2249 examples of pudding in sentences

'Well,' I said, 'I do like things clean; I don't mind how rough they are if they're only clean.' 'Ah,' he said, with a twinkle in his eye; 'you wouldn't care for one pan to do all the work of the houseto boil the dirty clothes, and the fish, and your bit of pudding for dinner, and not overmuch cleaning of it in between.' 'No,' I said, laughing; 'I should not like that, certainly.

' 'Might give the pudding a flavour of stockings, and a sauce of fish oil,' he answered.

This degree is further illustrated by the height of Pudding-pan Hill in 11 degrees 19 minutes South being only 384 feet.


The most remarkable feature on this part of the mainland, generally speaking a dull monotonous level, is a hill bearing over the extremity of the reef fronting the south side of Cairncross, South 45 degrees West, to which Captain Bligh has given the quaint name of Pudding-Pan Hill.

It received this appellation from a resemblance to an inverted pudding dish, commonly used by sailors, and is 354 feet high.

Marchmont's reasons for the selection were, first, that his client has never seen an old-fashioned London tavern, and second, that this is Wednesday and he, Marchmont, has a gluttonous affection for a really fine beef-steak pudding.

"I engaged this box," he continued, "so that we might be private if we wished to have a little preliminary chat; not that beef-steak pudding is a great help to conversation.

" And at this very moment there was borne into the room a Gargantuan pudding in a great bucket of a basin, which being placed on a three-legged stool was forthwith attacked ferociously by the white-clothed, white-capped carver.

" There was a short pause, during which Mr. Marchmont glared hungrily at the pudding; then Thorndyke said: "So you refused to listen to reason, Mr. Blackmore?" "Yes.

"The lark is better employed 'at Heaven's gate singing' than garnishing a beef-steak pudding.

"The moral of which is," Thorndyke added, "that testamentary dispositions should not be mixed up with beef-steak pudding.

He is a wise fellow, after all, this beardless Jack-pudding of Thorn!"

For had they been a thousand times jackasses and rotten pudding-heads (as they were), at least they knew the way and something of the unchristian people among whom we were going.

The bread-box was sweet and empty; the fragments had been all daintily crumbled by Ruth, as she sat, resting and talking, when she had come in from her music-lesson; they lay heaped up like lightly fallen snow, in a broad dish, ready to be browned for chicken dressing or boiled for brewis or a pudding.

Then we just wish they could have seen mother make a pudding or get a breakfast, that is all.

We had nothing to season the blood pudding with but salt, and it was not very good, but answered to sustain life.

BAKED APPLE SAUCE.Pare, core, and quarter apples to fill an earthen crock or deep pudding dish, taking care to use apples of the same degree of hardness, and pieces of the same size.

Bake, with a small quantity of water, in a covered pudding dish, in a moderate oven, until soft.

STEAMED APPLES.Select pound sweets of uniform size, wipe, cut out the blossom-ends, and pack in a large pudding dish.

Place them in a deep pudding dish with just enough water to cover them.

Pare, remove the stones, and place in loose layers in a shallow, earthen pudding dish with a little water.

If the pulp is too thin when cold, it may be covered in an earthen pudding dish and stewed down by placing in a pan of hot water in a moderate oven.

The senator wanted a dish of rice-pudding.

The servant had put down beside him a dessert spoon when he had been helped to pudding.

2249 examples of  pudding  in sentences