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175 example sentences with  quantifying

175 example sentences with quantifying

A gang of hands was sent into the woods, with orders to cut the requisite quantify of young chestnuts; and, by noon, a load of the material actually appeared on the ground.

In this country there are trees which produce meal, honey, and wine, and likewise the most deadly poison in the world; the only remedy for which is human ordure dissolved in water, which, drank in considerable quantify, acts as a cathartic, and expels the poison.

[Definite or finite quantity.] armful, handful, mouthful, spoonful, capful; stock, batch, lot, dose; yaffle^. V. quantify, measure, fix, estimate, determine, quantitate, enumerate.

The last sentence cited from Mr Mill indicates the vice of Sir W. Hamilton's proceeding in quantifying the predicate, and explains why it was that logicians before him declined to do so.

An estimate of the age distribution of terrestrial planets in the Universe: quantifying metallicity as a selection Effect".

To avoid the variety in subjective (equivocal) interpretation of quantifying terms such as "green", "hot", "large", "considerable", and "negligible", scientists strive, where possible, to eliminate human senses by use of standartized measuring tools (

Acevedo-Garcia said she hopes to see the new report used as a tool for communities to quantify and address the inequalities they find within their areas.

But again, there are no econometric models quantifying how tough that time might be.

But it is hard to quantify the effect on the NBAโ€™s ratings of an Oval Office rage-tweet, a from a Fox News host, a relationship with China or an avalanche of in conservative media, especially in this aberrant year.

Exploiting route information inferred from the satellite data, we estimate the impact of the Panama Canal expansion on global trade, and quantify the trade and welfare effects of the shock through the lens of a quantitative trade model.

Has anyone tried to quantify that?

I appreciate you guys quantifying the corona impact.

In the realm of quantifying activity, Netflix recently adjusted its record-keeping.

Isolating children from their peers exacts social and emotional costs, which differ by age group and are nearly impossible to quantify.

It is difficult to quantify a shift in style, but the change in personnel gives some indication as to a more continental vibe.

It's hard to quantify how white privilege plays out, but certain statistics point to its very real existence.

Itโ€™s impossible to quantify Kobe Bryantโ€™s impact on the Lower Merion community and even harder to calculate the inspiration he has given to so many.

Itโ€™s just a calculation thatโ€™s impossible to quantify.

I would be interested to see if any pollsters are trying to quantify these factors (if in fact they exists).โ€

"Our next step is to quantify the risk in this area by building various numerical models of landslide events and tsunami generation.

Previous efforts to produce human cells in mouse embryos have only generated small amounts of immature cells that are hard to quantify.

Quantifying how much the informal sector produces is inevitably a tricky exercise.

Recently though, researchers at Norway's Vestre Viken Hospital Trust and the University of Bergen conducted a small study to quantify the auditoryโ€ฆ

Similarly, in their book, Beyond GDP: Measuring What Counts for Economic and Social Performance, the OECD calls quantifying the factors such as environmental sustainability, and what determines success and peoplesโ€™ perceptions of their lives.

Snap still doesnโ€™t believe that follower metrics should be used to quantify friendships, according to a source familiar with the companyโ€™s strategy.

So, I donโ€™t think that you quantify it, that you lost this way or that way.

Spoleto Festival's monetary and cultural impact on Charleston is hard to quantify: Artists and tourists flood the city from around the world, engaging with the arts community, creating memories that will bring them back year after year.

The company on Tuesday released a study by Boston Consulting Group quantifying Fordโ€™s role in the regional economy.

The machine can then measure that fluorescence and quantify how much viral nucleic acid was in that sample.

โ€œThe main outcome from this study is our improved ability to quantify the complex effects of climate change on ecosystems,โ€ said Filazzola, who conducted this work under the supervision of Professors Jens Roland and JC Cahill.

The report does not attempt to quantify the increased risk of severe outcomes from Covid-19 from carrying excess weight but Jebb said the association is โ€œalmost linearโ€.

The suggestion is the test will be able to quantify the amount of replicating virus present in the swab.

Tierra has also developed a novel approach to quantifying the benefits of restoration activity, proving its impact on climate change.

