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1415 examples of  profitable  in sentences

1415 examples of profitable in sentences

Should the dip of this ancient channel be such as to make the Stanislaus Caรฑon available as a dump, then the grand deposit might be worked by the hydraulic method, and although a long, expensive tunnel would be required, the scheme might still prove profitable, for there is "millions in it.

The business of Mr. A.R.R. was evidently a very profitable one, for his room was quite full of people.

Profitable, remunerative, lucrative, gainful.

a profitable or lucrative one, in case I have business in hand?

And I was heedful to put in none but wholesome and profitable precepts, and more especially did I forbid polygamy, having perceived a certain inclination thereunto in my disciple.

General Allenby decided that instead of making an early attack it would be far more profitable to wait until his Army had been improved by a longer period of training, and until he had got his artillery, particularly some of his heavy batteries, into a high state of efficiency.

Bearing in mind the preceding considerations, the study of the early maps will become profitable, and I would now direct attention to them to ascertain what light they may throw upon the landfall of John Cabot and the island of St. John opposite to it.

If others stood in her way she might not consider them at all; if she pledged her word, it might not always be profitable to keep it; but she liked to be on pleasant terms with everyone, and would be amiable to the last, no matter what happened.

VARIETIES OF DUCKS.Naturalists count nearly a hundred different species of ducks; and there is no doubt that the intending keeper of these harmless and profitable birds may easily take his choice from amongst twenty different sorts.

Otherwise, however, they are profitable birds, and their handsome carriage, and striking contrast of colour in the comb, face, and plumage, are a high recommendation to them as kept fowls.

THE RED VARIETIES OF WHEAT are generally hardier and more easily grown than the white sorts, and, although of less value to the miller, they are fully more profitable to the grower, in consequence of the better crops which they produce.

Here my wife also was employed, and here we remained until spring; when, as the wages were so small in Windsor, I went over to Detroit to seek for more profitable employment.

Now while detailed work of this kind is not necessary in secondary schools, yet a limited amount of study along these lines is deeply interesting and profitable.

" "They are very sad to bear,but profitable, nevertheless.

From the Temple I wended northward to the adjacent College of Surgeons, where I spent a couple of profitable hours examining the "pickles," and refreshing my memory on the subjects of pathology and anatomy; marvelling afresh (as every practical anatomist must marvel) at the incredibly perfect technique of the dissections, and inwardly paying a respectful tribute to the founder of the collection.

The great error in Rip's composition was an insuperable aversion to all kinds of profitable labor.

the Author of PYGMALION's Image and Certain Satires, [JOHN] RANKINS, and such others, are very profitable.

If there be rich pasture, profitable customs, and that HENRY VIII.

Besides, those that are addicted to this slender way of discourse, for the most part, do so weaken and enfeeble their judgement, by contenting themselves to understand by colours, features, and glimpses; that they perfectly omit all the more profitable searching into the nature and causes of things themselves.

It is one of the most profitable enterprises in Europe for the amount of money involved, but that fact does not diminish the benefits conferred upon the public, and the generosity of the company to the poor, particularly in times of labor troubles and financial depression, can not be questioned.

It might be socially desirable to bring under the plow a field which the farmer finds it only slightly more profitable to lease under grass; but this would be highly improbable in the case of a field where the balance of argument to the farmer in favor of pasture is overwhelming.

They find their business profitable, and pay good dividends to their shareholders.

Supposing ownership to be enough restricted, combination is easier and more profitable than competition; therefore combination, conscious or unconscious, supplants competition.

Capital has preferred the specialized mind and that not of the highest quality, since it has found it profitable to set quantity before quality to the limit which the market will endure.

They would not only find a way to live here, but they would make farming profitable.

"Well," thought the tramp as he strode away from the squire's mansion, "this has been a profitable evening.

" "Then, sir, till your debt is discharged, or you can find some more pleasant and profitable engagement, would you not consent to govern these affairs?

From all these useful properties, this is the most profitable tree that is known in these parts.

This it is which is particularly salutary and profitable in the study of history, that you behold instances of every variety of conduct displayed on a conspicuous monument; that thence you may select for yourself and for your country that which you may imitate; thence note what is shameful in the undertaking, and shameful in the result, which you may avoid.

But the outbreak of the war rendered my plan impracticable, while at the same time destroying all reasonable ground for hope of profitable coรถperation with the Germans in the study of the anthropoids.

No doubt there were as various theories as to the most profitable management of slaves then as in America lately.

Why had it been forgotten here, Doctor, that Silas Blackburn had a brotherhis partner in those wretched and profitable contract scandals?" "You mean," the doctor answered, "Robert Blackburn.

