245 examples of quarrelsome in sentences

The stern dignity of antiquity showed itself in grave reserve; that of the present shows itself in quarrelsome perverseness.

The most quarrelsome family, if the house burns down over their heads, will stop disputing until the emergency is over and they get under a new roof.

To those who know what have been the real sentiments of the French population towards England for some years past, the tone of this document, its undisguised preference for peaceful over quarrelsome courses, the desire which it manifests to place the representative of British rule forward as the patron of a work dear to French-Canadian hearts, speaks volumes.

Strangers to slander, and sworn foes to spight: Not quarrelsome, but stout enough to fight.

Vultures devour it greedily, and come in quarrelsome flocks to the trees when it is ripe.

Now isn't it odd How my idle tongue chatters! Of quarrelsome neighbors, Fine weather and rain, Indifferent labors, Indifferent pain, Some trivial style Fashion shifts with a nod.

He was, at least in his literary career, jealous, envious, irritable, vain, pedantic and bombastical, petulant and quarrelsome,ever on the watch for an affront, and always in the attitude of a fretful porcupine with a quill pointed in every direction against real or supposititious enemies.

He was not without talent, for in one of the Eclogues he bears his part in the poetical contention with credit; but he was unfaithful and fraudulent in his amours, envious, quarrelsome, scurrilous, and a braggart; and his face was remarkable for its dark, Italian hue,"quamvis ille fuscus," etc.

This hostile action of course further estranged Lorenzo and the Government of Florence, and, quite naturally, a system of quarrelsome incidents was set up, with a very complete equipment of spies.

The people are less quarrelsome than when they were slaves.

Only, since then, he had grown doubly quarrelsome,standing ready armed to dispute with the old man every inch of every subject in earth or air, keeping the old man in a state of boyish excitement during the long, idle days, looking forward to this nightly battle.

The duels seem mostly to have taken place among the naval officers, who must have been a quarrelsome lot.

A conceited young prig, not yet out of the quarrelsome age.

It was a young swallow, without any feathers, that had fallen, or perhaps had been thrown, out of the nest, by some quarrelsome brother or sister.

There is the clear and beautiful dawn of new and balanced effort, easy, unresting, planned, assured, and there is also the blundering-up of a still half-somnolent man, irascible, clumsy, quarrelsome, who stubs his toe in his first walk across the room, smashes his too persistent alarum clock in a fit of nerves, and cuts his throat while shaving.

They were a quarrelsome pair and posed as bad men, and were not long in involving themselves in trouble and were shunned by the better class of citizens.

We shall try and keep the quarrelsome dogs chained up.

The course of events during these years determined whether we should become a mighty nation, or a mere snarl of weak and quarrelsome little commonwealths, with a history as bloody and meaningless as that of the Spanish-American states.

Ill-luck at hazard and dice pursued him: he was a bad loser, quarrelsome and surly.

ejaculated Lord Walterton, who showed an inclination to become quarrelsome in his cups, "we must have someone to take Endicott's place, I cannot work my system hic ...

good Endicott," said Sir Marmaduke, speaking in tones that were so conciliatory, so unlike his own quarrelsome temper, quick at taking offense, that Richard Lambert could not help wondering what was causing this change, "Master Lambert hath no such intention'pon my honor ...

Westcott had been drinking all of one night with some old cronies of the Elysian Club, and his merry time of the night was subsiding into a quarrelsome time in the morning.

I was younger then, and while not in the least quarrelsome, yet such talk as Simpson talked to me was entirely uncalled for.

Passe encore!if Fenwick had only fulfilled the promise of his youth!were at least a successful artist, instead of promising to become a quarrelsome failure!

Quarrelsome, clever chap!

245 examples of  quarrelsome  in sentences
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