Today, weโ€™re going to quantify responsiveness across a wide range of scenarios.

To determine the total cloud storage costs, you should start by quantifying the direct costs.

We quantify the full extent of the economic and environmental costs of this decision.

You canโ€™t really quantify or โ€œgradeโ€ an intangible like emotional intelligence.

A better accomplishment statement provides details by either qualifying or quantifying and shows results beyond the skills you have gained.

A combination of the field methods was first evaluated for quantifying groundwater discharge along a 17 km stretch of shoreline in Nottawasaga Bay near the Township of Tiny.

Biological signals analysis: A proposal of methods for quantifying patterns in biological signals.

Can we quantify the library's influence?

Characterization of energy flow in ecosystems is one of the primary goals of ecology, and the analysis of trophic interactions and food web dynamics is key to quantifying energy flow.

Daniel Rickey received his PhD from the University of Western Ontario in 1995 for work on quantifying Doppler ultrasound instrumentation.

Hemispherical canopy photos are taken 1.5 m above the stump of each cut sample tree to quantify the level of available light (This information has already been collected for subalpine fir through another FSP funded project, as described above).

However, no systematic attempt has been made to quantify the dietary importance of beluga whales to earlier, precontact-period Mackenzie Inuit societies.

I also further expanded Study 1 findings by quantifying the prevalence of and preference for psychological contracts, and their implications on organizational commitment, employee engagement, and turnover intentions.

Although capacity has been identified as a risk, there have been impediments to quantifying what type of capacity is required (skillsets) and how much capacity is required.

In conclusion, we developed a reproducible technique for quantifying the volume of the PA.

In fact, Canada has yet to quantify its anthropogenic emissions from Canadian forests and so are not included in current inventories.

In many cases the benefits are long-term, health-related (physical or emotional), or emotional/aesthetic; despite their importance, these can be difficult to measure and quantify.

Intergovernmental bodies concerned with aquatic science and management recognize that scientists must try to quantify the effects of fishing and other human activities on the complex interactions of ecosystems.

Issues can arise in claiming income replacement benefits when it is difficult to prove that you were working before your accident, or quantifying your pre-accident income, and so on.

It also contains a tool to help quantify father's level of involvement, in lieu of "primary care giver" status.

I think there are other quantifying factors that have to be taken into account.

It is important to identify and quantify the costs of social objectives carried out by Crown corporations so that those costs are known and can be used for future decision making.

A new approach for quantifying change and test precision in bone densitometry.

Knowing how to quantify and classify โ€˜not normalโ€™ is crucial when speaking to your veterinarian on the phone.

Martin Burda and Matthew Harding, "Panel Probit with Flexible Correlated Effects: Quantifying Technology Spillovers in the Presence of Latent Heterogeneity", Journal of Applied Econometrics, Vol. 28, No. 6, 2013, pp. 956-981.

Nearing completion of the first stage, which will quantify deliverables that all parties must agree to.

One can say it's to monitor client retention or an attempt to quantify quality of care.

Our empirical framework also allows us to quantify the effects of US unconventional monetary policy, which raised US and Canadian output by 1.21% and 1.94% per month, respectively, on average over the 2008--2015 period.

Quantify data through precise reports.

Quantifying comorbidity in a disease-specific cohort: adaptation of the total illness burden index to prostate cancer.

Quantifying evaporation from soils using experimental and mathematical methods.

Quantifying forest stand and landscape attributes that influence mountain caribou habitat fragmentation.

Quantifying single-cell secretion in real time using resonant hyperspectral imaging.

Quantifying the Effects of Labour Sanctions on Trade (Chapter 9).

Root dynamics are a major component of terrestrial ecosystem processes but they have not been broadly studied, due to the difficulty of quantifying root production and mortality.

Arguably, that may have resulted in the benefit of good relations between it and the defendant, but I have no means of quantifying it.

โ€œSense makingโ€ helps customers evaluate information so they are able to prioritize various sources of information, quantify trade-offs and reconcile conflicting information.

The challenges of identifying sibling teaching sequences from naturalistic observations: Symposium in honour of Hildy Ross: Quantifying qualitative processes.

