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650 example sentences with  pup

650 example sentences with pup

" "You damned pup" began Sandy.

"Ah, wellMiss Honour took to the pup, and used to walk him out; and a prince of a hound he is; so now he's old we let him have his own way, for her sake; and nobody'll ever bully you, will they, Goodman, my boy?" "I want to introduce you to a friend of mine."

The dog Crusoe was once a pup.

If you had seen our hero in all the strength and majesty of full-grown doghood, you would have experienced a vague sort of surprise had we told youas we now repeatthat the dog Crusoe was once a pupa soft, round, sprawling, squeaking pup, as fat as a tallow candle, and as blind as a bat.

But we draw particular attention to the fact of Crusoe's having once been a pup, because in connection with the days of his puppyhood there hangs a tale.

"But I'm only laughing at the baby," returned the youth, pointing to the child, which, with a mixture of boldness and timidity, was playing with a pup, wrinkling up its fat visage into a smile when its playmate rushed away in sport, and opening wide its jet-black eyes in grave anxiety as the pup returned at full gallop.

"But I'm only laughing at the baby," returned the youth, pointing to the child, which, with a mixture of boldness and timidity, was playing with a pup, wrinkling up its fat visage into a smile when its playmate rushed away in sport, and opening wide its jet-black eyes in grave anxiety as the pup returned at full gallop.

He paused suddenly, and a dark frown covered his face as he saw the Indian woman stoop quickly down, catch the pup by its hind-leg with one hand, seize a heavy piece of wood with the other, and strike it several violent blows on the throat.

The cruel act drew young Varley's attention more closely to the pup, and it flashed across his mind that this could be no other than young Crusoe, which neither he nor his companion had before seen, although they had often heard others speak of and describe it.

He who first drives the nail obtains the rifle, Fan, and her pup, and accompanies me to the nearest settlement.

If ye hit the tree ye desarve the rifleleastways ye ought to get the pup."

'Turning round in towering wrath, Scraggs aimed a kick at the poor pup, which, had it taken effect, would certainly have terminated the innocent existence of that remarkable dog on the spot; but quick as lightning Henri interposed the butt of his rifle, and Jim's shin met it with a violence that caused him to howl with rage and pain.

"Won her, my son?" "Ay, won her, and the pup too; see, here it is!"

Brought 'em all down at one shotrifle, Fan, an' pup!"

We may remark here that Dick Varley had presented Fan to his mother to be her watch-dog, resolving to devote all his powers to the training of the pup.

Crusoe! come here, pup."

We say he bounded clumsily, for it must be remembered that he was still a very young pup, with soft, flabby muscles.

"Now, I'm goin' to begin yer edication, pup; think o' that."

"Come, come," said Dick, suddenly checking his mirth, "we mustn't play, pup, we must work."

But the master was inexorable; he went on, and Crusoe followed, for true love had now taken possession of the pup's young heart, and he preferred his master's company to food.

Hereupon Dick Varley rose, took up the mitten, and put it into the pup's mouth.

In order, however, to make sure that there was no mistake, Dick laid the mitten down beside the pup, instead of putting it into his mouth, and, retiring a few paces, cried, "Fetch it."

Dick Varley had now become a man, and his pup Crusoe had become a full-grown dog.

"Crusoe," he said, in the same quiet tones with which he would have addressed a human friend, "I've dropped my mitten; go fetch it, pup."

Dick continued to call it "pup" from habit.

One day Dick and Crusoe were sitting on a rock beside the lakethe same identical rock near which, when a pup, the latter had received his first lesson.

"This is capital weather, Crusoe; ain't it, pup?"

my pup, I wish that you and I might go and have a slap at the grizzly bars, and a look at the Rocky Mountains.

Wouldn't it be nuts, pup?"

Now tell me, pup, wouldn't ye like to grip a bar?"

"You're a brave pup," rejoined Dick, stroking the dog's huge head affectionately.

And he had a little small bull-pup, that to look at him you'd think he warn't worth a cent but to set around and look ornery and lay for a chance to steal something.

It was a good pup, was that Andrew Jackson, and would have made a name for hisself if he'd lived, for the stuff was in him and he had geniusI know it, because he hadn't no opportunities to speak of, and it don't stand to reason that a dog could make such a fight as he could under them circumstances if he hadn't no talent.

[From The Century Magazine, April, 1914; copyright, 1914, by The Century Co.; republished by the author's permission.] "An' de next' frawg dat houn' pup seen, he pass him by wide."

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They don't come out in front like men, and squarely speak their mind, But like that wuthless yaller pup, they're hangin' 'round behind.

Well, to protect that dirty pup Brown, I covered him over with leaves from head to footbig bread-fruit and cocoanut-leaves.

" "And that pilot of theirs," went on Millie, "seems just as safe with the 'pup' as he is with that great twin-engined bus her husband is so keen on."

She gave yesterday a fleet review, rubbing her blackened elbows, but felt charitable toward Frisco Cooley by connotation; she had once sat down on a collie pup.

Well, cheerio, old thingweather looks dudyou're going to have it bumpy in the morning, if you're on a pup.

Mr. Young told me that when the little fellow was a pup about the size of a woodrat he was presented to his wife by an Irish prospector at Sitka, and that on his arrival at Fort Wrangel he was adopted with enthusiasm by the Stickeen Indians as a sort of new good-luck totem, was named "Stickeen" for the tribe, and became a universal favorite; petted, protected, and admired wherever he went, and regarded as a mysterious fountain of wisdom.

Reid, M. F., Doodle Buys a Bull Pup (Everybody's, August).

And any protest only brings upon you Your Landlord's wrath, and cheek from some sleek pup, Who bullies you; and laughs when he has done you.

Mell Daniel (Co-executor); 10Nov54; R138753. The flea, the pup, and the millennium.

