112 examples of put it away in sentences

Bake the cake in a moderate oven from 1 to 1-1/4 hour, and when cold, put it away in a covered canister.

'When I took up his Life of Cowley, he made me put it away to talk.

Then he felt chilly, drew up the window, thrust his hands into his pockets from which he drew out a handsome cigarette case, struck a match, and smoked with vivid appreciation of the quality of the tobacco, examined the crest on the case as he put it away, and finally patted with surreptitious eagerness the flat morocco letter case in his inside pocket.

I put it away in the tissoo paper 'twas wrapped in, an' I hev it still.

She tried to put it away from her, but it would not go; she tried to reason it down, but the boy's face, rising always in her thought, refuted all her logic.

Still, the message was clear enough, which was the chief point, so, folding it up, I thrust it back into the envelope and put it away in my pocket.

For he was a philosophical man, and when he could not understand a matter he was able to put it away in a safe place, to be kept until he got more information about it.

Put it away again for 15 minutes.

She took up Walter's portrait, and, kissing it, put it away carefully in a drawer.

She put it away as carefully as if it had been real money.

"It stuck to your crown when you put it away, And now it's on top of your head.

Put it away for your dowry, dear," and he snatched the paper from Reuben's hands and tossed it into Draxy's lap.

" The old woman made no answer, but folding up the maniac coverlid, she handed it to the girl, and told her to put it away.

He had put it away at once, never troubling to look what money was in it; he had had letters of that sort from home before, and always a deal of notes insidesomething to help him on the way.

So I went to the foot of the stairs, called him, and explained that I did not care to touch the wheel on account of the gun, so he had better come down and put it away, which he did.

When I would go and come back, I would pull it off and put it away.

We will remind them that they too are subject to human frailty, and" "we will not send the letter, but will put it away until we've finished our boiling-over and have simmered down.

"These are in EnglishI shall have to get Madame de Chastellux to translate them for me some day," and she folded the paper as if to put it away, but there arose such exclamations of disappointment, such gentle entreaties not to be denied the pleasure of hearing the verses, that she yielded to the clamor and signalled Madame de Chastellux her permission to have them read aloud.

Friend Hopper put it away, saying he would examine it and attend to it as soon as he had leisure.

And always, after such occasions, he brushed it over and folded it exquisitely as she had taught him, and put it away again.

But the mother said, 'Put it away, my child; we must begone out of this land, for these people will dwell in it.'"

the bread is quite cold, put it away in a bread box, which should be of tin, or of wood lined with tin, convenient in form and supplied with a well-fitting cover.

" "But now that the greatest part of the sorrow is over, fold it up and put it away, lay it at the feet of the Saviour; it is his, for He has felt it too."

And I put it away.

With two knives, one in each hand, lightly press the cheese together in the shape of a brick, smooth it over the top and put it away to cool.

112 examples of  put it away  in sentences