8568 examples of proudest in sentences

With the expulsion of the imperial faction, and the advent of the municipal Guelphs,that proudest, boldest, most successful, and most unreasonable bourgeoisie which ever assumed organized life,the nobles were curtailed of all their privileges.

The more the cedar climbs, the sooner down: And, did I think the proudest man in Rome Would wince at that which I have wrought or done, I would and can control his insolence.

But let the proudest traitor work his will; I fear no strokes, but here will sit me still.

Yet kings are gods, and make the proudest stoop; Yea, but themselves are still pursued with hate:

St. Mark is happy in having among his proudest and oldest names, senators who enter thus familiarly into the interests of his meanest children!" "Let the man be again introduced," resumed the judge, slightly bending his head to the compliment.

These scars were got in one of the proudest days of St. Mark, and in the foremost of all the galleys that fought among the Greek Islands.

Sir Edward would retire to it when fatigued with his occupations, certain of finding some one of those he loved to draw his thoughts off from the cares of life to the little incidents of his children's happiness; and Lady Moseley, even in the proudest hours of her reviving splendor, seldom passed the door without looking in, with a smile, on the faces she might find there.

When I Achilles heare upon the Stage Speake Honour and the greatnesse of his soule, Me thinkes I too could on a Phrygian Speare Runne boldly and make tales for after times; But when we come to act it in the deed Death mars this bravery, and the ugly feares Of th'other world sit on the proudest browe, And boasting Valour looseth his red cheeke.

Exercise had given her cheeks a rich glow; and though a shade of sadness, or at least of reflection, was now habitually thrown athwart her sweet countenance, this bloom added an unusual lustre to her eyes, and a brilliancy to her beauty, that the proudest belle of any drawing-room might have been glad to possess.

It is the proudest boast of many of us that we are "bound to her by bonds dearer than freedom," and that we live in the reflected royalty which shines from her brow.

The thinned ranks will be proudest When the boys come home, And their cheer will ring the loudest When the boys come home.

If they would use no other bucklers in war but shields of brawn, brandish no swords but sweards of bacon,[202] trail no spears but spare-ribs of pork, and instead of arquebuss pieces discharge artichoke-pies: toss no pikes but boiled pickrels, then Appetitus would rouse up his crest, and bear up himself with the proudest.

This Heuresis, this Invention, is the proudest jackanapes, the pertest, self-conceited boy that ever breathed.

The vile dandi-prat will overlook the proudest of his acquaintance; but well I remember me, I learned a trick t'other day to bring a boy o'er the thigh finely.

He that each night with bloodless battle conquers The proudest conqueror that triumphs by wars.

Lo, thus doth Somnus conquer all the world With his most awful wand, and half the year Reigns o'er the best and proudest emperors.

The complimentary entertainments rendered to the restored king in Holland were on the proudest scale of expense.

All these men were among the proudest and most powerful nobles in Europe; they all lived like princes, and had princely revenues and grand offices, but had been caught with arms in their hands, or in treasonable correspondence.

What hope for ordinary culprits when the proudest feudal nobles were executed or exiled, like common malefactors?

Feb. 22.] king, and, though uncrowned, had treated on a footing of equality with the proudest of the crowned heads in Europe.

Her father had been to him the kindest of guardians: ought he to repay that kindness by destroying, perhaps, his proudest schemes?

Under the twinkle of numberless candles, and in a perfumed air thrilled with the wailing ecstasy of violins, the little Creole capital's proudest and best were offering up the first cool night of the languidly departing summer to the divine Terpsichore.

CHAPTER XI A SIREN OF THE EIGHTEENTH CENTURY When Wilhelmine Encke first opened her eyes on the world one day in the year 1754, he would have been a bold prophet who would have predicted that she would one day be the uncrowned Queen of the Court of Russia, plus Reine que la Reine, and that her children would have in their veins the proudest blood in Europe.

He bore the proudest name in Italy, and he had wealth, good-looks, and high connections to lend a glamour to his birth.

Ye daring spirits of the Roman race, See Curio's toil your proudest claims efface!

8568 examples of  proudest  in sentences