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364 examples of  quacked  in sentences

364 examples of quacked in sentences

He had got his feet in a web, so to speak, by paddling in the political waters of Missouri, and some people had gone so far as to call him "quack."

They could draw a cat definite drawing, and they should and say "miauw," and a duck and have had the time to use them say "quack."

Nostrum meant our own, then a medicine not known by other physicians, then a quack remedy.

Like so many quack cements, it is advertised to make the mended parts of the vessel stronger than those which have never been broken, but, like them, it will not stand hot water,and as the question of Slavery is sure to plunge all who approach it, even with the best intentions, into that fatal element, the patched-up brotherhood, which but yesterday was warranted to be better than new, falls once more into a heap of incoherent fragments.

It will be seen, despite of all that has been said to the disadvantage of the devil, that he has very much improved in his management of worldly affairs; so much so, that, instead of an administration of witches, wizzards, magicians, diviners, astrologers, quack doctors, pettifogging lawyers, and boroughmongers, he has selected some of the wisest men as well as greatest fools of the day to carry his plans into effect.

He broke the ice on the river's back And floated it down the tide, And the wild ducks came with a loud "Quack, quack," To play in the waters wide.

He broke the ice on the river's back And floated it down the tide, And the wild ducks came with a loud "Quack, quack," To play in the waters wide.

The memory is still fresh of flocks of teal by the "Green Stores" on the Neck; but the teal and the "Stores" are gone, and perhaps the last black duck has quacked on the river, and the last whistler taken his final flight.

What a high camel! D was a duck With spots on his back, Who lived in the water, And always said "Quack!" Dear little duck!

The captain said, "Quack!


But in going down an alley, To a castle in a valley, They completely lost their way, And wandered all the day; Till, to see them safely back, They paid a Ducky-quack, And a Beetle, and a Mouse, Who took them to their house.

Not less earnestly than benevolently do our quack doctors implore us to beware of spurious articles; Day and Martin exhort us not to take our polish from counterfeit blacking: every advertiser beseeches the "pensive public" to be upon its guard against supposititious articlesall, in short, is knavery, juggling, cheating, and deception.

But they, with their necks craned out all pointing one way, swam to and fro in the middle of the pond, never stopping their quack, quack quack, and keeping time too, for they all quacked in chorus.

" "You ain't bin readin' the advertisements o' quack doctors, hev ye?" "Not since I was twenty.

And at the present day it is not at all an uncommon occurrence for medical men to be called in to prescribe for children, to whom the strongest purgative quack medicines have been previously exhibited by parents, for the removal of symptoms which, upon investigation, are found in no way connected with or produced by worms.

"Pardon me!but I think not," said Bellew, shaking his head, "you see, I amerrather extravagant in my eating,eggs, you know, lots of 'em, and ham, and beef, ander(a duck quacked loudly from the vicinity of a neighbouring pond),certainly,an occasional duck!

Very soon Bellew was shaved, and dressed, and going down stairs he let himself out into the early sunshine, and strolled away towards the farm-yard where cocks crew, cows lowed, ducks quacked, turkeys and geese gobbled and hissed, and where the Waggoner moved to and fro among them all, like a presiding genius.

The quack, however, was an exception; whom (from having caused him to suffer much pain, and whose pretensions, even young as he then was, he detected) he delighted to expose.

Byron not having received any benefit from the Nottingham quack, was removed to London, put under the care of Dr Bailey, and placed in the school of Dr Glennie, at Dulwich; Mrs Byron herself took a house on Sloan Terrace.

The bookseller mentioned in this note was perhaps Francis Newbery, who succeeded his father, Goldsmith's publisher, as a dealer in quack medicines and books.

Here five foot deep, lies on his back, A Cobbler, Starmonger, and Quack; Who to the stars, in pure good will, Does to his best, look upward still.

But the greatest grievance is a paltry Quack that takes up my calling just under my nose; and in his printed directions with a, N.B., says: He lives in the house of the late ingenious Mr. JOHN PARTRIDGE, an eminent Practitioner in Leather, Physic, and Astrology.

One hardly knows whether to wonder most at the self-delusion or credulity of this last paragraph by the old quack.


Besides, dear mother, he will not quack.

Did he not quack but just a moment ago?

He turned his toes out, but quack he would not.

Quack nowat once!

[The Ugly Duckling tries to quack, but chokes.

There's a "quack" for you! WHITE GOOSE.

I'm sorryI'd quack if I could.

You do not speak with the quack of which they are so proud.

They drove me out last summer because I was ugly and could not quack. MOLE.

'T was not so bad after allnot to have the family quack!

Yet thinking it proper to gain time for the appeasing his majesty, by the assistance of one Maneuric a French quack, he counterfeited sickness for several days, during which he wrote his apology.

