2250 examples of pring in sentences

"He could pring mit' him t'e whole nafy of England, if he wish'!"

Fifth Voyage of the Joint-Stock by the Company, in 1617, under Captain Pring.

Noting that the servant dawdled about, Händel demanded why; the servant answered that he was waiting for the company to come, whereupon Händel stormed, in his famous broken English, "Den pring up der tinner prestissimo.

Puckle tee pest shaddle on mine horse, and pring him to tee horse plock tirectlyyou hear?'

PRELATES, why the, of the church have given the pre-eminence to faith, which is of truth, above charity, which is of good, 126.

"He said, con strepito, "Den pring up te Tinner prestissimo, I am de gombany.

I pieced these out with answers to my questions, for often Steve's English was more puzzling than pre-Chaucer poetry.

More stupid than the doggerel of Twiss, and more affected than the pretty verses of Miles Peter Andrews, the Epilogue proclaimed its author and the writer of the Prologue to be par nobile fratrum, in rival dulness both pre-eminent.

Nobby keeps his pre-eminence of condition and has now the heaviest load by some 50 lbs.

Now, however, he found himself pre-eminent; the Queen-mother, harassed and worn-out by the cabals which were incessantly warring against her authority, and threatening her tenure of power, threw herself with eagerness into the hands of the adventurer who owed all to her favour, and implicitly followed his advice, in the hope that she might thus escape the machinations of her enemies.

For example, one signal miracle, pre-eminent for its grandeur, crowned the evidence of the supernatural character and office of our Lordour Lord's ascensionHis going up with His body of flesh and bones into the sky in the presence of His disciples.

We may go further, and assert with confidence that Christ was believed by his followers really to work miracles, and that it was mainly on this account that they conceded to Him the pre-eminent dignity and authority which he claimed.

Men assert a pre-eminence over their fellow-citizens or fellow-countrymen and become rulers of those who at first were their equals, but they dream of nothing greater than some partial control over the actions of others for the short space of a lifetime.

GEHRES, ETHEL MALTBY. Wag, a friendly dog; a pre-primer.

DULL, CHARLES E. Fundamentals of electricity; a pre-induction course at the foundational level, by Charles E. Dull & Michael N. Idelson.

Winston, Inc. (PWH); 24Apr70; R483336. Fundamentals of machines; a pre-induction course at the foundation level, by Charles E, Dull & Ira G. Newlin.

Catholic University of America (PWH); 16Feb70; R479030. Teaching first-grade reading, I; methods and procedures for Our first book, reading readiness and This is our home, pre-primer.

This is our home, pre-primer; This is our family, primer; word cards, phrase cards, picture cards.

Workbook for This is our home, pre-primer.

Chapter III Nature Mystics Vaughan and Wordsworth stand pre-eminent among our English poets in being almost exclusively occupied with one theme, the mystical interpretation of nature.

Vaughan appears to have had a more definite belief in pre-existence than Wordsworth, for he refers to it more than once; and The Retreate, which is probably the best known of all his poems and must have furnished some suggestion for the Immortality Ode, is based upon it.

He found that when his mind was freed from pre-occupation with disturbing objects, petty cares, "little enmities and low desires," that he could then reach a condition of equilibrium, which he describes as a "wise passiveness," or a "happy stillness of the mind."

It is hardly necessary to dwell on other mystical elements in Wordsworth, such as his belief in the one law governing all things, "from creeping plant to sovereign man," and the hint of belief in pre-existence in the Ode on Immortality.

In speaking of the prophetic book Milton, he says I have written this poem from immediate dictation, twelve or sometimes twenty or thirty lines at a time, without pre-meditation and even against my will.

De government petter leave dem to tie on de pattle field, nur do pring tem here to starve.

2250 examples of  pring  in sentences