394 examples of quakes in sentences

At the moment of the quake (11h. 26m. A.M.)

In total gloom the Vagrant sighs, 190 Stoops her sick head, and shuts her weary eyes; Or on her fingers counts the distant clock, Or, to the drowsy crow of midnight cock, Listens, or quakes while from the forest's gulf Howls near and nearer yet the famished wolf.

Moses quakes before that awful voice out of the midst of the bush, which commissions him to deliver his brethren.

And so terrible are his denunciations that the whole city quakes with fear.

Tables are overturned; golden benches ripped from their fastenings; the whole building quakes, and only its iron bands keep it from falling to pieces.

Using the runes equivalent to these seven letters, Cynewulf hides and at the same time reveals his name in certain verses of The Christ, for instance: Then the Courage-hearted quakes, when the King (Lord) he hears Speak to those who once on earth but obeyed Him weakly, While as yet their Yearning fain and their Need most easily Comfort might discover....

It does not appear that the islands are much affected by earth-quakes, although some have occasionally occurred that have done damage to the churches at Manila.

" "Their soul's affright, their heart amazed quakes, The trembling liver pants i' th' veins, and aches.

" At the third gate her necklace next he takes, And now in fear before him Ishtar quakes.

Leonard, if you knew the effort it has been to conquer the fatal passion that consumed me, if I were to tell you of the pangs it has cost me, of the tears I have shed, of the heart-quakes endured, you would pity me.

The dust awakes; At midnight's hour, when on the fragile bridge The wanderer quakes.

When the earth "quakes" houses tumble down, and the tops of tall trees snap off.

When the air is calm and still, as dead and deaf And under heaven quakes not an aspen leaf: When seas are calm and thousand vessels fleet Upon the sleeping seas with passage sweet; And when the variant wind is still and lone

Unused to crowds, the parson quakes for fear, And wonders how the devil he durst come there; Wanting three talents needful for the place Some beard, some learning, and some little grace.

"When I had had my supper, and had smoked my pipe, and everything was still, and I knew I shouldn't see anybody any more that night, I began to have the quakes and the shakes.

Perhaps he is right, but my heart quakes with terror.

But, ah! the ground on which we built it quakes. GERT.

[Sidenote: Joel 2:10-11] Earth trembles before them, Heaven quakes, The sun and the moon become dark, And the stars withdraw their shining; And Jehovah uttereth this voice before his army, For his host is exceedingly great, Yea, mighty is he who performs his word, For great is the day of Jehovah, It is very terrible, who can abide it?

Burst by her magic touch the fetters fall, Wide springs the gate, and quakes the obdurate wall; Close to the shore the enchanted pinnace glides, Feels its fair guest within its arching sides, Then ploughs the foaming main with gallant state, Till Bretany's far coast receives the freight.

"The house fairly quakes; is it a battle?"

The earth quakes and trembles, as if about to open, to vomit forth the burning stream of a thundering crater.

How he quakes!

Stay fair Nymph, flye not so fast, We must try if you be chaste: Here's a hand that quakes for fear, Sure she will not prove so clear.

Even my mother quakes and trembles when I come near, and thinks I give her the creeps.

She gazes on the hermit hoary, And combs her long hair, tress by tress; The Monk he quakes, but on the glory Looks wistful of her loveliness; Now becks with hand that winsome creature,

394 examples of  quakes  in sentences
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