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3214 examples of  providences  in sentences

3214 examples of providences in sentences

" Providence (R. I.)

By that infinite concatenation of moral causes and effects, which makes the whole world one mass of special Providences, every sin of ours will punish itself, and probably punish itself in kind.

"When I take my pen to write this, I am, by the goodness and mercy of God, in a moderate and easy state of healtha blessing I have thankfully felt through the course of a long life, which (with a much greater help), the contemplation of a more durable state, has maintained and upheld me through varieties of providences and conditions of life.

We may read of God's gracious providences toward this land.

And because these things be said to me by the providence of God, and that God is wroth with them, I am sent to tell thee these things.

We were taughtsome of us at leastby Holy Scripture, to believe that the whole history of the universe was made up of special Providences.

I see the hand of Providence.'

He was further represented as repudiating miracles as contrary to reason, of abhorring divine sovereignty as fatal to the exercise of the will, of denying special providences as opposing the operation of natural laws, as rejecting native depravity and maintaining that the natural tendency of society was to rise in both virtue and knowledge, and of course rejecting the idea of a Devil tempting man to sin.

The coming of such a man, and at the time that was his, one cannot help reflecting, was one of the providences of an overruling Power, and adequately to estimate his influence and work, and the tone and temper in which he wrought, we have but to consider what the age would have been, in countless departments of thought and activity, had the century now passed possessed no John Ruskin.

"And," says I in conclusion, "we will continue with the favour of Providence to live so, sharing good and ill fortune alike to the end, so much we do love one another.

He said no more, but hurried away, and it was many years before he referred to the subject again; but the day came when he did mention it, and when he told me, with tears in his eyes, that he looked upon that Sunday at Runswick as the first link in the chain of God's loving Providence, by means of which He had led him to Himself.

If thou art capable of taking in all my providences, in this letter, thou wilt admire my sagacity and contrivance almost as much as I do myself.

Insomuch, that if men would govern their actions by discretion and providence, they would not declare themselves fools as now they do, and he should have no cause of laughter; but (quoth he) they swell in this life as if they were immortal, and demigods, for want of understanding.

Yet Calvin himself distinguishes the hidden from the revealed God, even as the Greek Fathers distinguished the [Greek: thรฉlaema Theou], the absolute ground of all being, from the [Greek: Boulร e tou Theou], as the cause and disposing providence of all existence.

Those providences which teach us the insufficiency of earth, make us lean on heaven.

So we should not like to stigmatize as atheistically disposed a person who regards certain things and events as being what they are through designed laws, (whatever that expression means,) but as not themselves specially ordained, or who, in another connection, believes in general, but not in particular Providence.

There was a character of determination among the officers and men, a cool, deliberate conviction that, under Providence, success would crown our arms, and that vengeance would be done on those who had forfeited their lives by the cruel massacre of our defenceless women and children.

He recapitulated the dangers through which the force had passed, and looked forward hopefully to the future when, Providence favouring us, a few short days would see the enemy's stronghold pass into our hands.

Pious Mrs. Penelope Aubin wrote no other kind of fiction, though she sometimes admitted a deep-dyed villain for the sake of showing his condign punishment at the hands of providence.

(Providence, 1876.)

Compiled by authority of the Board of Education of Providence.

To believe in a special revelation, i.e., a miracle, in addition to such a revelation of God as this, which is granted to all men, and is alone necessary to salvation, is to deny the perfection of God, and to do violence to the immutability of his providence.

Continue, Eternal Providence, thine imperceptible march; let me not despair of thee because it is imperceptible, not even when to me thy steps seem to lead backward.

"What an admirable Providence has united usyou, the Iron-Hearted, and me, the Lion!" added he, smiling.

It is true, at seasons, he was filled with doubt and misgiving; but his profession, his devotedness to his work, brought him in such close communion with his divine Master that he trusted fully in his providences.

Here I stopped: but though I could not say I thanked God for being here, yet I sincerely gave thanks to God for opening my eyes, by whatever afflicting providences, to see the former condition of my life, and to mourn for my wickedness, and repent.

As long as it lasted, I made use of it to minute down the days of the month on which any remarkable thing happened to me: and, first, by casting up times past, I remember that there was a strange concurrence of days in the various providences which befel me, and which, if I had been superstitiously inclined to observe days as fatal or fortunate, I might have had reason to have looked upon with a great deal of curiosity.

How can he sweeten the bitterest providences, and give us cause to praise him for dungeons and prisons!

And has he not promised to be a God to me?a God in all his attributes, a God in all his persons, a God in all his creatures and providences?


