Do we say prostate or prostrate

prostate 12 occurrences

Here enters upon the scene that organ of external and internal secretion, the prostate, the most important of the accessory sex glands in the male.

The regression of the prostate, its retirement from the field of sex competition, is the central episode of the male climacteric.

The influence of the prostate upon man's mental condition, and its contribution to the sex index, still remains to be investigated in detail.

overthrow, overturn, overset^; upset, subvert, prostate, level, fell; cast down, take down, throw down, fling down, dash down, pull down, cut down, knock down, hew down; raze, raze to the ground, rase to the ground^; trample in the dust, pull about one's ears.

It is said the seat of pain is the prostate gland.

Within a few days after his return from his holiday in Mull, he was attacked by the complaint which proved fatal"an enlargement of the prostate gland"brought on, I have no doubt, by exposure day after day to continual rain, and accompanied by recurrent attacks of fever.

The prostate gland.

The prostate gland.

The Prostate gland.

The prostate gland.

The prostate gland.

The Prostate gland.

prostrate 858 occurrences

My sin is loathsome; I prostrate myself before Thee, I cry aloud for mercy!"

He envied the hard-sobbing father's grief, the father who, prostrate by the bedside, held his dead daughter's hand, and showed a face wild with feara face on which was printed so deeply the terror of the soul's emotion, that John felt a supernatural awe creep upon him; felt that his presence was a sort of sacrilege.

It was not even attacked; and when, in 1355, Edward the Black Prince marched into it, the inhabitants had opened the gates to the conqueror before whom all Languedoc was prostrate.

I ran through into the museum, where it was still burning, and, catching it up, ran back with it; but I had barely reached the prostrate figure when I heard someone noisily opening the street door with a latch-key.

It had sheltered me in my last adventure and I thought it might do so again, as the prostrate burglar was lying a couple of yards past the opening of the door and his two friends were probably examining him.

As he picked himself up, half-stunned, from the prostrate Jew, on whom he had fallen, I regretfully felled him with the concussor.

Our mazy revolutions brought us presently near the foot of the steps, and here Spotty tripped over the prostrate form of the third man.

Several of the windows were shattered and on the ground were three prostrate figures.

"He shook the prostrate man roughly, but eliciting only a few drowsy curses, resumed his restless pacing of the room.

One after the other, I picked up the prostrate ruffians, carried them across and bundled them through the aperture.

Calli had reached his prostrate foe and was standing over him with battle-axe uplifted to deal the blow of death.

Then I kneeled on the prostrate wretch and clutched his throat.

How Sesostris, at the head of an army of nations, would have fallen prostrate to earth before a column of blazing embers eleven thousand feet high!

As he approaches the ford he finds Queen Medb lying prostrate on the bank, unable any longer to guard the retreat of her army.

He was a spirit who refused to prostrate himself before Adam at the command of the Almighty, and was therefore expelled from Eden.

When he lifted me up I kicked the prostrate Ace in the face as a parting remembrance.

Rrisa knelt by the prostrate man.

But, behold you, as she bends over the prostrate yogee, and, saying, "Drink from the cup of Vishnu!" offers the crisp leaf to his dusty lips, a great spasm of desire impels the impostor; and, flinging off the yogee, he leaps erect, Rawunna, the Abhorred!

On Oeta's top thus Hercules lay dead, 9 With ruin'd oaks and pines about him spread; The poplar, too, whose bough he wont to wear On his victorious head, lay prostrate there; Those his last fury from the mountain rent: Our dying hero from the Continent Ravish'd whole towns: and forts from Spaniards reft As his last legacy to Britain left.

Then he stooped over the prostrate body.

Then she turned to the prostrate form beside her on the floor, and saw that the light of understanding had come back into those haunted eyes.

"Is he hurt?" asked a stranger anxiously of an older negro who had jumped from the conveyance and was standing over the prostrate driver.

Denmark lay prostrate under the sudden blow, while her enemies rose on every side.

The country lay prostrate under the crushing blow.

The country lay prostrate.

Do we say   prostate   or  prostrate