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41 examples of  puttering  in sentences

41 examples of puttering in sentences

"In the first seven months he puttered around the little fumers, with an occasional excursion up to the main crater.

Over his head as he putters with his soap and brushes, there hangs a rusty sign proclaiming that he is famous for his cleaning all round the world.

Why, the days wouldn't be long enough to putter in.

I used to think maybe you'd get to putter out there in the side-yard with it, trailin' vines; the china-paintin' outfit I had sent down from Cincinnati when I seen it advertised in the Up-State Gazette; a spaniel or two from Old Cocker's new litter, barkin' around; all them things, I used to think, would give our little place here a feelin' that would change both of us for the better.

Angy went out of doors with Miss Abigail, and puttered around among the flowers as if they were her own, thanking God for Abe's increasing popularity in the same breath that she gave thanks for the new buds of the spring.

The day after they had matriculated, J.W. and Marty were putting their room to rightsoh, yes, they thought it would be well to share the same roomand as they puttered about they reviewed the happenings of the first day.

Many of those who were not of the nutting party went to Edentown, some took canoes and went paddling, others "puttered" around the school grounds, enjoying the beautiful autumn weather and the luxury of a holiday.

She hath an awkward trick (to say no worse of it) of reading in company: at which times she will answer yes or no to a question, without fully understanding its purportwhich is provoking, and derogatory in the highest degree to the dignity of the putter of the said question.

The old Doc. uster putter around considerable.

We putter around in an aimless sort of way and get nowhere.

The unceasing activity, the authority given him by his mother and sisters, his growing proficiency in all kinds of skilled labor, as he "puttered" about with Osh Popham or Bill Harmon in house and barn and garden, all this pleased his enterprising nature.

I do a little farming and a good deal of puttering about.

A moment later, the clutch snarled, and the machine puttered down the street.

I never was no hand to putter with garden sass.

I do not know the comparative advantages of the two forms, but no doubt each bird swears by its own pattern, as every golfer does by his own putter.

Putter around, take some cutie coasting.

He says a fellow can play just as well with a driver and a putter and a niblick as he can with a dozen clubs.

I remember that I bought two new putters and a jolly fine caddie bag.

The green was level and clean, and West selected a small iron putter, and addressed the ball with all the attention to form that the oldest St. Andrews veteran might desire.

Whipple holed out on his next try, adopting a wooden putter this time, and the score stood fifteen strokes each.

But West gripped his wooden putter firmly and studied the situation.

Gripping his iron putter firmly rather low on the shaft and bending far over, West slowly, cautiously swung the club above the gutty, glancing once and only once as he did so at the distant goal.

After much puttering, he reached the goal of his ambition, and got the deadly Full-Nelson on Jumbo's head, and forced it slowly and irresistibly down.

"I only got orders to do a little puttering.

One of those things he used to be always puttering overyou may remember, Clara, mentioning, from time to time, those things he used to be puttering around withhas been adopted with a whoop.

One of those things he used to be always puttering overyou may remember, Clara, mentioning, from time to time, those things he used to be puttering around withhas been adopted with a whoop.

Towards eight o'clock I seemed to hear your voice, "TeriiteraRuihere is the hour for putter and tiro (cheese and syrup)."

She handed me a straight-faced putter ...

I carefully circumvented this with my faithful putter and holed out in my smallest score of the round so far.

I looked at the green lying invitingly below and took that gigantic putter.

He was to drive with an iron, not far, but truly; to stay always in the centre of the fairway and especially to cultivate the shorter approach shots and the use of the putter.

We regret to be obliged to state that there are some so utterly out of sympathy with the cause of art, as to assert that the greater portion of Bill's utensils are useless; and that by much puttering he loses time without improving his work.

so that the reader can determine whether the carpenter is an orderly, methodical, and rapid worker or a mere putterer who is careless, haphazard, and slow.

Waco, despite his many shortcomings, could cook, and, strangely enough, liked to putter round the garden.

I got up, built a fire, puttered around the tents to loosen the ground ropes, and found that it was nipping cold.

There the bees hummed lazily over the old-fashioned flower garden; there the cantankerous jays jabbered in the cottonwoods; there the muffled noises of the town festival came as from afar; there Miss Morgan puttered about her morning's work, trying vainly to croon a gospel hymn; and there Bud Perkins, prone upon the sitting-room sofa, made parallelograms and squares and diamonds with the dots and lines on the ceiling paper.

just little putterings for our own convenience, just little utilizations of waste energies for our own purposes.

At last he gin in and Jabez attacked it agin, and tinkered and puttered at it all day, I watchin'

I say, as an old sea-captain once said, when it was proposed to take a man-o'-war with a whale-boat, 'I guess it will be a puttering job.'

He could never quite make up his mind whether he putted best with a gun-metal putter or a wooden one.

Henceforward, then, Golf is the game for the fair At home, and abroad, or in pastures Colonial, And the shouts of the ladies will quite fill the air For the Links that will turn into bonds Matrimonial, And for husbands our daughters in future will seek With the powerful aid of the putter and cleek!