A simulation study is conducted to assess the small sample performance of the AH model by quantifying the mean squared error of the predicted survivor curves under scenarios of crossing and noncrossing survivor curves.

As of 2018, the number of research papers published by the department is difficult to quantify, but is thought to be near 600.

A study on industrial waste characterization in the Ontario pesticide industry, quantifying the pesticide wastes going ultimately to landfill / by Uniroyal Research Laboratories.

The experiment ran an algorithm called the iterative phase estimation to quantify the exact energy of molecular hydrogen against a predicted model.

The Facial Action Coding System (Ekman, Friesen, & Hager, 2002) was used to quantify general and pain-related facial activity.

The framework will enable developers to access funding from a growing number of โ€œgender-lensโ€ investors by quantifying and certifying gender impacts based on best practices.

The group works closely with trading, structuring, risk management and technology to provide analytics which can quickly and accurately quantify the firmโ€™s risks.

The impact of IIHLs on Indigenous human resource development is highly significant, yet little research has been done to quantify this view on a broad scale.

The intent is to quantify the old-growth characteristics of these stands and compare them with old stands of similar type in other areas of the District.

The problem of quantifying disease response to therapy is compounded by the delay between the administration of therapy and the resulting changes in tumor volume in conjunction with the timing of the MRI observations relative to treatment.

These are difficult qualities to quantify, but a Japanese laptop from a company that is globally committed to green initiatives is certainly an unexpected bonus.

These tools are used to quantify flow disturbances in life-sized vascular models using ultrasound, PIV, and numerical simulations, including corresponding turbulent and shear stresses metrics associated with disease risk.

Attempts at quantifying the economic value biophilic cities have stopped at simply โ€œhouses with trees sell for more.โ€

This approach provides an effective methodology for the development of dimensionless curvature measures that can be used to characterize and quantify the nonlinear behaviour of steady-state and dynamic controlled processes.

This knowledge is necessary not only in order to quantify current greenhouse gaz emissions, but also in order to estimate how these emissions will change over time in response to climate changes (rain and warmer temperatures).

This study focuses on quantifying the initial prepreg state in order to link this with final part quality.

To answer these questions, Joe employs advanced in vivo (ASL MRI) and ex vivo (Serial 2-Photon Tomography) techniques combined with image analysis tools to quantify brain microvascular changes in three dimensions pre- and post-concussion.

To improve our understanding of how environmental mercury (Hg) concentrations influence Hg in fish, I conducted a field experiment to quantify the relative contributions of dietary and aqueous exposure to Hg levels in fish.

To our knowledge, only one attempt at quantifying de-escalation skill has been pursued through the German-language De-Escalating Aggressive Behaviour Scale (DABS).

To this end, inferring multi-layered network structures from high-dimensional data provides insight into understanding the conditional relationships among nodes within layers, after adjusting for and quantifying the effects of nodes from other layers.

To understand the extent of these exchanges of natural carbon, as well as of contaminants from sources such as agriculture, she worked with hydrogeologists and oceanographers to quantify the groundwater discharge.

Understanding the nanoparticleโ€“protein corona using methods to quantify exchange rates and affinities of proteins for nanoparticles.

Using an acoustic telemetry monitoring system and novel spatial temporal clustering analysis, I was able to quantify lake trout spawning movements and behaviours over the course of an entire spawning season.

Vitrueโ€™s Social Page Evaluator attempts to quantify the value of a Facebook page.

We also reject counsel for the appellantsโ€™ submission that by the time of trial the respondent did not โ€˜needโ€™ the Hardy report in order to quantify his damages.

We depend on quantifying things in our social games; the more we move into psychology the more we can leverage things like bluffing.

We propose a model for the evolution of the (EV) market and aim to quantify the impact of subsidizing purchases of (EVs).

We propose to quantify the extent to which racial/ethnic survival disparities would be reduced if disparities in stage at diagnosis were eliminated.

We use a multi-objective optimization approach that enables the solution of the commonality problem while quantifying tradeoffs among the conflicting design objectives of individual product variants.