294 examples of proscribe in sentences

Expel, banish, exile, proscribe, ostracize.

No, I do not proscribe certain forms of philosophical speculation which involve an approach to the absurd or the ludicrous, such as you may find, for example, in the folio of the Reverend Father Thomas Sanchez, in his famous tractate, "De Sancto Matrimonio."

Mr. M. seems indeed to have a turn for this species of Nursery Tales and prattling Lullabies; and, if he will studiously cultivate his talent, he need not despair of figuring in a conspicuous corner of Mr NEWBERY's shop window: unless indeed Mrs. TRIMMER should think fit to proscribe those empty levities and idle superstitions, by which the World has been too long abused.

Stern even as a disciplinarian, she did not proscribe healthy and natural amusements.

To magnify any branch of human knowledge beyond its just importance may, indeed, tend to weaken the force of religious faith; but many acute metaphysicans have been good Christians; and before the question thus agitated can be set at rest, we must suppose a certain proficiency in those inquiries which he would proscribe as dangerous.

Let men who have such materials, and such models, proscribe all tawdry and poor European artmost of it a bad imitation of bad Greek, or worse Renaissanceand trust to Nature and the facts which lie nearest them.

He knows that a single dishonest act will ostracise and proscribe him from that society for ever.

Miserum est ab eo laedi, a quo non possis queri, a miserable thing 'tis to be injured of him, from whom is no appeal: and not safe to write against him that can proscribe and punish a man at his pleasure, which Asinius Pollio was aware of, when Octavianus provoked him.

Johnson, it seems, differed from Boileau, Voltaire, and D'Alembert, who had taken upon them to proscribe all modern efforts to write with elegance in a dead language.

I congratulate you, fellow-citizens, on the approach of the period at which you may interpose your authority constitutionally to withdraw the citizens of the United States from all further participation in those violations of human rights which have been so long continued on the unoffending inhabitants of Africa, and which the morality, the reputation, and the best interests of our country have long been eager to proscribe.

Rome was indeed an Imperial State, you may tell meI know not, I cannot read the counsels of Providencea State having a mission to subdue the world; but a State whose very basis it was to deny the equal rights, to proscribe the independent existence, of other nations.

Suppose the power of the Executive chair should take under its care the right of voting, and who should proscribe any portion of our citizens who should carry with them to the polls of election their own opinions, creeds, and doctrines.

We proscribe no man for difference of opinion.

Wherefore, in Galileo's time, we might have helped to proscribe, or to burnhad he been stubborn enough to warrant cremationeven the great pioneer of inductive research; although, when we had fairly recovered our composure, and had leisurely excogitated the matter, we might have come to conclude that the new doctrine was better than the old one, after all, at least for those who had nothing to unlearn.

Does not the poor gas manufactured in a gas generator present, from a hygienic point of view, danger sufficiently great to proscribe the use of such apparatus in many circumstances?

"The intolerance of truth will one day proscribe the very name of temple 'fanum,' the etymology of fanaticism.

They proscribe, devastate, burn, and massacreand permit themselves to be addressed by the title of "Fathers of their Country!"

The truth is, they would willingly proscribe the persons of the Jacobins, while they cling to their principles, and still hesitate whether they shall confide in a people whose resentment they have so much deserved, and have so much reason to dread.

They were styled the Company of Marat, and were specially empowered to arrest whomsoever they chose, and to enter houses by night or dayin fine, to proscribe and pillage at their pleasure.

"The intolerance of truth will one day proscribe the very name of temple 'fanum,' the etymology of fanaticism.

We need not, on this account, altogether proscribe the expression, "productive power of capital;" but we should carefully note, that it can only mean the quantity of real productive power which the capitalist, by means of his capital, can command.

For the Sultan might fairly say,"I give Christians the choice of exile or death: I will not allow that sect to grow up here; for it has fully warned me, that it will proscribe my religion in my own land, as soon as it has power.

It would be monstrous to deny that such inquiries legitimately belong to physiology, or to proscribe a free study of this science.

It was left for a free country to establish, practically, civil disabilities against freemen,for Republican America to proscribe Republicans!

quick; ready; quickly; *de * suddenly; m. outburst; *primer * sudden outburst *propensión* f. propensity *propio* own *proponer* propose, suggest *proporcionar* furnish; afford *propósito* m. proposition *proscribir* proscribe *proseguir* proceed, go on with *protagonista

294 examples of  proscribe  in sentences