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245 examples of  quarrelsome  in sentences

245 examples of quarrelsome in sentences

The other sons were all quarrelsome in disposition and many a free fight was indulged in among them whenever disputes arose.

The Milanese who is quarrelsome?"

Immediately on these nominations being made public, the people rose like one man, and began canvassing like a great many different and very quarrelsome men.

I have heard my papa observe, girls who are not well managed are a most quarrelsome race of little people.

As turtles find a constant supply of food on the coasts which they frequent, they are not of a quarrelsome disposition, as the submarine meadows in which they pasture, yield plenty for them all.

"I am sure," he said "that they were not, could not have been, fought for the one cause that would justify them and explain the secrecy of the quarrelsome question involving female honour or reputation.

Further, von Below expressed the conviction that only single instances of such excesses had occurred and these were a result of the quarrelsome Walloon character.

The prisoners grew quarrelsome among themselves, and mutinous toward their guards.

The owl would whinny or hoot according to his species; the loon send forth his agonizing and weird shriek from some distant lake; a fox might bark sharply and fretfully, or two quarrelsome 'coons dispute over a bit of food they had discoveredall this went with the camping business, and indeed it would have seemed odd to those boys had the usual accompaniment been missing.

Then they got quarrelsome and mischievous, and seemed to forget all about their shooting.

Mathieu's heart contracted as he observed that senile terror, that shivering obedience on the part of a woman whose harsh, dry, aggressively quarrelsome disposition he so well remembered.

But Dick Lee was more than ordinarily averse to any thing like physical pain, and the crab which now had him by the toe was a very muscular and vicious specimen of his quarrelsome race.

The late Lord C. This was Thomas Pitt, second Baron Camelford (1775-1804), who after a quarrelsome life, first in the navy and afterwards as a man about town, was killed in a duel at Kensington, just where Melbury Road now is.

Again, as the cubs hunted rabbits, they would hear a crash of brush and a furious challenge as some quarrelsome stag winded them; and the mother with her cubs gathered close about her would watch alertly for his headlong rush.

Sad to say, she had always been querulous and quarrelsome.

He has been vindictive, cruel, quarrelsome, tyrannical and terrible.

To be an Ivan, just turn your temper loose and practise cruelty on any person or thing within your reach, and the result will be a sure preparation for a querulous, quarrelsome, pickety, snipity, fussy and foolish old age, accented with many outbursts of wrath that are terrible in their futility and ineffectiveness.

In the last age, when my mother lived in London, there were two sets of people, those who gave the wall, and those who took it; the peaceable and the quarrelsome.

" Nothing's ever said, but he Steps right up to disagree Quarrelsome as he can be.

The Quarrelsome Lovers.

For with all these symptoms of profligacy at ten years old, she had neither a bad heart nor a bad temper, was seldom stubborn, scarcely ever quarrelsome, and very kind to the little ones, with few interruptions of tyranny.

The stern dignity of antiquity showed itself in grave reserve; that of the present shows itself in quarrelsome perverseness.

Show us a body of hard, fiercely-quarrelsome religious people, and although neither a prophet nor the son of one we dare predict that a new place of worship will be the upshot of their contentions.

Shore Crabs are quarrelsome little creatures; the larger ones are always ready to gobble up the smaller ones, or to snatch their food and run away with it.

They were superstitious, social, and quarrelsome, bent on conquest, and migrated from country to country with a view of improving their fortunes.

It was the age of bad popes and quarrelsome nobles, and lazy monks and haughty bishops, and ignorant people, steeped in gloomy superstitions, two hundred years before America was discovered, and two hundred and fifty years before Michael Angelo erected the dome of St. Peter's.

He had a dissipated circle of acquaintances, who used to meet at his house in Savannah, and gamble with cards till late into the night; and the liquor they drank often made them very boisterous and quarrelsome.

there is Fanny quarreling with Ralph!" They rose, and approached the parties indicated, who were, however, not more quarrelsome than usual:

And the lesion to which the loss of the normal function of his nervous system was due transformed him from the docile and even-tempered man that he had been into a quarrelsome and irritable individual, so that he was less regular in his work, less moral and honest in his family life, and was finally sentenced for a grave assault in a saloon brawl.

To those who know what have been the real sentiments of the French population towards England for some years past, the tone of this document, its undisguised preference for peaceful over quarrelsome courses, the desire which it manifests to place the representative of British rule forward as the patron of a work dear to French-Canadian hearts, speaks volumes.

Then he's so quarrelsome, we've fears He'll set the very Twins by the ears, So mad, if you resist him, He'd get Aquarius to play A milkman's trick, some cloudy day, And water all the Milky Way To starve some sucking system.

The nobles still continued to enjoy their social and political distinctions, the peasantry were ground down by unequal laws, and the nobles were as arrogant and quarrelsome as the people were oppressed by unjust distinctions.