Why, I introduced Willie Timpkins to George Barker at the club one night last winter, feeling that there were two fellows who were designed by Providence for the old Damon and Pythias performance, and it wasn't ten minutes before they were quarrelling like a couple of cats, and every time they meet nowadays they have to be introduced all over again.

Along the Atlantic coast we find Portsmouth, Boston, Providence, New Haven, New York, Philadelphia, Baltimore, Alexandria, Williamsburg, Charleston, Savannah, and others of less note.

The fact, however, that the senses, in performing their proper functions, are not overtaxed, and are therefore, in cases of emergency, capable of being extended so as to perform, in various degrees, additional service, is one of the wise providences of God, and to this fact is due the possibility of whatever of success is attained in the work of educating the deaf, as well as the blind.

His belief was in a Being as infinitely minute and sympathetic in his providences, as unlimited in his power and knowledge.

"Increase Mather, An Essay for the Eecording of Illustrious Providences (1681).

Such sorrowful eyes and a tearful face belong only to older heads and more sinful hearts; and God forbid it even to them, unless it is wrung out of the agony of their very souls; for though his providences are just and wise, yet nature must have its way sometimes.

One never knows how God may fashion these little providences.

When we have illustrations before our eyes of God's care for his children, and His response to their faith, even in the minutest things, we understand the meaning of His promises and the reality of His providences.

They have ceased to labor with their hands, and, without warrant in the providences of God and the judgment of brethren, have turned from doing their own business, expecting the Lord to pay their debts and provide for their necessities.

The author of this incident is known to the editor of "Remarkable Providences," and speaking of it says: "God never gave me exactly what I wanted.

The history of Loest and other providences which helped him in his business, are still further given more at length in a little book, "The Believing Tradesman," from the records of the Religious Tract Society of Berlin.

Many, as they sat in that chamber of death, felt how mysterious are the Providences of God.

The worst happened last week, when one particularly motherly, blooming solicitor's wife, after recounting to us in full detail the arrival of her first grandchild, hoped Mrs. Gurrage would soon be in her happy position! Merciful Providence, I praythatnever!

His promises and his providences will work together like cogs in a wheel.

They who think to thwart the providences of God usually help them forward.

How can be sweeten the bitterest providences, and give us reason to magnify him in dungeons and prisons?

And thus having led my reader to the knowledge of the first parts of my life so remarkable for the many peculiar providences that attended it, floating in the ocean of uncertainty and disappointment, of adversity and prosperity, beginning foolishly, and yet ending happily; methinks now that I am come to a safe & pleasant haven, it is time to cast out my anchor, &c, laying up my vessel, bid, for a while, adieu to foreign adventures.

How, Sir, said I, in a surprise, are we not yet in the way of God's blessings, after all these signal providences and deliverances, of which you have had such an ample relation?

But the study of science makes us averse to the belief in magic arts, in supernatural interferences, in special providences.

I shall let thee enjoy thy opinion, but I must wait and see the issue before I conclude it was one of Satan's providences....

If it is saddening to tell of the night, it is cheering to mark the fact that the providences of God are working out his promises, and are surely bringing in God's day.

* With the serious duty on the part of those who are working together with God for the salvation of men, there drift along in the current of his providences certain incidents that are exceedingly droll.

Accordingly they discourage, with true democratic humility, all genealogical inquiries into the ancestry of their system, substitute generalization for analysis, and, twisting the maxims of religion into a philosophy of servitude, bear down all arguments with the sounding proposition, that Slavery is included in the plan of God's providence, and therefore cannot be wrong.

This mode of baptizing man's sin and calling it God's providence has not altogether lacked the aid of certain Southern clergymen, who ostentatiously profess to preach Christ and Him crucified, and by such arguments, we may fear, crucified by them.

We may be permitted to doubt the theory of Providence which teaches that a man never so much serves God as when he serves the Devil.

Doubtless, Slavery, though opposed to God's laws, is included in the plan of God's providence, but, in the long run, the providence most terribly confirms the laws.

Doubtless, Slavery, though opposed to God's laws, is included in the plan of God's providence, but, in the long run, the providence most terribly confirms the laws.

It is because God's laws are immutable that God's providence can be foreseen as well as seen.

If we go farther into this question, we shall commonly find that the facts and events to which we give the name of Providence are the acts of human wills divinely overruled.

But this is personality in its Satanic form; yet it is just here that some of our theologians have discovered in a person's actions the purposes of Providence, and discerned the Divine intention in the fact of guilt instead of in the certainty of retribution.

