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295 example sentences with  prostitution

295 example sentences with prostitution

The prostitution of the press is satirized by the story of a number of boys dressed in black and whitewearing the badges of the party to which they respectively belong, and each provided with a syringe and two canteens, the one filled with rose water, and the other with a black, offensive, fluid: the rose water being squirted at the favourite candidates and votersthe other fluid on the opposite party.

Get me to see her; and sure no Woman, even possest with a new Passion, Grown confident even to Prostitution, But when she sees the Man to whom she's sworn so veryvery much, will find Remorse and Shame.

"It is a prostitution of the bravery of friendship," says worthy Bishop Taylor, "to spend it upon impertinent people, who are, it may be, loads to their families, but can never ease my loads."

Drake afterwards brought his ship up to Deptford, where queen Elizabeth visited him on board his ship, and conferred the honour of knighthood upon him; an honour, in that illustrious reign, not made cheap by prostitution, nor even bestowed without uncommon merit.

Holy St. Mark pardon the prostitution of his revered name, and shield her with the virtue of his prayers!"

I would impress on you, as a memorial of my parting affection, these simple truthsthat coquetry stands next to the want of chastity in the scale of female vices; it is in fact a kind of mental prostitution; it is ruinous to all that delicacy of feeling which gives added lustre to female charms; it is almost destructive to modesty itself.

And it is a prostitution of terms to use the word sedition in such connection.

Severe punishments, want of sufficient food, labour extracted by the whip, and a system of prostitution, conspire, almost as much as ever, to make inroads upon the constitutions of the slaves, and to prevent their increase.

Whether Mr Hunt was or was not a fit copartner for one of his Lordship's rank and celebrity, I do not undertake to judge; but any individual was good enough for that vile prostitution of his genius, to which, in an unguarded hour, he submitted for money.

The merits and characters of our old poets and actors are censured by the author with great freedom; and the shameful prostitution of Church preferment, by the selling of livings to the ignorant and unworthy, laid the foundation of Dr Wild's "Benefice, a Comedy," 4to, 1689.

Mrs. Behn suffered enough at the hands of supercilious prudes, who had the barbarity to construe her sprightliness into lewdness; and because she had wit and beauty, she must likewise be charged with prostitution and irreligion.

Above all, the state of degradation to which they were reduced, deserved to be noticed, as it produced an utter inattention to them as moral agents; they were kept at work under the whip like cattle; they were left totally ignorant of morality and religion; there was no regular marriage among them; hence promiscuous intercourse, early prostitution, and excessive drinking, were material causes of their decrease.

It appeared from the evidence of Mr. Botham, that a number of Negroes, who had been imported there in the same disproportion of the sexes as in West Indian cargoes, and who lived under the same disadvantages, as in the islands, of promiscuous intercourse and general prostitution, began, after they had been settled a short time, annually to increase.

Let her reserve it For them who sue to inioy it; Ile conferr My fancy on a Negro new reclaim'd From prostitution; sacrifice my youth To bedridd age, ere reinthrall my heart To her insulting bewty.

And will you give your soule, Which heaven in its creation had designd A bride to faire eternity of blisse, By vild procurement of hells bawd, despaire, To prostitution of unnaturall death

impairment, inquination^, injury, damage, loss, detriment, delaceration^, outrage, havoc, inroad, ravage, scath^; perversion, prostitution, vitiation, discoloration, oxidation, pollution, defoedation^, poisoning, venenation^, leaven, contamination, canker, corruption, adulteration, alloy.

abuse, profanation, prostitution, desecration; waste &c 638.

prostitution, social evil, harlotry, stupration^, whoredom, concubinage, cuckoldom^, adultery, advoutry^, crim.

Modesty is but a noble jealousy of honour, and impudence the prostitution of it; for he whose face is proof against infamy must be as little sensible of glory.

This Attico-Roman comedy, with its prostitution of body and soul usurping the name of loveequally immoral in shamelessness and in sentimentalitywith its offensive and unnatural generosity, with its uniform glorification of a life of debauchery, with its mixture of rustic coarseness and foreign refinement, was one continuous lesson of Romano-Hellenic demoralization, and was felt as such.

Again, these "vices" of the poor, drink, dirt, gambling, prostitution, &c., are very definite and concrete maladies attaching to large numbers of individual cases, and visibly responsible for the misery and degradation of the vicious and their families.

There are social studies: wholesale and retail trade, prostitution, crime, land, money, the bourgeoisie, the peoplethat people who rot in the sewer of the faubourgs, who rebel in the great industrial centers, all that ever-increasing growth of mighty socialism, big with the new century.

If we can not at once, in justice to interests vested under improvident legislation, make our Government what it ought to be, we can at least take a stand against all new grants of monopolies and exclusive privileges, against any prostitution of our Government to the advancement of the few at the expense of the many, and in favor of compromise and gradual reform in our code of laws and system of political economy.

A howse of prostitution And common brothellrie.

For our trade Shees out at that: neather promises, rewards, Example or Intreaty, fayre, fowle meanes, Gaine present or the hope of future goodd, Can force from her a presens; then much lesse A frendly prostitution.

