1121 examples of printer in sentences

Enter DANTER the Printer. INGENIOSO.

"The printer who manufactured your tickets bought his paper from a certain mill making a specialty of this particular kind.

"This printer may be an innocent party, or he may be guilty.

And since the paper mill hasn't been supplying our printer with the new kind of paper very long, it ought to be easy to trace where the new and clever counterfeit supply is coming from.

The material was secured through a trick, and Inky Jed knew an unscrupulous printer who did the work for him.

At eight years of age he was sent to a grammar school, and at ten he was taken from it to assist his father in soap-boiling; but, showing a repugnance to this sort of business, he was apprenticed to his brother James at the age of twelve, to learn the art, or trade, of a printer.

He soon found employment as a printer and retrieved his fortunes, leading a gay life, and spending his money, as fast as he earned it, at theatres and in social enjoyments with boon companions of doubtful respectability.

Disgusted with London, or disappointed in his expectations, he returned to Philadelphia in 1726 as a mercantile clerk for a Mr. Durham, who shortly after died; and Franklin resumed his old employment with his former employer, Keimer, the printer.

He would have had only a local reputation as a philanthropical, intelligent, and successful business man, a printer by trade, who could both write and talk well, but was not able to make a better speech on a public occasion than many others who had no pretension to fame.

He modestly claimed to be only a printer, but who, among the great lights of his age, with the exception of Washington, has left a nobler record? AUTHORITIES.

In general knowledge he was far behind the sons of wealthy farmers in New England at that time,certainly far behind Franklin when a mere apprentice to a printer.

I have a set of plans of printing presses from Hansard the printer (who in a visit to Cambridge had found me making enquiries about them), and I corresponded with Messrs Gilbert about optical constructions, and with W. and S. Jones, Eastons, and others about pumps, hydraulic rams, &c.

[Pigments] lampblack, ivory black, blueblack; writing ink, printing ink, printer's ink, Indian ink, India ink.

The peculiar odor of the damp paper and the printer's ink, that characteristic odor which for a moment obscures the perfume of the flowers that one breathes here on every hand, seems to strike the olfactory memory, a strange and keen memory that unquestionably exists, and it brings back to me a portion of my former life,that restlessness, that activity, that feverish productiveness of journalism.

It bore no name of editor or printer, and professed to be published at Eleutheropolis, the City of Freedom, or, as it might be rendered in a free translation, the City of Luther.

Thus improving himself, at odd hours, until he was fit for the vocation of a printer, and looked upon by the village as a genius, our youth went to Manchester, and applied himself to that art, not only for itself, but as the surest means of further knowledge.

And as, according to the discovery of Malthus, Prosperity is fond of pairing, it soon happened that our printer went to falling in love.

Naturally again, being a printer, he, from a regard for the eternal fitness of things, fell in love with an authoress.

Mr. Murray, who was consulted about the matter, said to Dr. Rennell, "Tell them to send the unsold sheets to me, and I will pay the debt due to the printer."

to Mr. Kelly the printer; £14 to Mr. Antonini; and £50 to Foscolo's builderbesides becoming security for £300 to his bankers (with whom Foscolo did business), in order to ensure him a respite for six months.

Sometimes Mr. Flower would ask Angel to show it to one of the family friends; and thus one evening it came beneath the eyes of a little Scotch printer who had a great love for poetry and some taste in it.

This little Scotch printer, however, was to prove more venturesome.

The second was a letter, forwarded care of his printer, by one of the London reviews which had noticed his verses.

BODONI, an Italian printer; settled at Parma, where his press was set up in the ducal palace, whence issued magnificent editions of the classics, Horace, Virgil, Tacitus, Tasso, and, last of all, Homer.

BOWYER, WILLIAM, printer and scholar, born in London; wrote on the origin of printing, and published an edition of the Greek New Testament with notes (1699-1777).

1121 examples of  printer  in sentences