1415 examples of profitable in sentences

This our gardener objected to, so the surplus bit of ground was sown with parsnips, which turned out very profitable, as both pigs and cows liked them.

" Now the utmost we had lost by our pigeons in the six months was $2 25, and he knew perfectly well how profitable they had since been to us.

I am quite sure that a poultry-yard may be made very profitable to any one who will bestow a little trouble on it.

With two cows this may usually be done, and its is more profitable than making butter.

It leads us away from sterile and irreclaimable tracts of thought and emotion, and so inevitably compels the energies which would otherwise have been wasted, to feel after a more profitable direction.

Each lot having a water front, every man might manure a few acres, by this process, without any great expense; and no sooner were the rights determined, and the decisions of the parties made as to their final settlements, than many went to work to render the cracked and baked mud left by the retiring ocean fertile and profitable.

The want of horses and neat cattle was much felt, more especially as Heaton's experience set every one at the sand, as the first step in a profitable husbandry: wheelbarrows, however, were made use of instead of carts, and it was found that a dozen pair of hands could do a good deal with that utensil, in the course of a day.

As these persons had come well provided for the Indian trade in particular, having large stocks of such cheap and coarse articles as took with the natives, they were already driving a profitable business, receiving considerable quantities of sandal-wood in exchange for their goods.

Nuts which grow in the woods and fields are a very uncertain crop, of which every one seems to gather more than the owner, and it is therefore more profitable for him to cut his trees down and sell them for their wood, which the people in the cities and towns are so glad to get.

This trade is very profitable.

If the manufacture of lampblack from the cheap camphor oil is conducted on a large scale, it would no doubt be profitable.

Gas, in many instances, is an apparently expensive fuel; but when the incidental saving in other matters is taken into consideration, I have found it exceedingly profitable for all except large or continuous work, and in many cases for this also.

I only need instance wire card-making and the brazing shops of wire cable makers to show that a large and free use of gas is compatible with the strictest economy and profitable working.

Profitable personnel practice.

Developing profitable accounts.

A profitable adventure in Persian lamb.

A profitable adventure in Persian lamb.

Breeding profitable dairy cattle; a new source of national wealth.

Breeding profitable dairy cattle.

Breeding profitable dairy cattle.

As the arrival of a ship is always a profitable occurrence, great exertions are made to be the first on board.

I live on the beach; this Bay is my residence; I invite the white men to come and trade here under the promise of my protection; they come; several years of profitable trading have passed between us.

She perceiveth that her merchandise is profitable.

3. The fruit of this study is profitable and lasting.

It had been laid up against me as a persistent fault, which was not profitable; I should peruse moral, and pious works, or take up sewing,that interminable thing, "white seam," which filled the leisure moments of the right-minded.

1415 examples of  profitable  in sentences