None is lordd with us But such as are freeborne; our Christian lawes Do not allowe such to bee bought or sould For any Bawde or pander to hyre such To comon prostitution.

These gipsies are the terror of travellers in Persia, the men, most of them, gaining a precarious living as tinkers and leather-workers, with an occasional highway robbery to keep their hand in, the women living entirely by thieving and prostitution.

Morality is at a discount in the capital, and prostitution common.

"I am sometimes even constrained to doubt the lawfulness of my own art when I perceive its prostitution, were I not fully persuaded that the art itself, when used for its legitimate purposes, is one of the greatest correcters of grossness and promoters of refinement.

The children that fill the houses of prostitution are not of foreign blood and race.

Never before did the abuse and prostitution of talents bring with them such prompt and memorable punishment.

Many of the females seem obliged to resort to theft or to prostitution to obtain a support.

Many of the females seem obliged to resort to theft or to prostitution to obtain a support.

Resolved"That the Bible, in some parts of the Old and New Testament, sanctions injustice, concubinage, prostitution, oppression, war, plunder, and wholesale murder, and, therefore, that the Bible as a whole, originated,[CG] is false, and injurious to the social and spiritual growth of man."

It is all very well for us fortunate good-for-nothings to resort to prostitution" "Oh, Nelly!"

"I say, to prostitution, to secure ourselves a home and an income.

So it is a profession; and except that it is a harder bargain for both parties, and that society countenances it, I dont see how it differs from what webless our virtuous indignation!stigmatize as prostitution.

But one morning her maid came to me in tears to intreat my interest for a reconciliation with her mistress, who had turned her out at night for breaking six teeth in a tortoise-shell comb; she had attended her lady from a distant province, and having not lived long enough to save much money, was destitute among strangers, and, though of a good family, in danger of perishing in the streets, or of being compelled by hunger to prostitution.

Many a hapless author, when his book, and perhaps his dedication, was ready for the press, has waited long before any one would pay the price of prostitution, or consent to hear the praises destined to insure his name against the casualties of time; and many a complaint has been vented against the decline of learning, and neglect of genius, when either parsimonious prudence has declined expense, or honest indignation rejected falsehood.

(c) Prostitution.

In Bombay there is actually a caste in which the girls are in early childhood "married to the dagger," or, in other words, dedicated to a life of prostitution.

Upon the whole, I think I may with justice conclude, that those advertisements discover a shameless prostitution and infringement on the common and natural rights of mankindBut hold!

The Venetians for instance, in spite of ecclesiastical prohibitions, imported frequent cargoes of young girls from the countries about the Black Sea, most of whom were doomed to concubinage and prostitution, and the rest to menial service.

The prostitution of the Democratic name has lessened in but a slight degree the charm that has attached to it ever since Jefferson's sweeping reรซlection had the effect of coupling withit the charming idea of success.

He considers the great as entitled to encomiastic homage, and brings praise rather as a tribute than a gift; more delighted with the fertility of his invention than mortified by the prostitution of his judgment."

As for second marriages, the Montanist and the Novatian sects condemned them absolutely, on the ground that if God has removed a wife or husband he has thereby signified his will to end the marrying of the parties; Tertullian calls second marriage a species of prostitution.

Prostitution In the United States.

History of prostitution, by Paul La Croix (Pierre Dufour) Translated from the French by Samuel Putnam.

Haldeman-Julius Co. (PWH); 25Apr55; R148234. Prostitution in the United States.

SEE Benson, Louis F PUTNAM, SAMUEL, tr. History of prostitution.

History of prostitution.

The conduct of the females, even young children, is most painful; they are cradled in prostitution and fostered in licentiousness.

Rep., 1888, 347): "Jealousy being unknown amongst the Indians, and sanctioned prostitution a common evil, the woman who can earn the greatest number of blankets or the largest sum of money wins the admiration of others for herself and a high position for her husband by her wealth."

In some cases, no doubt, contact with the low whites and their liquor aggravated these evils by fostering professional prostitution and making men even more ready than before to treat their wives as merchandise.

A French author who wrote a history of prostitution in three volumes quite properly devoted a chapter to Tibullus and his love-affairs.

I wish that men would try for a moment to put themselves in the place of a young girl who learns for the first time that prostitution is the safeguard of the virtuous!

And I am prepared, in spite of all protests, to affirm that it is not a step backward, but forward; that promiscuity is not as vile as prostitutiona prostitution which has been accepted, which has been defended by Christian people!

It is this which makes prostitution a horror, and prostitutes the Ishmaels of their race.

The hideously demoralizing effect of a life of prostitution on the soul is a commonplace.

I gave a brief history of the marriage institution in all times and countries, of the matriarchate, when the mother was the head of the family and owned the property and children; of the patriarchate, when man reigned supreme and woman was enslaved; of polyandry, polygamy, monogamy, and prostitution.

Every one was pleased with his Conclusion; and as each knew his good Will to the rest, he was convinced that the many Professions of Kindness and Service, which we ordinarily meet with, are not natural where the Heart is well inclined; but are a Prostitution of Speech, seldom intended to mean Any Part of what they express, never to mean All they express.

