364 examples of quacked in sentences

It will be seen, despite of all that has been said to the disadvantage of the devil, that he has very much improved in his management of worldly affairs; so much so, that, instead of an administration of witches, wizzards, magicians, diviners, astrologers, quack doctors, pettifogging lawyers, and boroughmongers, he has selected some of the wisest men as well as greatest fools of the day to carry his plans into effect.

He broke the ice on the river's back And floated it down the tide, And the wild ducks came with a loud "Quack, quack," To play in the waters wide.

He broke the ice on the river's back And floated it down the tide, And the wild ducks came with a loud "Quack, quack," To play in the waters wide.

The memory is still fresh of flocks of teal by the "Green Stores" on the Neck; but the teal and the "Stores" are gone, and perhaps the last black duck has quacked on the river, and the last whistler taken his final flight.

But they, with their necks craned out all pointing one way, swam to and fro in the middle of the pond, never stopping their quack, quack quack, and keeping time too, for they all quacked in chorus.

"Pardon me!but I think not," said Bellew, shaking his head, "you see, I amerrather extravagant in my eating,eggs, you know, lots of 'em, and ham, and beef, ander(a duck quacked loudly from the vicinity of a neighbouring pond),certainly,an occasional duck!

Very soon Bellew was shaved, and dressed, and going down stairs he let himself out into the early sunshine, and strolled away towards the farm-yard where cocks crew, cows lowed, ducks quacked, turkeys and geese gobbled and hissed, and where the Waggoner moved to and fro among them all, like a presiding genius.

Here five foot deep, lies on his back, A Cobbler, Starmonger, and Quack; Who to the stars, in pure good will, Does to his best, look upward still.

But the greatest grievance is a paltry Quack that takes up my calling just under my nose; and in his printed directions with a, N.B., says: He lives in the house of the late ingenious Mr. JOHN PARTRIDGE, an eminent Practitioner in Leather, Physic, and Astrology.

One hardly knows whether to wonder most at the self-delusion or credulity of this last paragraph by the old quack.

Nor do I regard it as evidence of notable mental gifts to answer the greeting of the inoffensive duck, "The quack shoots off his mouth!"


You came here last night with the Earl of Rochester in the disguise of a quack doctor.

DAMIOT'TI (Dr. Baptisti), a Paduan quack, who exhibits "the enchanted mirror" to Lady Forester and Lady Bothwell.

that term to the son of a famous quack doctor, who always came to me to be crammed for the recitation, while I got 98.

He was something of a quack doctor and always kept things necessary for such cases.

Senator Jefferson Davis, of Mississippi, denounced this proposition as a quack nostrum.

Means to enforce and carry out the Constitution ought not to be ridiculed by calling it a quack remedy.

NEWBERY, Francis, bookseller, and dealer in quack medicines, v. 30, n. 3; Johnson's advice to him about a fiddle, iii. 242, n. 1.

WARD, the quack doctor, iii. 389.

The moderate murderer and The honest quack.

The moderate murderer and The honest quack.

Everywhere the sky was harrowed by the wedged wild geese, their voices as sweet as organ tones; and ducks quacked, whistled and whirred overhead, a true rain of birds beating up against the wind.

Over the marshes slow hawks sailed, rose, wheeled, and fell; the gray ducks, whose wings bear purple diamond-squares, quacked in the tussock ponds, guarded by their sentinels, the tall, blue herons.

Ducks and geese quacked from every bunch of reeds along the shore; the strange wailing cries of sea-gulls could be heard from the neighbouring coast; and from the clear, blue sky came down the melodious trumpeting of wild swans, as they flew inland to their feeding-places.

364 examples of  quacked  in sentences