9303 examples of pub in sentences

" [Footnote 22: G. Hansen, pub.

But in England its critical theories were ignored before Ascham, who cites them in the Scholemaster (1570), and never elucidated before Sidney's Defense of Poesie (c. 1583, pub. 1595).

Thomas Heywood, Apology for Actors (London, 1612), in Pub.

School of Abuse (Pub. of the Shak.

g, h, and i, William E. Curtis's Denmark, Norway, and Sweden (Saafield Pub. Co., Akron, Ohio).

We left the pub in Yarnung at nine, and arrived at our destination somewhere about two o'clock in the afternoon.

(Pub. abroad in The Sunday express, London, Nov. 6-Dec. 4, 1938 issues as The full frank story of Edgar Wallace, 6Nov38, AI-24853; The boyhood of Edgar Wallace, 13Nov38, AI-24854; Edgar Wallace's first great romance, 20Nov38, AI-24855; How Edgar Wallace fixed his scoop, 27Nov38, AI-24856; Best-seller that nearly ruined Edgar Wallace, 4Dec38, AI-24857)

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Pub. serially in Town and country, Dec. 1939-Apr. 1940.

BLOCHMAN, LAWRENCE G. Wives to burn and midnight sailing. Pub.

Pilgrim's way, by John Buchan (Lord Tweedsmuir) Pub.

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9303 examples of  pub  in sentences