322 examples of proficiency in sentences

It was the custom then at this very excellent foundation to give mainly a classical education, and doubtless I attained a very fair proficiency in my studies.

Her son Johnfor that was his baptismal and only namewas trained in all the learning of the schools, and, like so many of the illustrious of our world, made in his youth a wonderful proficiency.

This account is not less likely, from the remarkable proficiency acquired by Ninon, at an early age, in the use of that instrument.

This is significant, for it may mean that the plateau is necessary in learning, especially just before reaching the really advanced stages of proficiency.

My companion was a good Hindustani scholar, and taking advantage of his proficiency in the language, he made a point of interviewing several natives of the city, who, in the capacity of workmen in different trades, were allowed in Delhi, and were employed in their several occupations.

After some proficiency has been attained as a result of these tactical walks, the greatest interest and enthusiasm can be awakened in this work by sending out two patrols the same day, one to operate against the other.

I have attended a séance of the Institution of the Sourds-Muets founded by the famous Abbé de l'Epée, and continued with equal success by his successor the Abbé S[icard], who delivered the lecture and exhibited the talent and proficiency of his pupils.

Now, a blue-print map maker has undoubtedly accurate ideas as to points of the compass, and faultless proficiency in depicting bird's-eye views, but he neglects entirely the putting in of various ups and down, slants and windings of the country, which apparently twist the north pole around to the east-south-east.

A brief instruction in surgery gave him such a plausible appearance of proficiency in the art as to permit his public lectures to be favorably received, and to lead to his employment in the royal household.

Add to these a proficiency in poetry and music, a person of unusual symmetry and grace, a face of almost feminine softness, yet not descending from the dignity of manhood, and we have an idea of the youth who was already meditating the means of throwing off the chains that bound him to the inkhorn and ledger, and embracing a more brilliant and glorious career.

FREDERICK I. OF PRUSSIA, Whose chief pleasure was in the proficiency of his troops in military discipline, whenever a new soldier made his first appearance in the guards, asked him three questions.

Dr. Priestley, who in the preface to his third edition acknowledges his obligations to Johnson, and also to Lowth, thought it premature to attempt an English grammar; and contented himself with publishing a few brief "Rudiments," with a loose appendix consisting of "Notes and Observations, for the use of those who have made some proficiency in the language."

He was statesman, scholar, and author; and in England he had been made, for his proficiency in science, a fellow of the Royal Society.

He had piles of strongly-bound books, the reward of successful examinations, besides diplomas and certificates of proficiency.

The first Kind therefore of Female Orators which I shall take notice of, are those who are employed in stirring up the Passions, a Part of Rhetorick in which Socrates his Wife had perhaps made a greater Proficiency than his above-mentioned Teacher.

Two prizes were given, half-yearly to each remove; one for "marks" indicating the boy who had generally been highest throughout the half year, and the other for the test proofs of proficiency in a special examination.

The school prospered and had public exhibitions of its students' proficiency from time to time.

In addition to the requirements above mentioned, the student must show his proficiency in one principal subject and in two that are secondary, and must submit himself to rigid examinations, first written and then oral.

In the conditions which are stated below, it will appear that there are several tests of the proficiency of the candidate, in addition to the constant observation of his instructors.

Miss Pillbody's thorough knowledge of French, and the higher branches of an elegant education, as well as her proficiency on the piano, and her sweet, simple style of ballad singing, were worse than useless acquirements in her uncles' families.

Even then, with foresight, technical proficiency, the investment of labor and capital, agricultural land can be restored to fertility.

He himself, however, was greatly cheered by the musical proficiency of his two sons, and the intellectual refinement of Frederick William.

So we started in the race together but Louisa soon distanced me, emerging presently into matchless proficiency in her books for children.

To prove the truth of their assertions, Wat exhibited his skill in athletic sports, while Horant delighted all the ladies by his proficiency in the art of minstrelsy.

By your proficiency you'll be able, in the proverbial way, to keep up the saul of a conversation that is baith blyth an usefou'.

322 examples of  proficiency  in sentences