Nor do I regard it as evidence of notable mental gifts to answer the greeting of the inoffensive duck, "The quack shoots off his mouth!"

"I don't want to waddle like mother, Or quack like my silly old dad.

This Barrister may be likened to an ignorant but well-meaning Galenist, who writing against some infamous quack, who lived by puffing and vending pills of mercurial sublimate for all cases of a certain description, should have no stronger argument than to extol 'sarsaparilla', and 'lignum vitรฆ', or 'senna' in contempt of all mercurial preparations.

not to see that here lies the main strength of the cause he is attacking; that, to repeat my former illustration, he draws the attention to patients in that worst state of disease which perhaps alone requires and justifies the use of the white pill, as a mode of exposing the frantic quack who vends it promiscuously!

shrank from no perjury and no crime, and yet retained a profound reverence for a little leaden image which he carried in his cap,so the Romans under the Empire sneered at all the whole crowd of gods and goddesses whom their fathers had worshipped, but gave an implicit credence to sorcerers, astrologers, spirit-rappers, exorcists, and every species of imposter and quack.

" Lady Delacour awaited the operation with the utmost fortitude; but, to everyone's joy, it was found there was no necessity for it; she had been deceived by a villainous quack, who knew too well how to make a wound hideous and painful, and had continued her delusion for his own advantage.

There are none either that afford the quack or patent-nostrum monger a larger field for the practice of his fiendish gifts.

He frequently, in a fit of thoughtless levity, gives an unexpected turn to the political machine, which alarms older and more experienced heads: if he was not himself the first to get out of harm's way and escape from the danger, it would be well!We hold, indeed, as a general rule, that no man born or bred in Scotland can be a great orator, unless he is a mere quack; or a great statesman unless he turns plain knave.

Quack doctors were secretly consulted, instead of the regular practitioners; the searchers were bribed to silence; and large fees were given to the undertakers and buriers to lay the deaths to the account of some other disorder.


You came here last night with the Earl of Rochester in the disguise of a quack doctor.

Some of the crowd were smoking, some laughing, others gathering round a ballad-singer, who was chanting one of Rochester's own licentious ditties; some were buying quack medicines and remedies for the plague, the virtues of which the vendor loudly extolled; while others were paying court to the dames, many of whom were masked.

" Slowly and distinctly she read: "'The cropsticks of flamingo bicrastus quack.'

Bad as it is, it is bepraised and bedaubed by that quack D. as though it were written with the judgment of a Charlevoix.

As a remedy, this would be but a quack medicine at the best.

The village "quack," who professes to cure every complaint under the sun, either in mankind, horses, dogs, or anything else by means of herbs, buttonholes you sometimes in the village street.

Father says he's little more than a quack

"Quack-ridden," he says, "in that one word lies all misery whatsoever.

He then becomes assistant to a quack doctor, and the favoured swain of an actress; gets into the Bourbon regiment, where he is nicknamed Reckless, and kills two men, and fights fifteen duels in six months.

Failing in this, he throws on the body a piece of leather, or some other article, as a present, which in some measure appeases the resentment of his relatives, and preserves the unfortunate quack from being maltreated.

The alchemist is "Subtle," a mere quack; and "sir Epicure Mammon" is the chief dupe, who supplies money, etc., for the "transmutation of metal."

CHEESE (Dr.), an English translation of the Latin Dr. Caseus, that is, Dr. John Chase, a noted quack, who was born in the reign of Charles II., and died in that of queen Anne.

DAMIOT'TI (Dr. Baptisti), a Paduan quack, who exhibits "the enchanted mirror" to Lady Forester and Lady Bothwell.

On boasting pretenders I'd now turn my back, No longer I'd deal with that ignorant quack; He cannot distinguish the heart from the brain, King's evil or dropsy from pleurisy pain.

On the other hand, that eminent citizen of our Union, General Thomas Thumb, was about that time professionally examined in London, and his verdict on tobacco was quoted to be, that it was "one of his chief comforts"; also mention was made of a hapless quack who announced himself as coming from Boston, and who, to keep up the Yankee reputation, issued a combined advertisement of "medical advice gratis" and "prime cigars.

The doctor they had first was a quack and we were getting worse until they called the other doctor, then we commence to get well.

that term to the son of a famous quack doctor, who always came to me to be crammed for the recitation, while I got 98.

To the memory of Dr. Onesimus Drake, Who forced good people his drugs to take No wonder his patients were oft on the rack For this "duck of a man" was a terrible quack.

He was a notorious quack doctor, author of the Guide to Health and the purveyor of a nostrum called Balm of Gilead.

A pedant,canting preacher,and a quack, Are load enough to break an ass's back.

As a person in long sickness, having lost faith in medicine, turns to quack doctors and wise women, so the sick soul, doubting everything, still clings to certain superstitions.

He was something of a quack doctor and always kept things necessary for such cases.

