701 examples of purchaser in sentences

I shall put this house into good repair, run a piazza around it as you suggested, and paint it; and then I think I shall be sure of finding a purchaser.

The purchaser found his bargain a hard one: for the novel had little to recommend it, being deficient in probability of incident and character.

To it many objections were made; but the ample and constant supply which it promised insured its adoption; and after a succession of debates and conferences, which occupied the houses during three months, the new duties, which were in most instances to be paid by the first purchaser, were imposed both on the articles already subject to the customs, and on a numerous class of commodities of indigenous growth or manufacture.

The purchaser is given a written title to the land.

The sale of a plated watch chain, the dealer permitting the purchaser to suppose it solid gold.

The sale of a blind horse, nothing being said about its sight, no effort being made to conceal its blindness, and full opportunity for examination being given to the purchaser.

The sale of a house and lot at a certain price, greater than the purchaser had at first intended to give, upon the representation of the seller that he had "been offered" such a sum.

The law presumes that when a person makes a transferable note, he has done so deliberately; and if loss ensues, it says that he must bear it rather than the innocent purchaser of his note.

But this peculiar protection is given, be it observed, only to an innocent purchaser.

Or if a note past due is offered for sale, the presumption is that it is paid or that it is for some reason uncollectable, and the purchaser would buy at his peril.

In other words, if there is anything on the face of the paper or in the circumstances of the case to warn the purchaser, he buys at his own risk, and secures only such rights as the vendor has. Transfer.

If the note is negotiable in form, he is responsible to the innocent purchaser of it.

Thus, if a merchant writes out a note all but the amount, and authorizes a clerk to put that in at some other time, and the clerk inserts a larger sum, any innocent purchaser can compel the merchant to pay the full amount.

But A would be responsible to an innocent purchaser, because there is nothing on the face of the paper to indicate the defect.

And he would be responsible even to a purchaser who knows the paper to be accommodation, because by signing he binds himself to pay if B does not, and his signature is what enables the sale to be made.

The tree begins to bear fruit in its third or fourth year, and in its fifth or sixth it reaches maturity, when it usually yields a "ganta" of cacao, which, as I have mentioned, is worth from two to two and a half dollars, and always finds a purchaser.

To obtain a dozen a would-be purchaser must apply to as many individuals, who, at the shortest, will condescend to finish one in a few months.

The plucky purchaser is understood to have had for some time past a craving for a veal cutlet.

We can't sell a drawing-room unless the purchaser has double transportation.

A magistrate said that he had heard of an estate which had been in market for ten years before abolition and could not find a purchaser.

SEE Powell, Richard R. Cases and materials on the law of vendor and purchaser.

There was a realm into which he went alone, leaving her as detached as the merest ticket purchaser at the box-office.

It appears to have been a growing custom for merchants, particularly retail merchants, when in financial difficulties to sell their entire stock in trade to some professional purchaser by a simple bill of sale without physical delivery.

In 1901 there are four statutes, that of Minnesota also including a prohibition of boycotts, and the first piece of legislation upon the subject in the old Commonwealth of Massachusettsan ordinary statute against exclusive dealing; that is to say, the making it a condition of the sale of goods that the purchaser shall not sell or deal in the goods of any other person.

" Monckton went off to Whitaker, and learned from him that he had bought the business from Bartley, but it was many years ago, and he had never heard of the purchaser since that day.

701 examples of  purchaser  in sentences