2. That I, or my widow or family, may, any time after two years from the first publication, have the privilege of reprinting it in any collection of all my poetical writings, or of my works in general, which set off with a Life of me, might perhaps be made profitable to my widow.

With regard to his present occupations, which are directed towards rural economy, he tells me that he has succeeded in a plan of cleansing the town from its Augean filth, and making it very profitable to himself; and that he calculates to obtain a revenue thereby of twenty thousand franks annually.

So that Schepstein, the note-shaver, on his way to a profitable appointment at 11 A.M., heard the hour strike (thirty-five minutes in advance of the best professional opinion) from the House of Silvery Voices, and was impelled to the recklessness of hiring a passing taxi, thereby reaching his destination with half an hour to spare and half a dollar to lack, for which latter he threatened to sue the Mordaunt Estate's tenant.

"But," said Charles, "it makes a voyage so much more pleasant when we drop anchor now and then, to look around on the beauties of other lands; and more profitable also, if we learn something of the customs, laws, and peculiarities of the inhabitants of those lands.

The town of Helsingforst is clean and handsome, with good shops, containing cheap commodities, which are a source of great attraction to the Esthonians (or natives of Reval) and others who reside in Reval; consequently, in the fine weather, parties are made about once a fortnight for a trip to Helsingforst: these trips are both pleasurable and profitable.

Miss Walker was also there visiting friends, so we may presume that his stay was pleasant as well as profitable.

The necessity for pursuing his profession in the most profitable field compelled Morse to return to Charleston by way of Washington in November, and this time he had to go alone, much against his inclinations.

The winter, it is said, is the proper season, but, as it is better in the South at that season and it will be more profitable to be there, I shall give Albany a thorough trial and do my best.

The inn could not have been a very profitable speculation, in itself; but there was one room in it fitted out with a display of Indian manufactures,some of the articles reposing in glass cases to protect them from hands and dust, others arranged with negligent regularity upon the walls.

Alcasser-Quiber is a place of some note, carrying on an extensive and profitable commerce with Tetuan and other places.

So profitable was it to raise wheat, that in many parts of Virginia the people stopped raising tobacco and began to make flour, and soon made Virginia the second flour-producing state in the Union.

* It is said that the first church was erected at Glastonbury; and this tradition may seem to deserve credit, because it was not contradicted in those ages when other churches would have found it profitable to advance a similar pretension.

I do not doubt that if the whole people of England, for the last forty years, had sought first God's kingdom and God's righteousness, and said to themselves in every matter, not merely 'What is profitable for us to do?'

This our gardener objected to, so the surplus bit of ground was sown with parsnips, which turned out very profitable, as both pigs and cows liked them.

" Now the utmost we had lost by our pigeons in the six months was $2 25, and he knew perfectly well how profitable they had since been to us.

I am quite sure that a poultry-yard may be made very profitable to any one who will bestow a little trouble on it.

With two cows this may usually be done, and its is more profitable than making butter.

It leads us away from sterile and irreclaimable tracts of thought and emotion, and so inevitably compels the energies which would otherwise have been wasted, to feel after a more profitable direction.

Each lot having a water front, every man might manure a few acres, by this process, without any great expense; and no sooner were the rights determined, and the decisions of the parties made as to their final settlements, than many went to work to render the cracked and baked mud left by the retiring ocean fertile and profitable.

The want of horses and neat cattle was much felt, more especially as Heaton's experience set every one at the sand, as the first step in a profitable husbandry: wheelbarrows, however, were made use of instead of carts, and it was found that a dozen pair of hands could do a good deal with that utensil, in the course of a day.

As these persons had come well provided for the Indian trade in particular, having large stocks of such cheap and coarse articles as took with the natives, they were already driving a profitable business, receiving considerable quantities of sandal-wood in exchange for their goods.

That is to say, they should be so treated that they will yield a profitable money crop every year without reducing their powers of future production.

There is a stern and a profitable lesson in the past should you read it aright.

Some of the articles in the Arctic Sun were grave and some were gay, but all of them were profitable, for Fred took care that they should be charged either with matter of interest or matter provocative of mirth.

but as is profitable for the commonwealth and for myself.

Now that Ptolemy was dead and Domitius vanquished Caesar had decided that delay in Egypt was neither fitting nor profitable for him, but set out from there and by using great speed reached Armenia.

" The next day Rudolph heard from the Slasher of the plot against him and arranged to meet the Schoolmaster on the pretext of having a profitable business on hand.

Nuts which grow in the woods and fields are a very uncertain crop, of which every one seems to gather more than the owner, and it is therefore more profitable for him to cut his trees down and sell them for their wood, which the people in the cities and towns are so glad to get.

