2566 examples of prudence in sentences

The lure of the unknown, the opportunity for adventure, called to her, though prudence bade her be cautious.

Nor was this all; additional prudence was necessary, since we were so near the coast as greatly to increase the chance of our being picked up by some other French cruiser, should we even escape from this.

This he knew to be as much the dictate of prudence as equity.

The very fact that the baron was different from ordinary men, a law unto himself, made it likely that he would disregard what ordinary men would call prudence in a matter like this; there is no such word as imprudence for one who is practically all-powerful, and, if it tickled the baron's fancy to keep a journal of crime, it was tolerably certain he would keep it.

The two men at the ferry were positive that the Indian did not belong in that section, and by our prudence, they said, we had saved our horses and probably our lives.

That the arrangement miscarried was due to Mr. Mulkey, and not to the prudence of Major Rinehart or the failure upon my part to carry out the program.

At the four corners of her throne stand the four human virtues, Prudence, Temperance, Justice, and Fortitude, distinguished less by beauty of shape than by determined energy of symbolism.

In the outline of his nose and in all his features he displayed a manly nobleness combined with goodness and prudence."

The Prudence opposite is said to be a portrait of the Pope's mother, Giovanna Gaëtani.

Above his head in the air float Faith, Charity, and Hopethe Christian virtues; while Justice, Temperance, Magnanimity, Prudence, Fortitude, and Peace, six women, crowned, and with appropriate emblems, are enthroned beside him.

"Having once been friends is a powerful reason, both of prudence and conscience, to restrain us from ever becoming enemies.

"O! learn from him To station quick-eyed Prudence at the helm.

"She is his inferior in sense, but his equal in prudence.

"Their intentions were good: but, wanting prudence, they missed the mark at which they aimed.

"I seem," she wrote, "to have flung wisdom and prudence to the winds.

And here I would say (could I do it without sadness), how pretious to my thoughts is the memory of your excellent Mother (that great example of prudence and charity), whose pious meditations were often advanc'd by hearing your voice.

This is the character the wife of prudence would be apt to assume; she would make herself the mirror, to show, unaltered, and without aggravation, diminution, or distortion, the thoughts, the sentiments, and the resolutions of her husband.

He would listen to his mate, congratulating himself that all was going so well on the ship, and when Toni, in stuttering tones, would venture to ask the date of departure, Ulysses would hide his uncertainty under a tone of prudence.

Belinda has from a great Wit, governed by as great Prudence, and both adorned with Innocence, the Happiness of always being ready to discover her real Thoughts.

According to this Rule, let there be equal Age, equal Wit, and equal Good-Humour, in the Woman of Prudence, and her of Liberty; what Stores has he to expect, who takes the former?

As for my Man of Prudence, he makes love, as he says, as if he were already a Father, and laying aside the Passion, comes to the Reason of the Thing.

Now, Madam, since things are so, you are a Woman of that Prudence, and understand the World so well, as not to expect I should give you more than you can give me.

But her loyalty to the man who had put her into possession of that money was superior to her feelings of prudence and thrift.

But drink had destroyed his prudence.

In these two books which Des Esseintes was thumbing, Barbey had lost all prudence, given full rein to his steed, and galloped at full speed over roads to their farthest limits.

2566 examples of  prudence  in sentences