185 examples of psalter in sentences

This prayer, which is generally printed in Breviaries immediately before the Psalter, is to be said kneeling, where this is physically possible.

In the new Psalter, the Psalms have been divided into two large divisions, Psalms I.CVIII.

The New Psalter, Burton and Myers, pp. 51-52).

The verse division of the psalms do not, in the Breviary, always coincide with those of the Vulgatee.g., Psalm X.: PSALTER VULGATE Dominus in templo sancto suo Dominus in templo sancto suo Dominus in coelo sedes ejus Dominus in coela sedes ejus: (v.4).

In the Greek version of the old Testamentthe septuagentthe Psalter is arranged differently from the Hebrew.

This first version is known as the Roman Psalter.

St. Jerome once more set to work between 387 and 391, and published a second edition, more carefully and more extensively corrected, of the Italic version of the Psalms; it is called the Gallican Psalter, because it was adopted by the churches of Gaul.

When he, later on, translated the Old Testament from the Hebrew, he published his third edition of the Psalms, the Hebraic Psalter.

This version was a good one, but the faithful were so familiar with the old Itala psalter that the Church, in her wisdom, thought best to keep it in the editions of the Vulgate according to the Gallican form....

For many years no priest was ordained who could not recite the whole Psalter without the aid of a book, This veneration of the inspired words deserves respect and imitation.

The reform of the Psalter in 1911 has not always preserved this liturgical idea; nevertheless, the character of the Office has not been altered.

In applying the general rule to Sundays and week days, it will be seen that the Psalter contains two sets of Psalms for Lauds.

(iii) Vigils (common) outside Paschal time, when the Office of Vigil is said (New Psalter and Its Uses, p. 188).

"If, according to the new distribution of the Psalter, the Psalms for Lauds do not refer so directly to the symbolism of sunrise, they are nevertheless more varied and are generally well chosen.

It contains, besides those given in the former arrangement of the Psalter, others which are very beautiful and admirably prayerful.

At Prime and Compline the collects of the Psalter are never changed except during the last three days of Holy Week.

The short lesson which, on all feasts, is the same as the chapter which is said at None will be found in the proper or common, under that Hour, The new Psalter and new rubrics made no change in this matter.

Peter and Paul the short lesson at end of Prime is taken from None of the feast, "Et Petrus ad se reversus"; the short lesson for Prime on the feast of St. Aloysius is "Lex Dei ejus" and not the short lesson printed in the Psalter under the day's Office.

" The new arrangement of the Psalter did not retain the old traditional psalms, 4, 90, 133, in Compline, except for Sundays and solemn feasts.

"In 1562, with the help of Hopkins, he completed the psalter.

A dictionary of the Psalter; edited with introd.

BOOK OF COMMON WORSHIP; for use in the several communions of the church of Christ, including the Psalter and prayers for use in colleges, the family, and for personal devotion.

The strophic structure of Hebrew poetry as illustrated in the first book of the Psalter.

The Psalter separates into several books of sacred song, dating from different periods.

Nay, "the Psalter alone

185 examples of  psalter  in sentences