This trade is very profitable.

If the manufacture of lampblack from the cheap camphor oil is conducted on a large scale, it would no doubt be profitable.

Gas, in many instances, is an apparently expensive fuel; but when the incidental saving in other matters is taken into consideration, I have found it exceedingly profitable for all except large or continuous work, and in many cases for this also.

I only need instance wire card-making and the brazing shops of wire cable makers to show that a large and free use of gas is compatible with the strictest economy and profitable working.

Gladly would I have expelled all thought of the idiot from my mind, and risen on the morrow, prepared by rest and sweet suspension of mental labour for profitable deliberation.

Profitable personnel practice.

SCHACTER, HARRY W. Profitable department store management.

Breeding profitable dairy cattle SEE PRENTICE, E. PRAMALEE.

Profitable farm management & marketing for the corn-growing states.

Profitable direct mail methods.

Developing profitable accounts.

SEE Business Training Corp. Developing profitable accounts.

Profitable practice in industrial research.

A profitable adventure in Persian lamb.

A profitable adventure in Persian lamb.

Breeding profitable dairy cattle; a new source of national wealth.

Breeding profitable dairy cattle.

Breeding profitable dairy cattle.

No wonder farming nowadays was not profitable.

After a while the three acres began to absorb nearly all his time, so that the hauling, which was the really profitable part of the business, had to be neglected.

He was confident that he could show the farmers how to do ithe had worked at plough, had reaped, and tended cattle, and had horses of his own, and was quite sure that farming was a profitable business, and that the tenants had their land dirt cheap.

The wealthy owners of the villas scattered about, some keeping as many horses as a gentleman with a country seat, were glad to obtain fresh fodder for their stables, and often bought the crops standing, which to him was especially profitable, because he could not well afford the cost of the labour he must employ to harvest them.

In addition, he kept several pigs, which were also profitable, because the larger part of their food cost him nothing but the trouble of fetching it.

But the voyage had been most profitable, and Master Jonathan duly entered the amount of gain in an account book, with a reward of ten pounds to Captain Simmons, five pounds to the first mate, three pounds to the second mate, and one pound to every member of the crew for their bravery and seamanship.

Indeed, in some parts of her diary, scarcely a day passes without the record of some scripture thus applied, most commonly as her first morning thought, which furnished profitable reflection for the day.

The practice, which I have for some time adopted, of retiring immediately after breakfast to pray for myself, and those who are associated with me in church fellowship, I find truly profitable.

As the arrival of a ship is always a profitable occurrence, great exertions are made to be the first on board.

I live on the beach; this Bay is my residence; I invite the white men to come and trade here under the promise of my protection; they come; several years of profitable trading have passed between us.

She perceiveth that her merchandise is profitable.

"On Monday, May 18, the king assembled about him his chief councillors, to learn if the demand of the estates was profitable and reasonable for him and his kingdom.

2.00 Profitable Advertising, Boston ............... m 1.65 1.00 Progressive Teacher, Nashville ............... m .60 Progressive Teacher in class A with Normal Instructor ....................... 1.23 with Popular Educator (new) .................. 1.50 with Primary Education (new) ................. 1.50 with Am.

The traffic was an exceedingly profitable one, not so much on account of the high prices obtained for the negroes as on account of the contraband trade in all kinds of merchandise that accompanied it.

It is noteworthy that two of the above pieces are cited as copies, from which we may infer that Giorgione's productions were already, at this early date, enjoying such a vogue as to call for their multiplication at the hands of others, and we can readily understand how, in course of time, the fabrication of "Giorgiones" became a profitable business.

3. The fruit of this study is profitable and lasting.

The orchards of the river side have given place mostly to market gardens, which the proximity of great towns renders profitable.

It had been laid up against me as a persistent fault, which was not profitable; I should peruse moral, and pious works, or take up sewing,that interminable thing, "white seam," which filled the leisure moments of the right-minded.

After advising my mother to stick to writing novels, she says, "I have not a doubt that that is by far the most profitable branch of the literary profession.

When I explained the object of my visit and offered a comparatively high price for the instrument, the man didn't seem averse to concluding a profitable bargain.

I should much like to know your opinion of it; even blame will be profitable for me and for my art, and will be as willingly received as the greatest praise.

If he had remained, backed by the confidence of such a family as the Poynsetts, Gadley would have seen that testimony in his favour would be the safer and more profitable speculation; and Moy himself, as he had said, would have testified to the innocence of a living man on the spot, though he had let the blame rest on one whom he thought in the depths of the sea.