16 examples of programmer in sentences

[people who calculate] arithmetician, calculator, abacist^, algebraist, mathematician; statistician, geometer; programmer; accountant, auditor.

This is not so dangerous in itself; but the less understanding and control we have over exactly what is fed to us through the tube, the more vulnerable we are to the whims of our programmers.

The programmer creates a character we like and with whom we can identify.

It allows a viewer to deconstruct the content of television media, and avoid falling under the programmer's spell.

As game programmers instead of game players, the creators of testimony rather than the believers in testament, we begin to become aware of just how much of our reality is open source and up for discussion.

Faced with the restrictive practices of the highly competitive software developers, and the pitifully complex and inefficient operating systems such as Microsoft Windows that this process produces, a global community of programmers decided to find a better development philosophy for themselves.

A programmer concerned with energy consumption and the environment might take time to consider how a particular screen-saver routine impacts the total energy consumption pattern of a particular monitor.

The programmer already understands that if the code is used on millions of machines, each effort to reduce energy consumption by a minuscule amount can amplify into tremendous energy savings.

Using the logic of a computer programmer, when we find we can't solve a problem by attacking one level of societal software, we proceed to the next level down.

He polished up his non-story, wrote a long letter explaining why an ex-computer programmer wanted to write fiction, signed a check, threw in some poems for good measure, and officially applied to Montpelier.

"I was just an in-the-trenches programmer, designing small systems."

Roland was impressed that Joe had made a living as an independent computer programmer.

"You don't look like a programmer," Jacky said.

Most good programmers already had jobs or would want full-time work.

Naturally, the previous programmer hadn't bothered to keep a log or make comments in the programs.

Oliver was used to cleaning up after other programmers.

16 examples of  programmer  in sentences