141 examples of pseudonym in sentences

"I didn't say anything mean!" snapped Mollie, whose pseudonym was more often "Billy" than anything else.

All the work of William Sharp that he published under the pseudonym of "Fiona Macleod" belongs to this Celtic Renaissance.

It only runs to writing letters over a pseudonym in the native papers.

Refining still further, he translated Sid., the abridgment of sidus, into [Greek: astron], and, retaining the Phil., as derived from [Greek: philos], he constructed for himself another pseudonym and adopted the poetical name of Astrophil.

"Mira" was the pseudonym used by Mrs. Haywood in "The Wife" (1756), while a periodical called "The Young Lady" began to appear just before her death under the pen-name of Euphrosine.

AGRICOLA (pseudonym).

(Philadelphia, 1849.) OTHELLO (PSEUDONYM).

This step was taken in that curious book The Individual and his Property, which Kaspar Schmidt, who died in 1856 at Berlin, published in 1845 (2d ed., 1882), under the pseudonym of Max Stirner.

Soul, 1861; Minor Works by Dr. Mises (Fechner's pseudonym), 1875.

BIC'KERSTAFF (Isaac), a pseudonym of dean Swift, assumed in the paper-war with Partridge, the almanac-maker, and subsequently adopted by Steele in The Tatler, which was announced as edited by "Isaac Bickerstaff, Esq., astrologer.

Besides the one above mentioned, he was called Badinguet, Man of December, Man of Sedan, Ratipol, Verhuel, etc.; and after his escape from the fortress of Ham he went by the pseudonym of count Arenenberg.

BROWN (Hablot) illustrated some of Dickens's novels and took the pseudonym of "Phiz" (1812-).

A book very different in character from "Sylvie and Bruno," but under the same well-known pseudonym, appeared about the same time.

Forbes, Archibald Forbes, J.M., gives Stillman a commission for a picture France, relations with Italy Francis Joseph, Emperor of Austria "Franco, Harry" (pseudonym).

The attractions, however, of The Learned Ring, set all other pleasures in the shade, and the name, Peter Corcoran, which is a pseudonym, is, I suppose, chosen merely because the initials are those of the then famous Pugilistic Club.

The Chartreuse of Parma Stendhal is the best-known pseudonym (for there were others) of the refined, somewhat eccentric, and still distinguished French author whose real name was C. Marie Henri Beyle.

Miss Mabel Collins, in her vivid story of The Star Sapphire, has drawn under a very thin pseudonym a striking portrait of a clergyman who, with his environment, plays a considerable part in the social agreeableness of London at the present moment.

Guy Roslyn is a pseudonym for Joshua Hatton.]

He devoted himself afterward to literature, writing at first under a pseudonym.

A few minutes later I departed, the accepted tenant (under the pseudonym of Simon Vosper) of Samuel Nathan, with the understanding that I should deliver my advance rent in bank-notes and that he should have the top-dressing of dirt removed from the house and the name of Vosper painted over the shop.

DOBELL, SIDNEY, poet, born at Cranbrook, in Kent; wrote, under the pseudonym of Sidney Yendys, the "Roman," a drama, "Balder," and, along with Alexander Smith, sonnets on the war (the Crimean); suffered much from weak health (1824-1874).

PHIZ, the pseudonym of Hablot K. Browne, the illustrator of the first edition of the "Pickwick Papers" of Dickens.

PROCTER, BRYAN WALTER, English lyrist, known by his pseudonym as Barry Cornwall, born in London; was bred to the bar, and was for 30 years a Commissioner of Lunacy, and is chiefly memorable as the friend of all the eminent literary men of two generations, such as Wordsworth, Lamb, and Scott on the one hand and Carlyle, Thackeray, and Tennyson on the other; he was no great poet (1787-1874).

TITMARSH, MICHAEL ANGELO, pseudonym assumed for a series of years by Thackeray.

As secrecy was a duty incumbent upon the troubadour, he usually referred to the lady by a pseudonym (senhal); naturally, the lady's reputation was increased if her attraction for a famous troubadour was known, and the senhal was no doubt an open secret at times.

141 examples of  pseudonym  in sentences