* AGAINST THE QUARRELSOME AND FEROCIOUS.The wise and good man neither himself fights with any person, nor does he allow another, so far as he can prevent it.

When you are drunk, you are quarrelsome, and you know you love to be drunk, but you don't love to be whipped."

They do not introduce a lower morality into the quarters where they settle, as the Chinese are said to do; nor are they quarrelsome and law-breaking, like the low-class Italians who swarm into America.

However, they soon found these people were inclined to be quarrelsome and threatening, and as the ship was in an awkward position, being already hove down for cleaning, a charge of small shot was fired at the worst offender, which quickly taught them to behave better in future.

When on board the Austerlitz he was noted for his quarrelsome disposition and his violent behaviour to his superiors as well as his equals, which led to his removal from the ship and to his detention for a month on board the Admiral's ship at Brest.

He was, at least in his literary career, jealous, envious, irritable, vain, pedantic and bombastical, petulant and quarrelsome,ever on the watch for an affront, and always in the attitude of a fretful porcupine with a quill pointed in every direction against real or supposititious enemies.

He was not without talent, for in one of the Eclogues he bears his part in the poetical contention with credit; but he was unfaithful and fraudulent in his amours, envious, quarrelsome, scurrilous, and a braggart; and his face was remarkable for its dark, Italian hue,"quamvis ille fuscus," etc.

" The thin, quarrelsome voice of Silas Blackburn echoed in the mouldy court.

They were seldom noisily quarrelsome, but they were stubborn and remembered an injury long.

* Quarrelsome in their Cups.

An irritable, cross-grained, and quarrelsome bear is always thin.

TEMPERAMENTIn temperament he is extremely affectionate, quarrelsome neither with companions nor with other dogs.

The Basset-hound is usually very good tempered and not inclined to be quarrelsome with his kennel mates; but he is wilful, and loves to roam apart in search of game, and is not very amenable to discipline when alone.

The hint was sufficient; but ere he had drained another glass, Mr. Barker was decidedly incapable of managing his affairs, much less theirs; and became withal exceedingly quarrelsome, returning angrily to the grievance of Briggs having been called a fellow; in spite of all their entreaties, he talked himself into a passion, and at last, to Campbell's extreme disgust, rushed out of the bar into the street.

In connection with the two churches which adjoin each other so closely, tradition tells the well-known story of the two quarrelsome sisters who could not agree on the building of a church and therefore each built one.

He had not overheard any words, but their voices were quarrelsome, and once he heard a chair or some article of furniture overthrown.

The people are less quarrelsome than when they were slaves.

They are often quarrelsome, but the bull is going to take his rest, within the shelter of the windrow, and leave its other people at peace.

Only, since then, he had grown doubly quarrelsome,standing ready armed to dispute with the old man every inch of every subject in earth or air, keeping the old man in a state of boyish excitement during the long, idle days, looking forward to this nightly battle.

The duels seem mostly to have taken place among the naval officers, who must have been a quarrelsome lot.

Malone suggests that the word is a pun on pheese ("to chastise or pay one tit for tat"), and means "quarrelsome fellows.

He was much the worse for drink, and seemed inclined to be quarrelsome.

We shall try and keep the quarrelsome dogs chained up.

I gather Lionel's mother was clever, proud, and quarrelsome.

It would have been easy for Hans, who was only the son of a poor and humbler cottager, to have kept out of the way of these noble youths, and he was far from being of a quarrelsome disposition; but it so happened that he was often mixed up in the quarrels of his friend Conrad, who being very generous and kind to him, Hans thought himself obliged to take his part and defend him when any strife arose.

He reproached him severely for having gone into the company of riotous and quarrelsome youths, and pointed out to him that as a monk he would have been saved from all such dangers and temptations.

Of those in some, as quarrelsome, there are about 30.

Nor was he naturally quarrelsome.

The Fairchild Familythat quaint picture of Evangelical life and mannersdepicts a religious father as punishing his quarrelsome children by taking them to see a murderer hanging in chains, and as chastising every peccadillo of infancy with a severity which makes one long to flog Mr. Fairchild.

Yet he rather relished his enforced happiness, the sensation of false liberty which every enamored person feels after a quarrelsome break.

But, for once in a way, Andy's quarrelsome ways did him good.

Hapley, who was always quarrelsome, replied by a stinging impeachment of the entire classification of Pawkins.[A] Pawkins in his "Rejoinder"[B] suggested that Hapley's microscope was as defective as his power of observation, and called him an "irresponsible meddler" Hapley was not a professor at that time.

If the people in England could only realise the quarrelsome, deceitful, underhanded, egotistic any tyrannical character of the Germans, there would not be so much balderdash about a friendly understanding, etc., between England and Germany.

Gaston, too, remained behind with them; the Senator manoeuvred this, because he said, it was not wise to be with people who were quarrelsome, and Gaston is that now and then with his Latin blood.

