19 examples of proto in sentences

St. Stephen, the proto-martyr, prayed "Lord Jesus receive my spirit."

Protos first protoplasm, prototype *

Proteids (Gr. protos, first, and eidos, form).

Proto, iii. Protomedaea, iii. Pryene, i. Psalmist, iii.

I have, on various occasions, mentioned this probable pre-Malayan, or at least proto-Malayan, population which stands in nearest relation to the settling of Polynesia.

I shall not here go further into this question, but merely mention that I came to the conclusion that these people must be looked upon as proto-Malayan.

19, [Greek: protos aegapaesen] 'He sent His Son as wishing to save ... and not to condemn' ([Greek: sozon ... krinon] of.

A noble thought, to go out with that army against the northern Anarch, singing in the van of battle, as Taillefer sang the song of Roland before William's knights, and to die like him, the proto-martyr of the Crusade, with the melody yet upon one's lips!"

The Later Chao dynasty in eastern North China (Hun; 329-352) 2 Earlier Yen dynasty in the north-east (proto-Mongol; 352-370), and the Earlier Ch'in dynasty in all north China (Tibetan; 351-394) 3

The people of this culture were the tribes later known as Mongols, the so-called proto-Mongols.

The nomad tribes seem this time to have been proto-Mongols; they made a direct attack on the garrison town and actually conquered it.

2 Earlier Yen dynasty in the north-east (proto-Mongol; 352-370), and the Earlier Ch'in dynasty in all north China (Tibetan; 351-394)

In the north, proto-Mongol Hsien-pi tribes had again made themselves independent; in the past they had been subjects of Liu Yüan and then of Shih Lo.

This proto-Mongol state of the Mu-jung, which the historians call the "Earlier Yen" state, conquered parts of southern Manchuria and also the state of Kao-li in Korea, and there began then an immigration of Hsien-pi into Korea, which became noticeable at a later date.

As we have seen already, he annexed the "Earlier Yen" realm of the proto-Mongols (370), but he also annihilated the Chinese "Earlier Liang" realm (376) and in the same year the small Turkish Toba realm.

Apoloito protos autos Ho ton arguron philaesas.

Albanour proto-martyr called.

In the morning he had become humanized, and he gave me breakfast and showed me the body of St. Stephen, which is kept here in great reverence (not the proto-martyr, but a Montenegrin of the same name).

Absolute life can exist only of and by itself, else were it no perfect thing; but will you say that a mass of protoplasmthat proto by the way is a begged questionexists by its own power, appears by its own will?

19 examples of  proto  in sentences