82 examples of prolixity in sentences

Forgive my prolixity, which is yet too brief for all I could wish to say.

Theology, the spurious offspring of reason and faith, was already occupied in introducing its own tedious prolixity and solemn inanity into the old homely national faith, and thereby expelling the true spirit of that faith.

That prolixity at the beginning of many primitive epics, their wordy deliberation in getting under way, is probably intentional.

Thomasin, you know me, I hate prolixity: in a word, my humour is thus, I love.

Your answere compendiously & avoyd prolixity.

No: I hate prolixity; in a word, the end is Ile mary you.

Well, good or ill, I care not greatly, so I get the gold: Therefore, to avoyd prolixity, here walke I. Here comes the men that must reward my paine.

Enter without prolixity, woo and winne the Lady; But give me gold (my Lord) and Ile to Dice.

The grand work being ended, with all this form and prolixity, the sentence of the surveyors is irrevocable.

What a well-written book it is, too, in spite of all extravagance and prolixity.

I don't know what imp of prolixity got into my pen.

For this reason, and to avoid useless prolixity, we will condense these particulars into UNIVERSAL RESPECTING MARRIAGES.

If there be any deeper or more recondite doctrines in Mr. Wordsworth's book, we must confess that they have escaped us;and, convinced as we are of the truth and soundness of those to which we have alluded, we cannot help thinking that they might have been better enforced with less parade and prolixity.

His prolixity, indeed, it is not so easy to get over.

But the truth is, that Mr. Wordsworth, with all his perversities, is a person of great powers; and has frequently a force in his moral declamations, and a tenderness in his pathetic narratives, which neither his prolixity nor his affectation can altogether deprive of their effect.

Gladstone's interesting recognition of Tennyson, and the "Church in Arms" against Darwin (so ably pleaded by Wilberforce), belong to yet another school of criticism which comes much nearer to our day, though retaining the solemnity, the prolixity, and the ex cathedra assumption of authority with which all the Reviews began their career; and is singularly cautious in its independence.

"' The novelty of the style and matter will, I hope, excuse its prolixity with most readers.

Upon the choice of his terms, the writer of this work has bestowed much reflection; yet he finds it impossible either to please everybody, or to explain, without intolerable prolixity, all the reasons for preference.

I expect that sometimes the desire of accuracy will urge me to superfluities, and sometimes the fear of prolixity betray me to omissions; that in the extent of such variety, I shall be often bewildered, and, in the mazes of such intricacy, be frequently entangled; that in one part refinement will be subtilized beyond exactness, and evidence dilated in another beyond perspicuity.

Accordingly, all prolixity and all binding together of unmeaning observations that are not worth reading should be avoided.

" Then, except the sonnets and half a score of the pieces where he reaches his topmost height, there are few of his poems that are not too long, and it often happens even that no degree of reverence for the teacher prevents one from finding passages of almost unbearable prolixity.

Apart, however, from excess of prolixity and of solemnity, can it be really contended that in purely poetic qualityin aerial freedom and space, in radiant purity of light or depth and variety of colour, in penetrating and subtle sweetness of music, in supple mastery of the instrument, in vivid spontaneity of imagination, in clean-cut sureness of touchWordsworth is not surpassed by men who were below him in weight and greatness?

But my tactics of studied prolixity were a complete failure.

After enumerating certain pictures by the great Venetian, Vasari adds: "(a) All these works, with many others which I omit, to avoid prolixity, have been executed up to the present age of our artist, which is above seventy-six years....

Rather than become wearisome and incur the reproach of prolixity, I make no mention of some of the trials and fatigues they endured, but I judge that I should not omit to report what took place between them and the caciques whom they encountered on their march.

82 examples of  prolixity  in sentences