Thus have I continued tricked out for sale, as I may call it, and doomed, by parental authority, to a state little better than that of prostitution.

An American physician, Dr. Charles Knowlton, convinced of the truth of the teaching of the Rev. Mr. Malthus, and seeing that that teaching had either no practical value or tended to the great increase of prostitution, unless married people were taught to limit their families within their means of livelihoodwrote a pamphlet on the voluntary limitation of the family.

But the cry of starving children was ever in my ears; the sobs of women poisoned in lead works, exhausted in nail works, driven to prostitution by starvation, made old and haggard by ceaseless work.

The houses of prostitution disappeared, and as soon as one of them closed, a cafe began to operate.

This restriction of prostitution which proved profitable to clandestine loves, evidently arose from the incomprehensible illusions of men in the matter of carnal life.

AHOLIBAH, prostitution personified.

And she began to engage in prostitution, got used to sleeping on the bed, while her aunt, fallen into poverty, used to lie on the little carpet by her side and jumped up each time the bell rang; when they left, she would say mindingly, with a pathetic grimace; "Something for the chamber-maid."

She was arrested many times due to laws against prostitution.

They make money from prostitution and drugs.

Elles is about female student prostitution.

A legal deal brokered by federal prosecutors in Miami that allowed Epstein in 2008 to plead down to charges of soliciting prostitution, instead of sexual assault, eventually caught up with Alex Acosta, then a U.S. attorney.

A malaise has gripped large sections of the population, social prostitution is rampant, and more people have turned to the lottery as a means of survival, thus compounding their miseries.

Amid the coronavirus pandemic, this is the second prostitution racket the CCB team has busted in less than a week.

Instead, prosecutors in Miami entered into a non-prosecution agreement with Epstein that required him to plead guilty to two prostitution-related charges in Palm Beach county court.

It came more than a decade after his conviction for soliciting prostitution from a minor, for which he was registered as a sex offender.

Just like Casanegra, the film portrays serious social issues, such as corruption, prostitution, and addiction.

โ€œLike she would talk to me for hours and tell me about how she got started in prostitution.

Over 10,000 businesses have complied but the act does not cover prostitution or โ€œtied visasโ€ which would limit domestic servantsโ€™ right to change employment.

She also touches on the issues that go hand in hand with poverty including alcoholism and prostitution which serve as influences for many of her songs throughout the years.

She compared prostitution with health work arguing that the former is even more essential than the former.

The main focus of the meeting was to analyze issues related to the latest reports on human trafficking and child prostitution in Angola, whose levels have recently assumed "alarming proportions".

The โ€˜managed approachโ€™ rules apply to a specific area in Holbeck, which is predominantly used by light industry, retail and small businesses, but the prostitution problem has spread to residential streets in the surrounding area.

Yaryah Samah, age 26 and an 11th grade student of the Muslim Congress, said she has spent six months in prostitution and believes that transformation is the way forward.

Canadians also know that prostitution victimizes women and threatens the safety of our communities.

If the customer can be convicted of โ€œcommunicating for the purpose of engaging in prostitutionโ€, then the customer, by definition, becomes a โ€œprostituteโ€.

In many places, part of the wages was paid out in the form of cheap liquor, and women were obliged to supplement their earnings by prostitution.

International trafficking law urges states to reduce the demand for prostitution, & to protect & assist victims.

In US prisons the most prolific prostitution circuit has been set up in time, with prisoners imprisoned and gravitationalists who are trying to find the way for their release or redeem.

I would like to point out that we are once again hearing the Conservatives' unilateral view that justice can solve the problems inherent in prostitution.

Past topics have included prostitution laws, sexual assault laws, and defending abused women.

A survivor of exploitation, sexual abuse, drug addiction, kidnapping, physical abuse and domestic trafficking, she was trapped in prostitution for over 15 years.

The Preamble to the legislation conveys clearly that prostitution is harmful to individuals and communities, that it needs to be discouraged and that human dignity must be protected.

This allows law enforcement to use electronic surveillance to investigate organized and telephone prostitution rings.

This applies to sexual activity involving prostitution, pornography or where there is a relationship of trust, authority, dependency or any other situation that is otherwise exploitive of a young person.

This event supports the โ€œCalgary Food Bank and โ€œShe Rescue Homesโ€, which is a shelter in Cambodia for young girls ages 5-16 years that have been rescued from sexual exploitation, prostitution, and trafficking.

This prohibition on communication about the sale of sexual services in public places, while intended to โ€œprotectโ€ children from exposure to prostitution, would have the effect of criminalizing communication in many public places.

Timm astutely interprets this event as symbolic of the Nazi stance on issues of sexuality and prostitution: the of morality matter much more than actual moral behaviour.

Working Group of the Assistant Deputy Ministersโ€™ Committee on Prostitution and the Sexual Exploitation of Youth.

Yet, despite this government's tough talk on child prostitution, on June 20 a Winnipeg man was fined only $400 after he was caught having sex with a 14-year-old prostitute and as well a charge of procuring a juvenile for sex was stayed by the Crown.