2250 examples of pring in sentences

"He could pring mit' him t'e whole nafy of England, if he wish'!"

Fifth Voyage of the Joint-Stock by the Company, in 1617, under Captain Pring.

Noting that the servant dawdled about, Händel demanded why; the servant answered that he was waiting for the company to come, whereupon Händel stormed, in his famous broken English, "Den pring up der tinner prestissimo.

The peoples that have longest preserved dialects of the Celtic languages appear from anthropometric researches to contain a dominant strain of a different race, perhaps that of the pre-Indo-European inhabitants of Western Europe.

Let not those, then, who are similarly circumstanced with myself; think that I address them in the spirit of arrogance, with a pre-conceived opinion of my own sufficiency.

Puckle tee pest shaddle on mine horse, and pring him to tee horse plock tirectlyyou hear?'


CHAPTER I PRE-CHRISTIAN PANTHEISM [Sidenote: Its Origins Doubtful and Unimportant.]

But it is a disputed point; and certainly in the case of the Vedas and pre-Christian literature arising out of them even Jewish influence was impossible.]

Metaphysics: the Monads, Representation, the Pre-established Harmony; the Laws of Thought and of the World 2.

One view of the world is forced to yield its pre-eminence to another, which it has itself helped to produce by its own one-sidedness; only to reconquer its opponent later, when it has learned from her, when it has been purified, corrected, and deepened by the struggle.

The continued power of the pre-Kantian modes of thought is shown by the fact that Spinoza has been revived in Fichte and Schelling, Leibnitz in Herbart and Hegel, the sensationalism of the French Illuminati in Feuerbach; and that even materialism, which had been struck down by the criticism of the reason (one would have thought forever), has again raised its head.

To study the history of philosophy since Descartes is to study the pre-conditions of contemporary philosophy.

In Italy the new spiritual birth shows an aesthetic, scientific, and humanistic tendency; in Germany it is pre-eminently religious emancipationin the Reformation.

She has a short waist, long skirt sans crinoline, leg-of-mutton sleeves, lofty bearing, and stands like Ariadne on an island of pedestal size, surrounded by two or more pre-Raphaelite trees.

In the offing comes or goes a steamboat, also pre-Raphaelite; and if Ariadne Adelaide's Bacchus is on board, he is out of sight at the bar.

He represents infantile imagination with Pre-Raphaelitic accuracy.

In the earlier part of the Memoir we get some glimpses of pre-Revolutionary life in New England, which we hope yet to see illustrated more fully in its household aspects.[A] The father of Parsons was precisely one of those country-clergymen who were "passing rich on forty pounds a year."

The Egyptian belief in the existence of Almighty God is old, so old that we must seek for its beginnings in pre-dynastic times; but the belief in a future life is very much older, and its beginnings must be as old, at least, as the oldest human remains which have been found in Egypt.

Cut out of solid blocks of stone, their carving shows all the interlacing lines and exquisite finish of detail, purely ornamental, that marks the pre-Gothic period in the South of France, when the artistic spirit of Christianity was still confined to the close imitation of Roman and Byzantine art.

"He said, con strepito, "Den pring up te Tinner prestissimo, I am de gombany.

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Pre-primer and primer.

On the 5th of September, 1755, four hundred and eighteen heads of families were summoned to meet in the church of Grand Pre.

De government petter leave dem to tie on de pattle field, nur do pring tem here to starve.

2250 examples of  pring  in sentences