86 examples of quandary in sentences

Difficulty, predicament, perplexity, plight, quandary, dilemma, strait.

" And Susan's growing worse and worse, And Betty's in a sad quandary; And then there's nobody to say If she must go, or she must stay!

170 She's in a sad quandary.

Really, Louise was in a quandary, and she frankly admitted to Arthur that she had brought this embarrassment upon herself.

The poor youth did not know how to get out of the quandary: he doubted whether to include the kamagon with the metals, or the marble with glasses, and leave the jet as a neutral substance, until Juanito Pelaez maliciously prompted him: "The mirror of kamagon among the wooden mirrors.

Tadeo, lazy as ever, had prepared nothing, so he found himself in a quandary.

"Bring on the stew!" All echoed this request, so Tadeo sat down, contented with having got out of his quandary.

In this quandary, finding himself confronted with such a formidable adversary, he sought a strong shield and laid hold of the government.

But his return led Mahomet into a quandary from which there seemed no escape.

Here was a quandary.

I was still in a quandary the next morning, when I received a letter from Miss Pole, so mysteriously wrapped up and with so many seals on it to secure secrecy that I had to tear the paper before I could unfold it.

It was not fair to put all one's Imperial relations, to say nothing of the Court officials, the Lord High Chamberlain, the Keepers of the Pedigree, the Diamond Sticks in Waiting, the Grooms of the Bedchamber, and the Valets Extraordinaryit was not fair to put their poor brains into such a quandary of contradiction and perplexity.

Ten years since servants were "bought" in New-York, as really as in Virginia, yet the different senses in which the word was used in the two states, put no man in a quandary.

The declarations of slaveholders, that they treat their slaves well, will put no man in a quandary, who keeps in mind this simple principle, that the state of mind towards others, which leads one to inflict cruelties on them blinds the inflicter to the real nature of his own acts.

" It was plain that Hendricks felt himself in a quandary.

He was in a quandary.

Once, however, this worthy did get himself in a quandary with his use of the imperial pronoun.

A Philosopher in a Quandary XIX.

The alcalde, a liegeman of the Brull dynasty, was in a quandary.

Even now his son might be in some dismal quandary, cornered, wounded, overcome....

The early and the late riser; The hopeless quandary; A serenade (left) about to engage in combat with a victual.

The early and the late riser; The hopeless quandary; A serenade (left) about to engage in combat with a victual.

He himself was in a quandary.

He, also, must be in a great quandary.

He scratched his head and rolled his quid in a perfect quandary.

86 examples of  quandary  in sentences