Walt Disney's Pluto the pup.

The black pup.

The pup called Cinderella.

The pup called Cinderella.

MERWIN, ELLEN A. Parachute pup.

Nipper, the little bull pup.

Walter E. Disney (A); 7Sep65; R367164. Walt Disney's story of Pluto the pup, by Walt Disney.

Walter E. Disney (A); 3Oct66; R394744. Pluto the pup.

MERWIN, ELLEN A. Parachute pup.

The antiseptic baby and the prophylactic pup Were playing in the garden when the bunny gambolled up; They looked upon the creature with a loathing undisguised,

The baby and the bunny and the prophylactic pup.

Why, gentle shepherds all, I've been on to such curves as yours ever since Hec was a pup!

Dear Pierrepont: I'm sorry you ask so many questions that you haven't a right to ask, because you put yourself in the position of the inquisitive bull-pup who started out to smell the third rail on the trolley right-of-wayyou're going to be full of information in a minute.

Even as temporary head of the lard department you're something of a pup, and where there's dog there's fleas.

A pup that's squirming and wriggling and nosing around the seat of the trouble whenever one of his little friends gets busy, is kicked out into the cold, sad night in the end.

But these millionaires who give away a hundred thousand or so, with the understanding that the other fellow will raise another hundred thousand or so, always remind me of a lot of boys coaxing a dog into their yard with a hunk of meat, so that they can tie a tin can to his tailthe pup edges up licking his chops at the thought of the provisions and hanging his tail at the thought of the hardware.

"And the mules, andthe pup.

He would never have admitted it, but there were certain sweet memories which made that particular pup not at all like other black pups.

"Well, he's taken the pup along, then; and that proves to me that Jerry wasn't crazy, or anything like that.

When they are lined at this season they pup about the solstice, for they go three months.

While they are in pup they should be fed barley bread rather than wheat bread, for it is more nourishing and makes more milk.

"I've had him since he was a pup.

He stayed away from the rest of the pack and growled fiercely when a pup came near him.

The walls bore lightly framed photographs of men famous in the annals of flying, from Santos-Dumont and the Wrights to Gruynemer and Nosworthy; also pictures of famous machinesthe Spad, Bristol Fighter, Sopwith Pup, 120-135, and others.

The woman, a slattern, who was known by the unpleasant name of Rya's Pup, declared that Walter Butler had gone to Johnstown to join St. Leger before Stanwix, and that the Tories would give the rebels such a drubbing that we would all be crawling on our bellies yelling for quarter this day week.

So Rya's Pup was right.

"How wonderfully different are the expressions on terriers' faces," I said to her, looking at a painting of hers of a fox-terrier pup.

He's got a voice like Kitty Jackson, the school-marm; and he's got eyes like a starved pup.

"Yer jest a low-lived, mis'able, wuthless pup," said D'ri, "Away with them!"

Standing outside the theater a little time before the performance was due to begin he observed a small boy with an anxious, forlorn look on his face and a weedy-looking pup in his arms.

A baby dog is called a pup or puppy.

Although the PUP is called a loyalist fringe party, it has more moderate unionist views than any of the traditional unionist parties.

The People's United Party (PUP) uses the color blue.

Fonseca campaigned well and sighted insecurity in the PUP that he will address if elected leader.

He is the leader of the People's United Party (PUP) since 2016.

A distraught Natthakarn Siriwat went to Samed police in Muang District Saturday with a handout depicting 3-month-old Cornae and the two thieves speeding away with the pup on a motorbike.

Donรขโ‚ฌโ„ขt spend a ton of money on a bred pup either, instead, you could adopt a stray dog (or cat) from a shelter.

Donohoe has also referenced the risk of many people going back onto the PUP for the second time.

Feedback on โ€œOver 34,000 additional people receiving PUP since start of Level 5โ€.

A much younger Shaggy pretends that the dog belongs to him, to keep the pup out of trouble, but really so he can have someone to talk to.

"It was not possible to ascertain how those in receipt of the Pandemic Unemployment Payment (PUP) would be classified using the labour market status criteria.

Just think of how youโ€™re immediately forgiven if you accidentally step on your pupโ€™s tail when climbing out of bed.

She was slowly nursed back to health with regular blood tests, CT scans to ensure that her lungs were healing and ultrasounds to ensure the pup was developing normally.

The one-week Christmas bonus will be given this year to people on a welfare payment for four months up to December, including those in receipt of PUP.

The PUP could be a home for social democrats but unionists are disinclined to vote for a party with historical connections to para-militarism.

The pupโ€™s mom was pregnant to 4 others.

The pup sprinted across Brookeโ€™s backyard at the beginning of the clip and interrupted the oblique crunches armed with a ball and seemed to insist that it was time for her owner to play with her.

The pup, who the charity has named Ashton, was initially terrified of anyone approaching him, and was especially protective of his head and neck area, staff said.

You want something original, but you donโ€™t want pup names that are overly complicated or that youโ€™ll get sick of.

Chelsea and Printer actually seemed somewhat more spirited than the young pup, but did have a much more settled ride home.

Collinsโ€™ faithful pup ran to the neighborโ€™s house for help.

Designed to meet the needs of a puppy's 28-baby teeth, it helps teach appropriate chewing behavior while offering enrichment and satisfying a younger pup's instinctual needs while the erratic bounce make it ideal for those pups that just want to play.

The candidate will have a class 1 license with experience in truck/pup, truck/ trailer or step deck.

The kids can walk to school and a park for the pup is just three doors away.

The pup featured here is Veronica, but in the interest of full disclosure โ€” I actually have great-looking dogs living with me right now (though one is a foster).

When I told her โ€œyesโ€ I wanted a pup, she was very excited.