaller preying beasts.

If the nations haven't the sense to be able (if they wish) to limit their familiesshort of resorting to such methods as War, Cannibalism, the spread of Disease, the exposure of Infants, and the likeone can only conclude that they must go on fighting and preying upon each other (industrially and militarily) till they gain the sense.

The preying of politicians is of a kind which we trust the clergy will never seek to imitate; but now that Congress has undertaken to supervise this matter of election, there no knowing what it may become in the future.

Two vultures sat perpetually preying upon his liver with their crooked beaks; which as fast as they devoured, is for ever renewed; nor can he fray them away with his great hands.

It was learned on January 17 that a German sea raider, which had succeeded in slipping through the cordon of British ships, had been preying on commerce in the south Atlantic for six weeks.

Again and again the portrait is presented of man preying upon man, of cunning a parasite upon stupidity and of predatory strength enslaving the weakling intellect.

Such, then, is the cancer preying upon mankind.

For what purpose these numerous forces are maintained, who are now preying on the publick; why we increase our armies by land when we only fight by sea; why we aggravate the burden of the war, and add domestick oppressions to foreign injuries, I am at a loss to determine.

In the present case it is evident that if other nations neglect the performance of their contracts, they are guilty of the breach of publick faith; of a crime, that, if it should generally be imitated, would dissolve society, and throw human nature into confusion, that would change the most happy region into deserts, in which one savage would be preying on another.

Such, my lords, is the art of government discovered by the wonderful sagacity of modern statesmen; who have found out, that it is easier to palliate than to cure; and that the people maybe quieted by political soporificks, while diseases are preying upon them, while their strength decays, and their vitals are consumed.

But, my lords, still less defensible is this practice, when we are contriving the relief of misery, or the reformation of vice; when calamities are preying upon thousands, and the happiness not only of the present age, but of posterity, must depend upon our resolutions.

The cougars were preying on nothing but elk in the Yellowstone Valley, and kept hanging about the neighborhood of the big bands.

Immigrants in time changed the character of the population as well as its dress, and for a while there seems to have been something of a jumble of elements, new laws conflicting with old habits, hungry politicians preying upon a simple people, who only desired to be let alone, and who, when they discovered some gross imposition, were philosophical enough to call it, jokingly, being "greased and swallowed."

The reporters are preying vultures, rapacious for sensation, and have small respect for anyone.

Certain thieves from Scotland torment me grievously at this time, burning my land and preying on my cities.

He has the knack of subtle argument, of twisting facts and preying upon human weaknesses.

"So you have said often, uncle, and I fear there is some mystery preying all this time on your, spirits.

As the naturalist, with laborious care, defines the characteristics of the ugly insect, buzzing, and stinging, and preying on the weaker, so must the writer give a portion of his attention to the microscopic bully, braggart, and boasting coward of the human species.

It was his duty to prevent man from preying upon man; and if he and his friends should die before they had attained their glorious object, he hoped there would never be wanting men alive to their duty, who would continue to labour till the evil should be wholly done away.

Whenever called to witness one of those frequent migrations from one point to another, so often practised by ants, not only can the Dendrocolaptes (connected with our Creepers) be seen following the moving trail, and preying on the ants and the eggs themselves, but even the black Tanager abandons his usual fruits for this more tempting delicacy.

The seeds of Calendula, Marygold, bend up like a hairy caterpillar, with their prickles bridling outwards, and may thus deter some birds or insects from preying upon them.

I found by carefully watching Ned, that the terrible uncertainty regarding Hal's fate was preying upon his mind to such an extent, that I must do something to rouse him from the apathy into which he had fallen, and for this purpose proposed a visit to the celebrated Stephenson silver mine, in the Organos Mountains, only a few miles distant from the post.

Slave revolts, constant petty wars, and piracy were preying on the unhappy provincials, and in the Roman protectorate they found no aid.

It has never had life in itself, except in so far that the power of preying on and destroying life constitutes life, and such a power, after all, we are accustomed to call not life, but death.

A steady, perhaps a quickened, pace in preparations for the defense of our seaport towns and waters; an early settlement of the most exposed and vulnerable parts of our country; a militia so organized that its effective portions can be called to any point in the Union, or volunteers instead of them to serve a sufficient time, are means which may always be ready, yet never preying on our resources until actually called into use.

"Anna, I think that something is preying on that child's mind, and mother, thee knows that you women understand how to manage these things better than we men do, and I wish thee would find out what is the matter with the child.

At the end of this period he was released, with no further taste for an honest life, and had since allied himself to the class who thrive by preying upon the community.

Nor would the sight of mutilated dead have suggested that the starving survivors had become "gloating cannibals, preying on the bodies of their companions."

Nor could all the efforts of all the navies of the world prevent privateers from preying upon our commerce, as they are to be commissioned in foreign countries, and will sail from the ports of those countries.