The avenging Providence, which the slaveholder cannot find in the New Testament, or in the teachings of conscience, he is at last compelled to find in political economy; and however indifferent to the Gospel according to Saint John, he must give heed to the gospel according to Adam Smith and Malthus.

We were informed, for instance, that by the equality of men is meant the equality of those whom Providence has made equal.

But this is exactly the sense in which no sane man ever understood the doctrine of equality; for Providence has palpably made men unequal, white men as well as black.


It is probable that the uncomfortable situation in which they found themselves, up to their waists in water, and the sea constantly breaching over them, induced the master to cut the rope and trust to Providence to guide himself and the passengers to some place of safety.

Those who will read the able paper of Dr. Bradford in this magazine, will doubtless conclude with him, that the imperative demand is for increased life, and for multiplied efforts to save those to whom Providence has manifestly called us.

They are not across the ocean; under God's providence they are here, where you can touch them with your finger.

52.50 Providence.

Circle 16.00 Payson 1.00 Providence 8.00 Rockford.

And again in Satan's speech to the Almighty: Tu seras Providence et moi Fatalitรฉ.

A personal, sympathizing, benevolent Providence was in his opinion one of the illusions of the theologic stage of human development.

Providence will overrule it all for good, I believe.

You will not agree with me, but I believe in a Providence, now, more than ever.

For I, too, am coming to believe in a Providence!

It was Mr. Lynville's blessed privilege, under Providence, to save Miss Minford's life; but he would not be selfish and base enough on that account to obtrude himself on Miss Minford's notice.

Yet that quaint old saying of John Flavel the Puritan is right, 'The man who watches for Providence will never want a Providence to watch.'

He believed that God created only to multiply the objects of His own love, and that the ultimate end of all Providence was to bless, and he did not doubt that He would manage to have His way.

All mysterious providences, misfortunes, dispensations, evils, and wrong things generally, are attributable to this cause, namely, that round people get into three-cornered holes, and three-cornered people get into round holes."

The volumes already published are: Increase Mather's "Remarkable Providences"; the poems of Drummond of Hawthornden; the "Visions" of Piers Ploughman; the works in prose and verse of Sir Thomas Overbury; the "Hymns and Songs" and the "Hallelujah" of George Wither; the poems of Southwell; Selden's "Table-talk"; the "Enchiridion" of Quarles; the dramatic works of Marston and Webster; and Chapman's translation of Homer.

From the many similar flowers in the Introduction to Mather's "Providences," by Mr. George Offor, (in whom, we fear, we recognize a countryman,) we select the following: "It was at this period when,

And then the acolyte's destiny was sealed by what again appeared to Father Pedro as a direct interposition of Providence.

It's mighty curious," he added, with gloomy philosophy, "but I reckon it's the reason why Providence allows this kind of cattle to live among white men and others made in his image.

To these bounties, which are so constantly enjoyed that we are prone to forget the source from which they come, others have been added which are of so extraordinary a nature that they can not fail to penetrate and soften even the heart which is habitually insensible to the ever-watchful providence of Almighty God.

Under the protection of a bountiful Providence, we have advanced with giant strides in the career of wealth and prosperity.

When, under a dispensation of Divine Providence, I succeeded to the Presidential office, the state of public affairs was embarrassing and critical.

PROVIDENCE, April 4, 1842.

PROVIDENCE, April 4, 1842.

That this convention, thus constituted, convened in Providence in October, 1841, and the constitution called the "people's constitution" was the result of their deliberations.


And I am, very respectfully, your obedient servant, THOMAS W. DORR, Governor of the State of Rhode Island and Providence Plantations.

STATE OF RHODE ISLAND AND PROVIDENCE PLANTATIONS, General Assembly, May Session, in the City of Providence, A.D. 1842.

STATE OF RHODE ISLAND AND PROVIDENCE PLANTATIONS, General Assembly, May Session, in the City of Providence, A.D. 1842.

PROVIDENCE, R.I., May 12, 1842.

Mr. Dorr returned to Providence this (Monday) morning with an armed escort.

PROVIDENCE, May 16, 1842.

SIR: At the request of Governor King, I inclose to you an extra of the Providence Daily Express of this morning, containing the proclamation of Thomas W. Dorr to the people of this State.


Given under my hand and the seal of the State, at the city of Providence, this 6th day of May, A.D. 1842.

[L.S.] THOMAS W. DORR, Governor and Commander in Chief of the State of Rhode Island and Providence Plantations

PROVIDENCE, R.I., May 25, 1842.