375 examples of priestly in sentences

He was dressed in the ordinary black priestly garb, looked like an ascetic with pale, thin face, which lighted up very much when discussing any subject that interested him.

This is a species of priestly power, and sometimes may be abused.

While he stood before them clad in the robes of priestly office, holding in his hands the consecrated elements which told of their redemption, and offering up to God before the altar prayers in their behalf, he also ascended the pulpit to speak of life and death in all their sublime relations.

And then I surely heard a priestly voice Cry Subvenite; and they knelt in prayer.

Never once did the least excitement enliven its feeble newspapers, for the items of intelligence, forwarded fortnightly from Hongkong, were sifted by priestly censors, who left little but the chronicles of the Spanish and French courts to feed the barren columns of the local sheets.

It may be that at Tampu Machai ceremonial purification of utensils devoted to royal or priestly uses was carried on.

Lurton had a great deal of presence of mind, and if he did not think much of the official and priestly authority of a minister, he had a prophet's sense of his moral authority.

Furthermore, he argues that since Amarillis was the victim the goddess aimed at, her blood might without sin be shed even in the holy vale, while Damon is of the priestly stock to which that office justly pertained.

Such was the period in which the next great development of the Egyptian idea of immortality is to be noted a period of priestly activity in the beginning and of priestly domination in the end.

Such was the period in which the next great development of the Egyptian idea of immortality is to be noted a period of priestly activity in the beginning and of priestly domination in the end.

He is Ani, but he calls himself Osiris; just as the priestly doctor mixes his dose of medicine and calls it "the eye of Horus tested and found true.

In the New Empire, the royal power was gradually absorbed by the priestly organization of the national religion the religion of Amon-Ra; and the principle comes into practice that any priest having the necessary knowledge could obtain for himself an exceptional place in the future life.

In this priestly organization of institutional religion, all free prophetic inspiration did indeed die out for over four centuries.

This holding back of the normal evolution of Hebraism was the function of the Priestly Reactiona curious parallel to the function of Catholicism in Mediæval Christianity.

he asked, with the first indication of priestly sympathy in his manner.

The Priestly Story of Creation.

McFadyen, J. E., Messages of the Prophets and Priestly Historians.


A growing body of Biblical scholars hold, though many differ in judgment, that the account in the first chapter of Genesis was written by a priestly writer who lived about four hundred B.C., and the second account four hundred years earlier by a patriotic, prophetic historian.

Likewise in the late priestly story God's presence and character were so deeply impressed upon him that he seemed to bear an audible voice, according to the view of those who accept this interpretation, even though the later priests believed and taught that God was a spirit, not like man clothed in flesh and blood.

This later version implies that a raging thunder storm shrouded the sacred mountain, while the early Judean and late priestly narratives apparently suggest an active volcano.

The spirit of the law is truly interpreted by the later priestly commentator who places completely under the ban all attempts visibly to represent the Deity.

Would a miracle, such as that recorded in the late-priestly tradition, be any stronger proof of God's presence and activity in human history than are the provisions which we to-day call natural? II.

I suppose you impose penances, prescribe discipline for the girls at St. Agatha’s,—an agreeable exercise of the priestly office, I should say!

Then, after a strong clasp of the hand, he sped away with a long, manful, energetic stride, which made Julius contrast his volunteer courage with the flight of the man who, if not pledged to pastoral care at Wil'sbro', still had priestly vows upon him.

375 examples of  priestly  in sentences