Ten or twelve Owls, among which, as a rare visitor, we find the Great Gray Owl, (Syrnium cinereum,) and the Snowy Owl, which is quite common in the winter season on the prairies, preying upon grouse and hares.

Although the northern coast of Africa had once been the granary of Carthage and Rome, cultivation had receded, and the corn-ship of antiquity had given place to the felucca of the corsair, preying upon the commerce of Europe.

The class distinctions of the feudal age continued to exist; and they by no means disputed the supreme rule of the head of the German Empire over them, but rather gloried in the protection which this direct dependence afforded them against a multitude of intermediate, preying nobles.

I had nothing but contempt for him, anyway, because even then, when he wasn't quite twenty, he was a woman hunter, preying on silly girls.

" Soon it was very evident to her friends that disease was preying on her delicate constitution.

Later these hunters were driven from Hayti by the Spaniards and took refuge in some of the neighboring islands, where they revenged themselves for some of the ill-treatment by preying upon the possessions of their oppressors wherever they could find them.

There was certainly a wonderful coincidence of visionthe same abandonment of labor, the same preying upon provision grounds; the same violence, bloodshed and great loss of life among the negroes themselves!

There was certainly a wonderful coincidence of visionthe same abandonment of labor, the same preying upon provision grounds; the same violence, bloodshed and great loss of life among the negroes themselves!

Eliza would see that the wrong he did to Nora was preying on his conscience, and that he'd never be happy until he had made atonementthat was the light in which she would view the matter, so it would be better to let things take their natural course and to avoid making plans.

Robert forgot, for a little while, the terrible hunger that seemed to be preying upon his very fiber, and, as he started away, showed an elasticity and buoyancy of which he could not have dreamed himself capable five minutes before.

Conceive him enduring all the pangs of love-sickness, never telling his love; "concealment, like a worm in the bud, preying upon his damask cheek," while his hard-hearted mistress stood disdainfully by, "like pity on a monument, smiling at grief."

And so, in the loneliness of that drab English winter, the mind of Mrs. Bittacy, preying upon itself, and fed by constant dread, went lost in disproportion.

But the wisdom of the law in question is not merely that it is a preventive to the mind preying on itself; we see in it a higher purpose,no less than what involves the developement of the human being; and, if we look to its final bearing, it is of the deepest import.

The only natural mode, therefore, of preventing the mind preying on itself,the only rational, because the only interminable employment,is to be busy about other people's business.

When all was over there were deserted streets and empty suburbs in ruthless profusion; but there was also a hungry minority of the crews of the stranded and anchored hulks left behind to live or die as they might, and presently to fall into cannibalism, preying one upon another between whiles, or waiting like their prototypes of the Spanish Main for the stray spoils of any luckless argosy that might drift within grappling distance.

He was also in the frequent habit of lying down and drinking the water of any clear rivulet when he was thirsty; and thus, in any of these ways, the insect, in its smaller state, might have been swallowed, and remained gradually increasing in size until it was ready for the change into the beetle state; at times, probably, preying upon the inner coat of the stomach, and thus producing the severe pains complained of by the sufferer.

"The refugees, banded together for the purpose of preying upon the patriots, and then retreating behind the shelter of the royal fortifications, were composed of the vilest miscreants that could be gathered from the dregs of any community, and were generally known by the slang name of 'Skinners.'

It's been preying on his mind ever since.

Soon it was very evident to her friends that disease was preying on her delicate constitution.

[-20-] To this Cicero replied: "No, not one of such accessories is of use when some grief is preying upon one's spirit.

It is a sorrow that cometh not as the whirlwind's rushing blast, in the fury of the tempest, or as the lion's roar; but rather as the soft, still moan of the desert's poisoned breeze, or as the silent gnawing of a cankering worm: so comes it preying on our heart's fondest hopes till they gradually sink to ruin and oblivion.

He did not pretend to justify the plan, but there it was; and it worked the same whether it was one microscopic organism preying on another or a bird devouring a beetle or Germany trying to swallow the world.

A young woman who falls into the hands of an evil man must always be pitied; but it is to prevent the evil men from preying upon the weaker sex that examples such as these are needed.

So long as defence of life and preying on outsiders were main concerns of society, unanimity and conformity had the same value which still attaches to military discipline in warfare and to team work in our sports.

I thocht I'd go for a bit walk; I had no mind to be preying into the business o' the hoose.

The Preying mantis.

The Preying mantis.

The Preying mantia.

But he was horrified, of course, and intensely excited and indignant, at such revolting creatures preying upon human flesh.

As soon as the bride has put it on she turns pale, foam issues from her mouth, her eyeballs roll in their sockets, a flame encircles her, preying on her flesh.

So he has been preying on his more industrious countrymena typical case of a man living by his wits with no visible means of support.

"My idea of a shyster is a down-at-the-heels, unshaved and generally disreputable-looking police-court lawyerpreferably with a red nosewho murders the English languageand who makes his living by preying upon the ignorant and helpless."

