4 examples of quantifying in sentences

A gang of hands was sent into the woods, with orders to cut the requisite quantify of young chestnuts; and, by noon, a load of the material actually appeared on the ground.

In this country there are trees which produce meal, honey, and wine, and likewise the most deadly poison in the world; the only remedy for which is human ordure dissolved in water, which, drank in considerable quantify, acts as a cathartic, and expels the poison.

armful, handful, mouthful, spoonful, capful; stock, batch, lot, dose; yaffle^. V. quantify, measure, fix, estimate, determine, quantitate, enumerate.

The last sentence cited from Mr Mill indicates the vice of Sir W. Hamilton's proceeding in quantifying the predicate, and explains why it was that logicians before him declined to do so.

4 examples of  quantifying  in sentences
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