I, therefore, relate, as in duty bound, the catastrophe which ultimately befell it, which was simply thisthat about two years subsequently to my story it was taken by a quack doctor, who called himself Baron Duhlstoerf, and filled the parlour windows with bottles of indescribable horrors preserved in brandy, and the newspapers with the usual grandiloquent and mendacious advertisements.

Senator Jefferson Davis, of Mississippi, denounced this proposition as a quack nostrum.

Means to enforce and carry out the Constitution ought not to be ridiculed by calling it a quack remedy.

NEWBERY, Francis, bookseller, and dealer in quack medicines, v. 30, n. 3; Johnson's advice to him about a fiddle, iii. 242, n. 1.

TAYLOR, Chevalier, a quack, iii.

WARD, the quack doctor, iii. 389.

DYER, MURIEL W. Kindred of quack and cackle.

DYER, WALTER ALDEN. Kindred of quack and cackle.

The moderate murderer and The honest quack.

The moderate murderer and The honest quack.

The murder of a quack.

The murder of a quack.

"Is Marriage a Failure?" furnished the heading for our quack advertisements for a long time after.

Oh, he's a dreadfully wicked man, I know that He's the quack doctor in the village: he'she's an atheist! .

You must, sure, have heard speak of an old Man, who walks about the City, and that part of the Suburbs which lies beyond the Tower, performing the Office of a Day-Watchman, followed by a Goose, which bears the Bob of his Ditty, and confirms what he says with a Quack, Quack.

You must, sure, have heard speak of an old Man, who walks about the City, and that part of the Suburbs which lies beyond the Tower, performing the Office of a Day-Watchman, followed by a Goose, which bears the Bob of his Ditty, and confirms what he says with a Quack, Quack.

I gave little heed to the mention of this known Circumstance, till, being the other day in those Quarters, I passed by a decrepit old Fellow with a Pole in his Hand, who just then was bawling out, Half an Hour after one a-Clock, and immediately a dirty Goose behind him made her Response, Quack, Quack.

I gave little heed to the mention of this known Circumstance, till, being the other day in those Quarters, I passed by a decrepit old Fellow with a Pole in his Hand, who just then was bawling out, Half an Hour after one a-Clock, and immediately a dirty Goose behind him made her Response, Quack, Quack.

Those who have little or no Faith in the Abilities of a Quack will apply themselves to him, either because he is willing to sell Health at a reasonable Profit, or because the Patient, like a drowning Man, catches at every Twig, and hopes for Relief from the most Ignorant, when the most able Physicians give him none.

" AN EXAMPLE OF CHRISTIAN TREATMENT Volumes might be written on the atrocities and absurdities of wizards, quack doctors, and the hideous usages of native midwifery.

It was Why Taylor the quack calls himself Chevalier 'Tis not easy a reason to render, Unless blinding eyes that he thinks to make clear

By nature form'd, by want a pedant made, Blackmore at first set up the whipping trade: Next quack commenc'd; then fierce with pride he swore, That tooth-ach, gout, and corns should be no more.

Or take as an example the web-footed Family,do not all the Geese and the innumerable host of Ducks quack?

Being a millionaire is a trade like a doctor'syou must work up through every grade of earning, saving, spending and giving, or you're no more fit to be trusted with a fortune than a quack with human life.

It would take over the inspectorship of factories from the Home Office, the control of quack medicines from the Privy Council and the relief of the poor from the Local Government Board.

Everywhere the sky was harrowed by the wedged wild geese, their voices as sweet as organ tones; and ducks quacked, whistled and whirred overhead, a true rain of birds beating up against the wind.

The abuse of the practice of taking tobacco flattered the prejudices of the king; the quack and the dishonest lawyer were stock butts of contemporary satire; Colax and Techne, the he and she coney-catchers, have maintained their fascination for all ages.

Over the marshes slow hawks sailed, rose, wheeled, and fell; the gray ducks, whose wings bear purple diamond-squares, quacked in the tussock ponds, guarded by their sentinels, the tall, blue herons.

In 1755 Washington received great benefit from one quack medicine, "Dr. James's Powders;" he once bought a quantity of another, "Godfrey's Cordial;" and at a later time Mrs. Washington tried a third, "Annatipic Pills."

Ducks and geese quacked from every bunch of reeds along the shore; the strange wailing cries of sea-gulls could be heard from the neighbouring coast; and from the clear, blue sky came down the melodious trumpeting of wild swans, as they flew inland to their feeding-places.

and if it be yet answered that this in truth is so, and might be borne but for the errors of the idealizing temperament, shall we not reply that the quack does not discredit the art of medicine, nor the demagogue the art of politics, and no more does the fool in all his motley the art of literature.

Or, take as an example the web-footed family: Do not all the geese and the innumerable host of ducks quack?