" "Who certainly completely satisfies your definition so far as preying upon the ignorant and helpless is concerned," said Mr. Tutt.

It affords an example of the danger arising from those sudden and arbitrary innovations, which, by depriving any part of the community of their usual means of living, and substituting no other, tempt them to indemnify themselves by preying, in different ways, on their fellow-citizens.

It affords an example of the danger arising from those sudden and arbitrary innovations, which, by depriving any part of the community of their usual means of living, and substituting no other, tempt them to indemnify themselves by preying, in different ways, on their fellow-citizens.

When a Man once gives himself this Liberty of preying at large, and living upon the Common, he finds so much Game in a populous City, that it is surprising to consider the Numbers which he sometimes propagates.

Large flights of birds were about the vessel, preying upon small fish swimming among the seaweed, of which we passed a great quantity.

The more refined and penetrating part of mankind, who take wide surveys of the wilds of life, who see the innumerable terrours and distresses that are perpetually preying on the heart of man, and discern with unhappy perspicuity, calamities yet latent in their causes, are glad to close their eyes upon the gloomy prospect, and lose in a short insensibility the remembrance of others' miseries and their own.

As each is known to be a spy upon the rest, they all live in continual restraint; and having but a narrow range for censure, they gratify its cravings by preying on one another.

But Richard was ill at ease, and his face wore a sad, gloomy expression, which many remarked, wondering what could be the nature of the care so evidently preying upon him.

I swear to you that you have been deceived and tricked by this adventurer, who, preying upon your romantic imagination ..." "Silence, master, an you value my friendship!"

Some were travelers for the purpose of preying on others.

CYCLOPS, a name given to three distinct classes of mythological beings: (1) a set of one-eyed savage giants infesting the coasts of Sicily and preying upon human flesh; (2) a set of Titans, also one-eyed, belonging to the race of the gods, three in number, viz., Brontes, Steropes, and Argesthree great elemental powers of nature, subjected by and subject to Zeus; and (3) a people of Thrace, famed for their skill in building.

It seems to me that besides the constant drain upon your sympathies there is some great sorrow preying upon your life; some burden that ought to be shared."

Cartwright, the name of the person who was preying on his employer, was not a young man.

He came to Moy afterwards, and has been preying on him for hush-money ever since.

It is a very specific parasite, each species preying on only one or two prey species.

There are no living plants, and most animals survive by consuming the snow of detritus falling from the zones above, or (like the marine hatchetfish) by preying upon others.

ā€œBig tobacco is preying on our countries, wanting to really own the lungs of our youth,ā€ says Princess Dina Mired, the president of the Union for International Cancer Control and a member of the countryā€™s royal family.

Cybercriminals are now preying on educational institutions across Southeast Asia (SEA) that have been forced to shift to remote or hybrid learning environments, according to security firm Kaspersky.

After suffering a stroke, Judith Albright (Hershey) moves into a historic nursing home, where she begins to suspect something supernatural is preying on the residents.

Getting to the island late this year meant researchers couldn't tell if any terns had returned to nest, and they couldn't prevent predators from preying on them if they had returned.

However, even brands like Victoriaā€™s Secret and PINK are complicit in preying on consumers and workers in the fast fashion chain.

In fact we're trying really hard to go after the people who are preying on vulnerable people,ā€ she said.

In private, they must be preying that the Donald comes undone.

It can be caught as the Preying Picantis, or it can break into two Tacroachs, and an Incherrito.

Kick-down-the-door bandits, encouraged by some politicians, were prowling and preying on people travelling in the night.

No one wants their electricity cut off, especially during a global pandemic when you're spending much more time at home, and it's that fear that scammers are preying on.

Spooked by his experience in jail, his family believes he was misled, or extorted, by people preying on his desperation to return home.

The grassland has a significant population of nilgai (blue bulls) which the lions are preying on.

Washingtonians should know that my office is on the lookout for individuals preying on our generosity during this crisis.

ā€œWhat we donā€™t need in this situation are companies preying on consumers by promoting products with fraudulent prevention and treatment claims.

It was a David-and-Goliath-like struggle between a company worth billions preying on 120 Steelworkers.

One of the things I am concerned about, and about which I have heard of a lot of frustration from my constituents, is related to the preying on seniors.

Social Darwinism is this philosophy and attitude applied to members of a society, meaning that the ā€œwinnersā€ ā€“ the smartest, strongest and fastest, will not only survive but will do so by preying on those who are slower and weaker.

The Hells Angels, which set up shop in December of 2000 under this Premier's watch, are taking control of our streets and preying on our kids.

This kind of attack is very rare, but it is serious because it usually means the bear is looking for food and preying on you.

Years ago, he was a pastor and did not know how to handle men coming from other Asian countries, posed as missionaries, preying on the children of his church.