726 examples of puppies in sentences

A copy of paper for one year, and | | | | "The Awakening," (a Litter of Puppies.)

A copy of paper for one year, and | | | | "The Awakening," (a Litter of Puppies.)

"Puppies are all right, but I like better-trained ones!" and her dark eyes flashed.

[Alluding to the blindness of puppies.

These bitter smarts I owe to my superior parts.' 'When puppies prate,' the huntsman cried, 'They show both ignorance and pride: Fools may our scorn, not envy raise, For envy is a kind of praise.

100 He stopp'd, and turning to his train, Thus pertly vents his vaunting strain: 'What blundering puppies are mankind, In every science always blind!

The cur on every creature flew, (As other great men's puppies do,)

He adds, that he destroyed the fleas of his puppies by once bathing them in warm water impregnated with oil of turpentine.

These circumstances made me desirous to try an experiment with some animals, in order to be convinced of the real effects of this poison; and as I had then two young puppies, I thought them the fittest objects for my purpose.

With this poisoned instrument I made an incision in the lower muscular part of the belly in one of the puppies.

I repeated this experiment with two other puppies, with a cat, and a fowl, and found the operation of the poison in all of them the same: none of these animals survived above thirteen minutes.

In public, she is a very Zenobia, who keeps all animals of the other sex at an awful distance; and of the fifty young puppies who are raving about her beauty, her air, and her voice, not one has obtained an introduction; while Claude, whose studio used to be a favourite lounge of young Guardsmen, has, as civilly as he can, closed his doors to those magnificent personages ever since the new singer became his guest.

The miners came down from their work in the hills, and had not seen a child's face for many days; when they caught sight of Aronsen's little ones playing in the yard, they would talk kindly to them at once, as if they had met three puppies at play.

To Stella, in the midst of his political warfare, he could write with the playfulness that nursemaids use for children, and most men keep for their kittens or puppies.

Young cubs are like puppies, very mischievous.

and as they ran, they leaped and bounded into the bright autumn air like a couple of puppies.

Puppies and boys.

"Lady," has four puppies, 259.

Methuselah was the oldest man, but Sampson was the strongest Cats, rats, and puppies all hab tails, but monkies is der longest.

In Australian families it has been the universal custom to bring up only a few children in each familyusually two boys and a girlthe others being destroyed by their own parents, with no more compunction than we show in drowning superfluous puppies or kittens.

Long may they chafe, and long may we laugh at 'em, A couple of pure puppies yok'd together.

For even Casimir himself was soon well accustomed to see us run about like puppies, slapping and tumbling, and minded us no more than the sparrows that pecked in the litter of the stable-yard.

I'm here to see your sister with her consent and your mother's, and" "And I tell you," shouted Albert, "that my sister is a little girl, and my mother doesn't understand such puppies as you, and I am my sister's protector, and if you don't get out of here, I'll kill you if I can.

And yet, when his two companions stood at the window of the little back parlor, pressing their noses against the glass, and looking out, he could not resist the temptation to join them, although he thought proper to punch them in the ribs, and call them a pair of inquisitive puppies, by way of showing how much he was superior to the great human infirmity.

Peter, too, was as happy as a king, for he hoped Mr. John Mortimer would and could give him information concerning all the well-remembered puppies, kittens, magpies, and white mice that he had made acquaintance with during his happy visit to the little Mortimers.

726 examples of  puppies  in sentences