It is not necessarily mischievous to be quarrelsome, though a peaceable person may dislike it.

There is no reason whatever why two quarrelsome people, if they enjoy it, should not have a good set-to.

The neighbors naturally say that his wife is quarrelsome.

Only, for nearly two years they have had no drinking man to come home at midnight either quarrelsome or sulky; no man's big appetite to cook for; no man to wash for or to mend for.

One man wisely advises: "Fence the garden in and let the chickens run, as the man divided the house with his quarrelsome wife, by taking the inside himself and giving her the outside, that she might have room according to her strength.

Some are quarrelsome and combative and will fight on the slightest provocation.

Max, though not quarrelsome, was not given to the soft answer that turneth away wrath; but on this occasion discretion came to his rescue, and he made the soft answer with a dignity and boldness that won Charles's respect.

Though a Christian is not to be quarrelsome, he is not to be crushed.

The general saw no way of keeping her; and he did not even wish to do so, thinking her only a quarrelsome, ill-tempered woman.

Though very shy of man, when once taken up in the arms she lay as quiet as a cat; but with all dogs she was very quarrelsome, fighting savagely with a greyhound bitch I had on board, and several times nearly killing a small dog.

ejaculated Lord Walterton, who showed an inclination to become quarrelsome in his cups, "we must have someone to take Endicott's place, I cannot work my system hic ...

good Endicott," said Sir Marmaduke, speaking in tones that were so conciliatory, so unlike his own quarrelsome temper, quick at taking offense, that Richard Lambert could not help wondering what was causing this change, "Master Lambert hath no such intention'pon my honor ...

The girl in the hat reddened furiously, and she and Bessieboth of them in a quarrelsome state began to bandy words.

Westcott had been drinking all of one night with some old cronies of the Elysian Club, and his merry time of the night was subsiding into a quarrelsome time in the morning.

" "Albert, don't be so quarrelsome," said Mrs. Plausaby, coming in at the instant.

Father Payne reserved the right of dismissing them if they were idle, quarrelsome, or troublesome in any way, and exercised it decisively.

Bad things happen to all of us, of course; but we mustn't mind thatnot to be petty or quarrelsome, or hidebound or prudish or over-particular, that's the point.

I don't want you people to be controversial or quarrelsome in what you write, and to go in for picking holes in others' work.

Unfortunately, he arrived at a time when dissension, strife, and immorality were rampant; and when it became known that he was authorized to collect his tithes in specie, the opposition of the quarrelsome and insubordinate inhabitants became so violent that the prelate could not exercise his functions, and was forced to return to the Peninsula in 1515.

Who is this quarrelsome Mr. Butler?" "An Ormond-Butler," she said, earnestly; "butbut he has had troublea terrible disappointment in love, they say.

XIII THE MAID-AT-ARMS I remember little of that dinner save that it differed vastly from the quarrelsome carousal at which the Johnsons and Butlers figured in so sinister a rรดle, and at which the Glencoe captains disgraced themselves.

It is a piece quite unworthy of Butler's powers, and its sting lies principally in charging Denham with plagiarising "Cooper's Hill" and "Sophy," with gambling, and with overreaching the King as Surveyor of the Public Buildings, and with an overbearing and quarrelsome

He was a quarrelsome chap, and everybody grew more anxious to avoid him the farther he advanced toward that age when persons of limited intellect are apt to make up in pretensions for what they lose in usefulness.

If my young friend, whose excellent article I have referred to, could only introduce the manly art of self-defence among the clergy, I am satisfied that we should have better sermons and an infinitely less quarrelsome church-militant.

Good wine is loquacious; it is a great traveller and smacks of many lands; it is a bon vivant and has dined with the select of the earth; it recalls a thousand anecdotes; it reeks with reminiscences; it harbors a kiss and reflects a glance, but it is a silent companion to those who know it not, and it is quarrelsome with those who abuse it.

Passe encore!if Fenwick had only fulfilled the promise of his youth!were at least a successful artist, instead of promising to become a quarrelsome failure!

Quarrelsome, clever chap!

'Whatthat I was a flat failure?a quarrelsome ass, and that kind of thing?

Though wilful and quarrelsome, he kept guard over his tongue, but, pen in hand, became an evasive, obstinate controversialist with a coldly-used power of exasperation.

I regret very much to have to tell you that your son, Robert, idles away his time, is disobedient, quarrelsome, and disturbs the pupils who are trying to study their lessons.

LA SUISSE.Tessin and its quarrelsome inhabitants to be known in future as a Can't-get-on instead of a Canton.

No wonder you are quarrelsome!

Ugly for Ill-natured, Quarrelsome.

He fashioned Sweden out of a bunch of quarrelsome provincial governments into a hereditary monarchy, as the best wayindeed, the only way thenof giving it strength and stability.