18388 examples of probably in sentences

In practice as distinct from theory, Isocrates probably had an influence more direct and intense, but briefer.

Lucan is a poet; Livy a historian.[180] Castelvetro probably came nearest to Aristotle in asserting that Lucian and Boccaccio are poets though in prose, although verse is a more fitting garment for poetry than is prose.

It is interesting that this essay of Plutarch's, which gives probably the most complete classical exposition of the moral use of poetry, should have been well known in the renaissance and translated into English by Philemon Holland in 1603.

In the age of the Medicis, when refined courts of Italy were so greatly delighted at the recovery of the least edifying literary monuments of classical antiquity, allegorical interpretation had probably so often become but a cloak for licentiousness in poetry that it was becoming discredited.

They were, probably, the progenitors of all the weeping willows which are seen in this part of the country, where they rapidly grow to a size which I have never seen them attain in any other part of the world.

It seemed disgraceful, probably, for one who had been a king to be made fast in iron bonds.

Probably we never fully credit the interdependence of wild creatures, and their cognizance of the affairs of their own kind.

That probably explains Mr. Fanshawe, the gentlemanly faro dealer of those parts, built for the role of Oakhurst, going white-shirted and frock-coated in a community of overalls; and persuading you that whatever shifts and tricks of the game were laid to his deal, he could not practice them on a person of your penetration.

Here you have the Spanish Californian in Cero Gordo and piñon; Symmes and Shepherd, pioneers both; Tunawai, probably Shoshone; Oak Creek, Kearsarge,easy to fix the date of that christening,Tinpah, Paiute that; Mist Cañon and Paddy Jack's.

Probably the council of Chiefs, who met in the depths of the forest to arrange their plan of operations, would have contented themselves with contriving the destruction of the new and offending colony, which they might easily have effected had they confined their projected operations to that object alone.

For a moment his hopes led him to believe that they were Jyanough and Henrich, who had returned, probably, in search of him; and he was about to hail them with a loud and joyful cry.

They asked no questions of their captorsfor conscience told them that their sin had found them out, and that they were about to expiate their crimes by a death, probably both lingering and agonizing.

"They're still there," said Mr. Fairfield, "and there will probably be some other and newer entertainments that you haven't yet seen.

Her robust flesh would dwindle to skin and bone, and probably her hair would all fall out, and she'd have to wear a wig.

Add to this the fact that here she has relatives, friends, and acquaintances, who already know and love her, while, in New York, she would have to acquire a whole new set, probably have to advertise for them.

Probably in this situation there is no greater or more immediate relief, than to disclose the subject of our distress, and to receive into our bosom the sympathetic tear of a simple and a generous heart.

The crew had probably deserted her under the impression that she was about to founder.

Probably she would never sink, but would drift about as one of those terrible unmarked reefs which have sent so many stout vessels to the bottom.

I really believe, I could talk myself into building a house upon island Isa, though I should probably never come back again to see it.

Mr. M'Sweyn's predecessors had been in Sky from a very remote period, upon the estate belonging to M'Leod; probably before M'Leod had it

Probably he had been thinking of the whole of the simile in Cato, of which that is the concluding line; the sandy desart had struck him so strongly.

We remained for some time in uncertainty what to do: at last it was determined, that, as a good part of the day was over, and it was dangerous to be at sea at night, in such a vessel, and such weather, we should not sail till the morning tide, when the wind would probably be more gentle.

The night we rode to Col's house, I said, 'Lord Elibank is probably wondering what is become of us.'

Probably to their astonishment the little tribe of Benjamin was "taken,"that is pointed out, presumably by lot, as was their custom when appealing for divine direction; and out of the tribe of Benjamin the family of Matri was chosen, and Saul the son of Kish was selected.

I wish I had had your letter sooner, though as a matter of fact I'm not in favour just now, and my interference would probably weigh in the wrong balance.

18388 examples of  probably  in sentences