82 examples of prolixity in sentences

Although she still possessed the ability to handle dialogue, to analyze subtle complex characters, and to attain a philosophical grasp of the problems of existence, yet her weakening powers were shown in the length of tedious passages, in an undue prominence of ethical purpose, in the more studied and, on the whole, duller characters, and in the prolixity of style.

Let me explain it, even at the risk of prolixity.

Theology, the spurious offspring of reason and faith, was already occupied in introducing its own tedious prolixity and solemn inanity into the old homely national faith, and thereby expelling the true spirit of that faith.

That prolixity at the beginning of many primitive epics, their wordy deliberation in getting under way, is probably intentional.

To avoyd prolixity I am crost with a Sutor that wants a piece of his toung, and that makes him come lisping home.

If ever he speake French, to avoyd prolixity, he will murder the toung.

Thomasin, you know me, I hate prolixity: in a word, my humour is thus, I love.

Your answere compendiously & avoyd prolixity.

No: I hate prolixity; in a word, the end is Ile mary you.

Well, good or ill, I care not greatly, so I get the gold: Therefore, to avoyd prolixity, here walke I. Here comes the men that must reward my paine.

Enter without prolixity, woo and winne the Lady; But give me gold (my Lord) and Ile to Dice.

Flickers were shoutingor laughing, if one pleased to hear it sowith true flickerish prolixity, and a single downy woodpecker called sharply again and again.

They forgot how South let loose the powers of his wit and sarcasm; and how the lofty-minded Jeremy Taylor applied the force of humour to lighten the prolixity of argument.

What a well-written book it is, too, in spite of all extravagance and prolixity.

For it often happens that the truth is but little understood, more by reason of the prolixity of the speaker, than of the obscurity of the statement.

"To assign all the reasons that induced the author to deviate from other grammarians, would lead to a needless prolixity.

The charter-claims were elaborated with the most wearisome prolixity at the time; but so were the English claims to New Amsterdam a century earlier.

Accordingly, all prolixity and all binding together of unmeaning observations that are not worth reading should be avoided.

Despite its prolixity, its unconventional form and what, under other circumstances, would be characterized as almost diabolic impudence and familiarity, my letter, as he said months later when I talked with him, "rang true."

" Then, except the sonnets and half a score of the pieces where he reaches his topmost height, there are few of his poems that are not too long, and it often happens even that no degree of reverence for the teacher prevents one from finding passages of almost unbearable prolixity.

Apart, however, from excess of prolixity and of solemnity, can it be really contended that in purely poetic qualityin aerial freedom and space, in radiant purity of light or depth and variety of colour, in penetrating and subtle sweetness of music, in supple mastery of the instrument, in vivid spontaneity of imagination, in clean-cut sureness of touchWordsworth is not surpassed by men who were below him in weight and greatness?

Sir George Cornewall Lewis, who had charge of the Edinburgh for a short space, truly described prolixity as the bête noire of an editor.

Because of the easy accessibility of Dion Boucicault's "The Octoroon; or, Life in Louisiana," it was thought best to omit this Irish-American playwright, whose jovial prolixity enriched the American stage of the '60's and '70's.

But, to avoid prolixity, I shall confine myself to the different opinions among the priests of the Church of England, and here only give you a specimen, because even these are too many to be enumerated.

After enumerating certain pictures by the great Venetian, Vasari adds: "(a) All these works, with many others which I omit, to avoid prolixity, have been executed up to the present age of our artist, which is above seventy-six years....

82 examples of  prolixity  in sentences